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The Perfect Warriors [casual Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    There was an audible sound of cracking and the world was engulfed in the blazing light.

    The darkness he once knew was exchanged for a place where myriad of until then unknown sensations thrived, just waiting to be explored. His senses were assaulted with new smells, tastes of copper and sulfur strong in his mouth while the fluid which kept him alive until then spilled around and dropped on the ground, useless and wasted. He rolled back and stumbled, the cocoon which protected him dropping to a side, marred with more cracks that pushed the light in. But despite the hostility of the foreign world, he pushed onward, breaking free of the bonds which held him in check for there was nothing for him to find in the past. The only thing which mattered now was the future.

    Couple of steps forward and he felt the sting of cold earth beneath him, but after the initial revulsion he embraced its presence as a factor of reassurance that he was alive. However deep down he knew that it was not the earth he longed for, but something else. Instincts led him onward towards the sound of splashing. He knew that staying on the earth was good but the treacherous solid terra would turn on him as it did on his ancestors. The only safety to be found here was a lie and he had to keep moving towards the sound...the sound of water. Its ever-changing form would envelop him and protect him, it would be a place where he could live among others of his kind, a place where he could hunt for food or sport and one day, even make his own legacy known to the rest of the world.

    He pushed forward and the sound became louder. He knew that there was one final thing he had to do in order for his awakening to be complete and with a supreme force of will, he opened his eyes. His senses were assaulted with the light and the images so foreign as his brain worked to focus on the world in front and for the very first time in his life, he could see the truth for what it was. A pond was in front of him and he only had to walk a little bit more before he would reach its safety. However then the light was exchanged for darkness as a giant shape loomed above him. He tried to scream in warning but no words would leave his mouth, the only thing he could do was watch in horror as the shape closed in, threatening to end his existence before it even started. He cursed his luck and tried to get out of the impact, but there was no time...

    Victor Callus stepped forward and his boot crushed the little lizard beneath, the Sergeant completely unaware of the life he just snuffed out as he took position at the barricade. Members of the 6th squad hunkered behind him, their weapons at the ready but he could feel the uncertainty behind their masks of resolve. They were fresh, this being their first major engagement and what an engagement it was! During their voyage to completely another battlefield, 28th Expedition fleet received a signal for help - a human world at the edge of the effective scanners cried out to be delivered, an attack of a great enemy loomed in and they had no one else to call. In truth, the signal was an automatic distress beacon and once the fleet arrived in the system they learned that whatever civilization might've lived here was long gone. Instead, a system filled with Greenskin filth welcomed them with all their famous hospitality. Phoenician on the other hand, being a gentleman he was, accepted the invitation with the might of his own.

    The plan was simple and effective. Pride of the Emperor pushed into the system and headed for the main planet cataloged as "2-12-14", the place from which the Greenskins launched their defense. However the Emperor's Children moved with such speed and precision which left the Orks scrambling for cover as the world was soon invaded. Of course, it would be a lie to say that the Orks didn't expect combat for their race is always ready for it, however Phoenician, instead of a warhammer used a duelist's blade and stabbed at the very heart of the menace. Emperor's Children main force landed in the old capital of the planet and struck out, forming a spear-like front which assaulted various points of interest at the same time, giving Orks no ground and harrying them in couple of swift strikes. Of course, all of this was but a diversion for the main protagonist alongside his Phoenix Guard would use the commotion his men would cause and head for the throat - the great fortress in the middle of the city.

    One such diversion force, tasked with destroying Ork artillery placements before they even had a chance to fire, was the 19th Company led by Captain Mano Valerion. However encountering stronger resistance than anticipated, good Captain was forced to split his forces into two parts, one staying with him and guarding the back while the other, led by other Sergeants alongside Sergeant Callus would push onward and crush the resistance.

    They pushed through but after two miles their advance was halted at the entrance of a great garden. Of course, it only used to be a garden - now was a grim place of broken trees and fallen masonry while small ponds were all but destroyed. Around 50 Space Marines from 6th squad as well as from 7th, 8th, 5th and 9th squad, backed by around 100 men from the cohort under the lead of Primus Bragha and five Rhino transports were aligned around a series of broken statues and crushed walls at the one side of the garden, makeshift trenches and barricades built as fast as possible for the scouts reported a great Ork force coming down on them. Sergeant Callus chose this ruined garden just because of it gave them ample of cover and lots of open killing ground for the Orks to cross before reaching the forces of the Emperor.

    "Damned Greenskins," Victor spoke as he watched the destruction around them, his grey hair tied in a ponytail, "If they could, they would despoil and corrupt everything they touch, just for the laughs." Sergeant was armed with a plasma pistol and a long power sword, the sleek blade teeming with blue color. "Some foes are simply best when they are killed right on the start," he grunted as he peered through the rubble, around him warriors of the other squads setting up their weapons while mortal forces mimicked their movements, all guns turned on the exit on the other side of the garden across their position, from which the enemy should arrive at any moment.

    "How are you holding up?" Callus asked and turned around to see members of his squad behind him, "Remember, Orks are tough aliens and only a bolt to the head will make them drop dead. Bolt or two that is. So no slacking and make every shot count!"

    OOC Obviously, you are the members of the 6th Squad :) Player reminders:

    @DeranVendar @Grall_Stonefist @Casavay @matt23 @Uriel1339 @Skarboy @Kalle @Vulpas @Avenging-Angel @EvicusDasan1
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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "A bolt or two..or three or four. " Davian quipped melodically and with good humor, lips pulled into a small smile as his heavy bolter lifted higher off the ground with a single smooth movement. Son of Fulgrim had held his stance for several minutes now yet a statue was one of the last things he would look like for limbs were not braced rigidly but rather firmly, waist acting as a swivel for each smooth movement as Davian tracked his weapon back and forth over the killing ground with the keen eyed alertness of a mechanical sentry yet all the fluid grace of an Emperor's Child. "Perhaps five or six or seven. " Smile twitched wider with a small laugh coming up this time, considering how large a number of the greenskins were it wouldn't surprise him, after all his weapon wasn't exactly of perfect precision yet something about that spoke to Davian whom had been spending quite some time in the training cages seeing just how much accuracy could be wrung from a heavy bolter. Anyone whom had spent any length of time with him though might think more time was spent perfecting stance and form than actually honing worthwhile skill. "Eight...nine, oh who is counting really? Let them come, I'm ready. "
  3. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    "Never better, sergeant Callus," crackled the morose voice of Mikael Maria from inside his helmet. The man had a reputation for his dour disposition, enough for many of his fellow Legionnaires and even some of the mortals to call him 'Mikael the Mourner' behind his back. All the same, he was a steadfast man and never one to complain, despite the solemn first impression. A low 'heh' emitted from his vox. "You're always ready, Brother Davian," he remarked softly: it seemed a good-natured compliment.

    The morose marine had taken shelter behind a plinth, upon which a statue had once stood. Now, it was scattered on the ground. He was sitting with his back against the rock surface, his legs bent in ninety degrees, and his bolter clutched tightly to his chest, muzzle aimed upwards while he peeked out of cover to take in the sight of the battlefield before him. "There is no glory in a wasted bolt," he remarked serenely.
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    "Are you sure you still wish to bet that you can kill twice as many as I, brother? It appears or foes are quite sturdy, and I am the one with the heavy weaponry." He flexed his arms playfully. "It would be a shame for me to harm your pride. Especially given that we are finally working at the scheme for something greater than ourselves. There is no time, nor energy to be wasted in plays, it is all for life and death. Ours, as well those that we call brothers around us. Understood, little brother?" Elijah ensured that his younger-half knew exactly what he would expect. Being the older, and more responsible one. Then again, Elijah expected him not to follow suit, but at least hopefully not prank others of the legion as he did as an Aspirant.

    With that duty of his completed, he paid attention to the rest of the squad and anticipated the upcoming battle. He maintained his weapon ever vigilant, knowing it's the only thing that will keep a soldier alive in combat. Kill the enemy before they can kill you. War was as easy as that. If put simple and if one trusts and respects his commanding officer. Then again, the older Job was never one who had issues with the chain of command.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Still Alive and breathing, Sergeant Callus." Theo Said as he kept his back behind a shattered pillar that was around him and several others, He was reloading his Bolter and getting ready to fire upon the orks again. His power armor the color of his legion purple had only cosmetic damage over the paints the front of his armor from receiving ork fire when getting back at one of the green skins for the first shots that managed to hit him and several others of the squad.

    "How many of these Greenskins do you all think we will have to kill before this Planet is cleansed of them?" Theo asked he turned his helmet head to his other brothers as he hear them. "Brothers how many have you managed to down and kill since we arrived on this world?" he asked the others as he looked to them now having a fresh clip in his bolter and ready to response to ork fire again.
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  6. 28-1
    Hadrian listened to his brothers and sergeant in silence, reloading the bolt pistols he held that would spit out death the next time the Assault Marine popped up from cover. In his opinion orks were so uncivilized, lacking anything resembling a hint of perfection, compared to even little children that to an Astartes they were barely worth noticing and certainly only worth a single bolt each.

    Insulating himself in a self-absorbed bubble Hadrian began preparing to count his kills, testing himself against his previous record. It was his ritual, one of a number of ways to push himself to be the perfect warrior he was expected to be be by the Emperor and Lord Fulgrim.
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  7. "I still breathe" Denatus answered curtly as he moved to cover, before loading a knew frag grenade into his missile launcher, what he wouldent give to get one of them with more magazine space, krak grenades wherent exatly used alot against greenskins anyways, their shampling construction where better off blown apart in a storm of frags that would also wound or kill as many of the greenskins as possible.
  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "I am ready," Arnock replied with little emotion. His voice was as cold as the part of Europa he hailed from. Perhaps that is also the place he lost his sense of humor but that matter at this moment very little. He had a bolter pistol and a chainsword in the other. Armed with little patience waiting for battle, he was ready for their next engagement to come.
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    Isaiah chuckled in response to his Sergeant's query, offering a prideful "They are no match for us, not mentally, not physically, not by way of refinement" as he moved between two spots of cover and reloaded his bolter. "In fact, Maria, I think every bolt is wasted on them!"

    Arrogance would not hinder his efficiency, however, and the younger Job minded not to present himself openly to the crude animals. During the pause, he looked towards the fellow regally purple warrior that was his more serene, more calm, more boring half. "Always, brother among brothers. How could I disregard such sage advice, when it is granted to me on a silver platter?" He raised his bolter, showing off the weapon to the Heavy Support Marine. "This is all I need to slay them all. I remain certain of my skill."

    He paused, as if mulling something over, and then added, with a laugh, "I believe I actually get worse fighting them!"
  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    OOC Don't worry guys, I won't bore you much with this introduction mission - a little bit of shooting, a little bit of talking and we'll be off! :D Also, Ullanor crusade is happening at this time (or a little bit later), just to give you an idea how early this is :D

    "Alright, since all of you are so certain, I think our friends over there have heard your boasts as well and now want to test them," Sergeant Callus smiled back, pointing at the far exit of the garden. The ground shook as the hundreds of green feet lumbered on it while the sound of gunfire and crude language could be heard on the air. Moments later, the Orks arrived.

    There was a tide of them, more than they could count. Each Emperor's Children marine was outnumbered at least 4 to 1 although that mattered nothing. Greenskins came in droves and in different shapes and equipment. Some were bigger than the others, the others carried crude big guns capable of great destruction (if it worked), while there was even a single machine, a walker of some sorts with long arms ending in sharp claws and buzzsaws. When they saw the forces of the III Legion, they all together ushered a single shout of ""WAAAAAAAGH!" and charged forward across the garden, eager to close the distance and massacre the Space Marines.

    "Always the same," Victor shook his head in disappointment, as if wanting something out of the Greenskins that they failed to deliver. "Ranged weapons to the front," he commanded, "Heavy weapons on that walker. Cut them on the flanks and box them in while Rhinos shoot the far side. Wait for them to arrive then we switch into offense. For Fulgrim!"

    OOC Friendly forces: 40 Marines, 100 Human soldiers, 5 Rhinos with mounted storm bolters;

    Arnock:14 Mikael:14 Denatus:14 Theo:14 Mason:10 Isaiah:14 Elijah:14 Davian:14 Hadrian:14 Caphen:14

    Enemy forces: 200 Ork Boys (Horde), 20 Ork Nobs (Veterans), 20 Ork Lootas with heavy weapons (Veterans), 1 Deff Dread with 2 buzzsaws & 2 rokkit launchas (mini-boss).

    Enemy will reach the barricades in my next post. Because you are in cover, enemy rolls against you will suffer -3 to hit.

    @DeranVendar @Avenging-Angel @Kalle @Uriel1339 @matt23 @Casavay @Skarboy @EvicusDasan1 @Vulpas @Grall_Stonefist

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