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The Ork Fluff Problem

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Onomatopoetic, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. lol.
    which is why the space marines should have a minimum of 10k, if not 100k, per chapter--those are the numbers they need to actually make a difference on a galactic scale. but we are talking in game. space marines will die in quantities enough for all the legions combined within the first year of gameplay, at most.
  2. im saying thats what people were arguing for, NOT for orks to be weaker. payed players should be as strong, f2p orks barely less strong, access to less gear.
  3. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    I ABSOLUTELY agree! The orks have been getting attacked by people who aren't even interested in playing the race themselves. I made a post about this months back as well because I've noticed it happening long ago. It aggravates me that these people think that orks should be 'easy to kill' and that the flamer should explode and kill all the orks around it or knock them down etc. It's been a general shit show. The orks forum should be locked to people who are ACTUALLY going to be playing orks and I don't mean weekend orks who's main is a space marine. I don't think orks should be overpowered/underpowered/etc, but they should atleast be effective and fun to play as any of the other races.
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  4. high risk high reward is a fun way to play
    also the exploding flama was introduced by the devs...
    i think instead or damaging of killing mates it should just knock them away, it would represent the sturdiness of the orks very well

    maybe orks should be more ressistent to explosions then other factions in general
  5. They MENTIONED that it might play like that, if it was fun... So properbly not. It's like being able to longrange backstab as any class in TF2. Think about it. That's what you set yourself up as when using it.

    Also, I want to thank you for being so supportive, guys - It actually calms me quite a lot that the main Ork players actually acknowledge and agree wth each other in a civilized manner, when the other factions behave like dicks to us - It's kinda ironic, really :D
  6. Nicodemus_I Nicodemus_I Subordinate

    I am not a main Ork player. I'm a Space Wolves, Night Lords and Dark Eldar fan. I'll just play Orks because they've not got any love from game makers in the past.
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  7. Now that's the morkdamned spirit - We're glad to have you :) I myself like the Raptors, Raven Guard, Salamanders and Grey Knights of the SM (so nothing for me there I guess), the Black Legion (For all of their main-villianishness) and Iyanden of the Eldar, but I'm an Ork at heart, so with the WAAAGH I'll be :D
  8. Pewpew Pewpew Cipher

    I agree. An ork melee unit needs to be equal to a space marine melee unit.
    If they say a space marine needs to be able to kill ten orks to fit the lore, then only one person should be allowed to spawn as a space marine for every ten orks that are being played, you know, for the lore of it. Let them enjoy their huge wait times, and I'll enjoy being killed easily. Fun times trying to make this like the table top game and not like a first person shooter.
    Planet Side 2 made miniscule differences in the way weapons shoot and vehicles work. This was enough to make a difference in which faction you played. However, they made large cosmetic differences based on faction. That really worked.
    To make fluff work here, all we need is to look like orks, hold weapons that look orky, and come out of buildings that look orky, changing the physical appearance of locations when we capture them. That is all we need.
  9. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    To be fair, early on a lot of us were actually talking about how good a laugh it would be to have weapons that would malfunction on orks but also be fun to use, like the Shokk Attack Gun, it'd be funny if instead of the grots you were shooting towards a space marine it would send you through instead for instance, or rip open a hole in reality where the shot was fired, causing bloodthirsty demons to pour through. Anything to add to the chaos of being an Ork in battle.

    As for the, "Orks should be easy to kill", they better brush themselves up on the Ork lore before they make that kind of conclusion
  10. Well, yes, but that's fundamentally a situation that a player chooses to be put in. It's one thing to choose a gadget that has the potentiality for hijinks, as opposed to being handed stock gear that is difficult to use or is just outright junk.

    For example, I would be okay with a Shokk Attack Gun doing the things you mention, but only because I chose to take that weapon. I would not be okay with basic Ork gear being intentionally designed to **** us.
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