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The Ork Fluff Problem

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Onomatopoetic, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. I'm not sure you are getting the idea of this forum. Sure, it's for discussing the current rules for the game and how it is developing, but it's also for trying to get a hold of how we, as players, would want them game to be. We can't be sure to have it our way, but we do have a say in things (as the Dev's have told us again and again: This is a game made and developed for us, and not for themselves - You can call that "winning hearts", I call it "dedication")

    So when we discuss this, it's to, prematurely, get an idea of how Orks could be played and designed. It's crucial for the process, as it decides how the ork players expect the Orks to be, and as we are gonna be the core of the faction, it's important that we are heard - If the devs produce a game upon the expectations of players opposing the Orks, the core players won't be playing, but acting like NPCs for the other three factions' pleasure.

    So no, we can't decide anything now, and yes, we are whining without anything concrete to whine at, but that's what needs to be done to ensure that the faction is as close to the expectations of the fanbase as possible, and so the success of the faction as a whole, both in game and in income.

    Oh, and are Orks whining? Eldar players are arguing that the slopes on their first experimental ingame model are a wee bit off, Space Marines are furiously arguing the size of their heads, and we are whining, because we don't want to be universally discriminated for loving our faction?...
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  2. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    I.. don't think a F2P Boy will be "destroyed by most things" like "in the lore"..
    And then have Nobz being "A little more cautious" sounds a bit off in my opinion.
    And "allow Orks to have more players available on the field?" do you mean NPCs?
    F2P Boyz are standard Boyz just with less equipment and class and cosmetic options (And such) Quite positive on they're not much weaker and will get destroyed by other players easily. That would not only make Orks dependant on numbers to be a threat, but also make them depend on F2P Orks heavily.
  3. i think the whole playerbase stayted often enough that we do not want cannon fooder F2W boys

    they should be simple and look usuall but not weaker or stronger
    maybe they get gimped in some situation cause they have less equip options but that could also happen to premium players

    well me wanz f2w boys to be smaller therefore they would also come with a smaller health pool
  4. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    An ork boy has got the same resistant as a SM. Only the armor change but they have the same physical resistance.

    I would like a system which give a bonus when the orks are numerous.

    But anyway, we are in a game and i don't want to lose my shots just because i am an ork.

    They will have the same weapons than the "normal" orks. But with less customisation for the weapons.
  5. I absolutely love the orks and they'll be my main once this game starts, however as much as I love the lore..I refuse to call it fluff...when it comes to game play, it has to take a backseat.
    I don't want to be weaker right from the start because that's what someone's codex says. Then again every armies codex says something different. Wazdakka was said to have taken down a warlord titan by launching his bike off a cliff into the face of it, slaughtered the crew and ended the war. The lore is unreliable.

    We also have to consider how many players WON'T be WH 40K fans or even know of the lore, just gamers dropping in from time to time. In fact I'd say a majority of new players will be this type. They won't accept lore based boons and banes as readily as the long time 40k fans. There's going to be more tea-bagging in the game than in all of London at 4pm.
    How well will the squad based waaagh bonus' work when we have a hundred players running around maybe not joining any groups?
    It's going to be like herding cats. Then again, all the factions will suffer the herd of cats syndrome.

    For the lore folks here, a standard untested boy is the equal in strength and toughness of a marine scout. But not a battle brother in full power armour. A scar boy is the roughly equal of a battle brother.

    Making the game play based off of lore will make it a mess.
    -There would never be more than 1000 players per marine chapter at any one time and you'd have to wait a year for a new recruit to reach scout quality and another 1 - 5 years to become a battle brother. Not to mention the other horribly restrictive SM lore.

    -Eldar would have a hard population cap that would shrink every time one of the eldar died. Until you're left with a single eldar hiding in the shadows hoping nothing notices him/her.

    -Chaos would run the risk of being turned into a spawn and losing that character permanently if they displease the gods. And certain chaos forces shouldn't be allowed to work together. Thousand sons and Plague marines going all Westside story on each other in the middle of battle.

    My point being, the kind of lore based game play some people seem to be clamouring for is fine on the TT or an RTS but in a TPS like what is being made by BEhaviour, it just unbalances things in favour of one group over another. The low armour and relative weaknesses of the armies can be mitigated on the TT by careful composition selection and tactical mastery. Good luck getting that on a pvp mmotps.

    If a waaagh mechanic is to be included then the benefit should be given to every ork on the current map once the total numbers reach a certain amount. Not sure..
    On the TT game, squad benefits only influence leadership and mobbing up. Waaagh benefits were given to the whole army, provided they had the Waaagh trait.

    Hope that made sense and was in some way relevant to the OP.
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  6. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    Very good points there. Sums up the main point perfectly.

    That's when you know, It's serious.
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  7. Thanks Blakk Klaw.

    I could be wrong about Space Marine victory rituals. Maybe the Codex Astartes has a parapgraph about tea-bagging.
    A victorious Astartes shall give a vanquished enemy a taste of scrotum. -Codex Astartes, Roboute 5:17
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  8. I hope the population balance will be greatly evened out with the free to players coming in but ya agree that if it stays with a 40% marine player base then it is gonna be difficult to balance with just the 'nids and is gonna be a little distracting to be an Ork outnumbered by marines

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