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The Ork Fluff Problem

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Onomatopoetic, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    I think you are not aware of anything.

    Jumpjets are limited to 3 jumps in the air then you cant jumpjet until it refills, this module would add a fourth or fifth jumpjet after you used the regular 3 jumps which chaos, space,orks will share i do not know how eldar works and i pressume in regards to stormboyz, perhaps the module has a 5% chance to fail once you go at your fourth jump, it leaves you with a 95% chance that a fourth jump would be successful, you would jump alot before you hit the death percentage.

    Having a fourth jump is quite a boon for a game such as this, the amount of p2w talking that is going around would consider this fourth jump module flat out blasphemy for game design unless it comes with a severe penalty.

    You dislike these type of mods even if they are 100% optional, you are entitled to your opinion, i respect that, but i would rather test something and see for my self how it stands to the test then flat out throw it out of the window.

    Problem was it should be considered as an sidegrade, people dont like sidegrades that much around here and consider it p2w because having an exchange of more damage for less ammo on a weapon is no good, if that weapon could jam as a sideffect of the mod as well then people opened up to the idea a bit more.

    Read the forum abit more, the suggestions i gave is not only in consideration towards an idea of an mod, but it is to compromise as well for the crowd who think of sidegrades as p2w.
  2. Bez Berzerker Menial

    "this module would add a fourth or fifth jumpjet..[with increasing chance of self-destruct]"

    Ah, I missed that detail. Apologies, lack of sleep tends to do that. However, despite your assumption, I did not dismissed your idea of such a module or a module altogether. I hope to see lots of interesting ones from the Devs if they are implemented, and I have grown fond of my idea of a Volatile Rockets module.

    "the amount of p2w talking that is going around would consider this fourth jump module flat out blasphemy"

    Really, blasphemy? that would be dumb considering that people are not actually paying for a possible in-game module that could be earned with requisition.
  3. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Even skins, some consider skins, cosmetics a p2w thing as well, seen it in these forums as i conversed in a thread, it is almost like nothing is good when it comes to a cash shop and i most say i was shocked to hear that.

    It is a mess none the less.
  4. hmm I hear what ur saying.(guy who started thread) it does seem to me like players of other factions want Orks to be canon fodder. How "they shouldn't be" equal to a space marine ( no im not trying to start that argument again) but in the end it is a game as you said. So I wouldn't be surprised if lore took a backseat to gameplay. Still the balance between those two things will be crucial. Also I have a lot of sympathy for you guys who want to play as kommandos. If the they don't get this stuff right it'll be hard for small groups to make a impact.
  5. Forktress Forktress Subordinate

    Ok lets say BE want to incorporate fluff into the game. Does that mean orks will be easy to kill? No, it won't. Any ork is very tough to kill and is usually equal if not stronger than an average space marine. A space marine can take huge amounts of damage and survive due to rapid blood clotting and extra organs while orks can take huge mounts of damage because they just don't give up. There are multiple times in the lore when an ork gets his intestines spilled on the floor stuff them back in and fights even harder. How does that translate into gameplay...well a space marine has a shield and doesn't continually lose health from wounds unless there is a special effect in place due to the blood clotting and such. What I think would be pretty cool is something like in the game called Loadout which granted is a jokey game. In loadout you can get shot and a chunk of your arm is missing I personally think that would be pretty orky to see an ork charging at you getting chunks blown of him but still coming. I agree that saying THIS SHOULD HAPPEN COS LORE is wrong but Orks are meant to be resilient and I think its one small part of the lore I think would look pretty cool.
    But hey I'm just one guy feel free to tell me I'm horribly wrong.
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  6. wraith wraith Active Member

    The main Lore issue is still the fact that anybody asking Orks to be a horde army neglects that the core ork playerbase will be less than 1/2 the size of the SM, making the SM a horde army... (especially as we slowly shed f2p players)

    Although really this discussion has already been had many times and most people agree that gameplay comes first. (how exactly it comes first is a whole different discussion)
  7. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    That's exactly on point. What most of us are saying.
    You said though that Orks can survive loosing their arms and such and I know that, but Imagine, just imagine you had something like in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (If you played it) Black Knight mode. It's basicly you run around as a Knight as usual, 'cept this time, you can survive getting your limbs cut off. You can survive 10 seconds without your head, you can still run around without your left arm and swing swords and you can even limb with 1 leg.
    Not saying Orks should be exactly like that, but losing an' arm and still chop someone down, would be pretty cool wouldn't it? (You could ask the question the other way around, it would be pretty cool to run down 10 Orks at a time, but that wouldn't be too cool for Orks...)
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  8. EQCR EQCR First Blood!

    Perhaps, just perhaps you should wait until gameplay mechanics for orks are announced before you start whinning about how unfair the other guys opinion of your opinion of thier opinion about how orks should be played is...
    Whinny Orks? Sheessh... whoze 'eva houda snovelbelly Orks's ?

    (not: waah waah waah)
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  9. wraith wraith Active Member

    Thats far too logical and I have too much time on my hands to just "wait for real discussion matter". 'Sides, we're orkz, we don't need nuffin to start a fight.
  10. Acidlemon Acidlemon New Member

    Orks will always be the ones to be a basic problem for the 'more important' factions to deal with. Most of the time in the fluff orks tend to be the background noise or the enemy who sets the scene for the sm, elder etc. You can play orks any way you want to and I think that the higher up the ork is the more valuable and powerful he is. For example, a f2p boy will get destroyed by most things easily like in the lore. But things like nobz or odd Boyz will be a little more cautious or have more hp. This will allow for an actual chance of succeeding in the engagement. As for tactics, orks can do anything from being a commando to just mass assaulting 100+ players across the field. I think as for a play style, allow orks to have more players available on the field for them or have them balanced to the extent of being able to compete with other factions with the same numbers.

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