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The new DLCs are bull. Way to slap the vets in the face.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemoSupremo, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Meatball Meatball Steam Early Access

    Thats what heretics call an hawaian pizza, ham, pineapple, cheese and tomato.
    The Inquisition is inbound
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  3. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

  4. Arbitrary Dwarf ArbitraryDwarf Steam Early Access

    The advert is massively off, borderline misrepresentation, not to mention some loading screens within game also give false information.

    Whilst I do research myself, the majority do not and are relying on the integrity of the developer to tell the truth about what their game actually is, hence massive disappointment for some people.
  5. Agreed. It's false advertising plain and simple.

    People would attempt to argue semantics but that's just being petty to try and justify a low quality product
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  6. Rufus Zane RufusZane Subordinate

    Probably GW hold their balls hard, or maybe it's will be someday ok when the combi weapon will be released.
  7. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    It would be nice if the advertising were revamped to be less misleading.
  8. FIREston JimFireston First Blood!

    bought the champion pack the moment it came out. Didnt need anything but the bolter and the bolter is what I wanted so im super happy with it. When it comes to this game I dont mind giving cash.

    Anything to replace that wild berry pop tart skinned bolter known as "Venerable" the Adamantium bolter is exactly what I needed. A new "Standard" bolter, I do not use mastercrafted wastes of LP
  9. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

    ^^ nom nom nom
  10. kharnzor kharnzor Arkhona Vanguard

    Pineaple on pizza is a crime against humanity
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