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The most exceptional legion/primarch

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Khyrus, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Khyrus Khyrus Menial

    Reputation. In the times of the great crusade each legion made a name for itself. A couple of them are described as standing far and above the other legions. Same thing goes for the primarchs. They all have something, which made them stood out .

    My problem: With all these excessive descriptions things get murky. Which of the legions/primarchs truely stood out and were considered exceptional, which of them were uninteresting in the grand scheme of things? After all, when everyone is special in some way, no one is, really. So who managed to do the extra mile? I'm talking about the Horus Heresy era and prior.

    I'm not asking who wins in a battle. Ofc, things like that are highly dependend on the situation. Luckily, I'm not interested in that. I'm only talking about their standing amongst their brethren and the people, not (necessarily) about their battle tactics.

    my understanding so far...

    legions - contenders for the most exceptional
    I - Dark Angels - "First among brothers" & "Most powerful". Why?
    III - Emperor's Children - Honored with the Aquilla

    XIII - Ultramarines - Epitome of what any Space Marine should aspire to. Why?
    XVI - Sons of Horus - Most successful​

    legions - the rest
    IV - Iron Warrios - common people: Unnecessarily brutal. They see themselves as exploited hard workers. Standing amongst brethren?
    V - White Scars - Space Mongols
    VI - Space Wolves - Space Vikings
    VII - Imperial Fist - Closest to the emperor, "pillar of loyalty", "steadfast defender"
    VIII - Night Lords - reputation of cruelty, shunned
    IX - Blood Angels - ? (strangely I remember, that they were considered exceptional as well, but can't find it on the wikia page. Am I imagining things, or did I infact read it on this site?)
    X - Iron hands - ?
    XII - War Hounds - reputation of cruelty, mistrusted
    XIV - Death Guard - ?
    XV - Thousand Sons - mistrusted for dangerous practices
    XVII - Imperial Heralds - Shunned
    XVIII - Salamanders - common people: kind, compassionate. Standing amongst brethren?
    XIX - Raven Guard - ?
    XX - Alpha Legion - ?
    primarchs - contenders for the most exceptional as far as I understood
    I - Lion El'Jonson - Tactical genius
    VII - Rogal Dorn - Tactical genius
    IX - Sanguinius - ?
    XIII - Roboute Guilliman - ?
    XVI - Horus - Tactical genius
    My lore knowledge is spotty and I didn't read any of the novels. Thats why I had more exposition to the legions (playing pc games) than to the primarchs. The list above is what i can remember from the wikia pages. Please, correct my list, I encourage you! I'm genuinely interested, but don't find the patience to sit through all the wiki pages. (Actually I did last year and every now and then still do. But I only remember blurred things, information overload.)
  2. I keep seeing the term Tactical Genius

    But not the tactical genius himself

  3. Khyrus Khyrus Menial

    I don't get the reference..
  4. Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed has a special rule called Tactical Genius, which enables him to give ANY unit the Scouts rule. Meaning nowhere is safe.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But seriously now, if you'd like to know more about Rogal Dorn, I suggest reading this post. It is a bit lengthy but a good analysis of him.
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Well the Emperor's Children have the record for the fastest extermination of a Xeno race called the Laer and their world of Laeran which they completely eradicated in thirty days after the High Lords of Terra said that a war with Laer would be a long drawn out engagement and they should become a protectorate of the Imperium...

    Fulgrim being the super cool guy he is was offended by the notion of something other than Human being allowed to be alive said fuck you High Lords of Terra I'm off to kill all of the Laer within a month.

    So the Emperor's Children got that which I guess is exceptional since they were also one of the smallest legions as they did that... They didn't need the numbers of the Ultramarines to take a world they just did it through sheer hatred of Xenos. As all good Legionaries should.

    Also the idea what the Emperor's Children are all high born isn't exactly true. They take those who are genetically exceptional. Doesn't mean shit about their background so long as their genes are correct so for example there is a Palatine Blade in "Kharn: Eater of Worlds" who explains he was the son of a back street whore on Chemos. I think it was Chemos anyway.

    The reason for the Emperor's Children being seen as upper class and fancy is because they enjoyed culture as they conquered the Galaxy, they had more remembrancers than any other Expeditionary Fleet. Most of them were artists of some form.

    As for Fulgrim's exceptionalness... I guess he was a tactical genius in the ways he had a small legion and still managed to beat the shit out of stuff, he could forge shit like he did with Ferrus proclaiming Fulgrim had made the better weapon while Fulgrim claimed Ferrus made the best weapon, he could sculpt shit, he liked the Opera and some other shit I can't remember. He wrote a codex or codex like rule book for the Emperor's Children to follow before Girlyman even thought about writing one. Can't remember where I read that. Might have been in "Visions of Heresy" I'll probably check it in a bit if need be but yeah Fulgrim is pretty fucking incredible until you know he becomes a snake monster thing...
  6. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Horus and the Luna Wolves were canonically the best legion. Perhaps not the most decorated, or the most individually strong, but in terms of doing what a Legion was meant to do they were miles ahead of many and still above those who were considered exceptional.

    Lot of good it did them though, even more then the shattered legions the Sons of Horus were driven to near extinction.
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  7. Cruz Cruzify Active Member

  8. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Reading the Ultramarine didn't get that from the fifth edition Space Marine Codex did you?

    Cause i'll defend Ultramarines all day, but that Codex is a blight.
  9. Khyrus Khyrus Menial

    Was Fulgrim considered exceptional among brethren? Like I wrote above, when everyone is special, has done undoable feats and stuff, no one is truely exceptional. Sure, from our point of view any of them are ridiculously op, but what did the astartes say in-universe?

    I personally like the "down-to-earth"-chapters more, meaning my favourites are the imperial fists chapter and so on. Ultramarines being the bog-standart chapter they are, perfectly falls into that category. But despite my biases I'm really confused as to what makes them so great in the first place.

    The Dark Angels Legion was also the first Legion. But I don't get what made them "most powerful".
  10. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    The Emperors Children were the only Legion allowed to wear the Aquila during the Great Crusade, that should tell you enough really.
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