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The Mad Nomads (Space Marines Chapter)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nomad, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Slough Monster Slough_Monster Arkhona Vanguard

    MAD ramps!
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  2. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    @Darthy dint you say you needed a guild for LSM side? Try MAD.
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  3. Haldur Haldur Curator

    But be careful, once you turn MAD you never turn back. ;)

    Also, Driver's license classes for flying with a Rhino properly can NOW be booked. Contact @IR0N or @Slough_Monster today for more information and a New Years discount. :cool:
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  4. CommissarVolker CommissarVolker Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm probably forgetful of my own sad attempts at "recruiting", but for anyone who plays, and also enjoys writing their pieces of fanfiction, fanon, whatever you may wish to call it, we do have an active, friendly, and helpful fanfiction sub-forum.

    A while back around when I had first joined, I was attempting to enter a writing contest, I lost, as my work was about as ramshackle as an Ork'z trukk, but it helped define me as a writer, and I've continued to this day because of the amount of support and help with writing that I've been given by the Chapter.

    If you're struggling, or just want a place to share among friends, we're always here to help.
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  5. I want to take the time to thank Haldur, IR0N, Xkullibor and others for doing a fantastic job guiding people here. You've shown a lot of care and dedication to helping our community grow even more.

    For a formal introduction, I am Ulfhedinn Panzerlied, Captain of 10th Company in the MAD Nomads. It is my duty to oversee recruitment for the Chapter as well as oversee those Instructors who work with our Initiates.

    When joining us on our website, if you are on the forums, look to your top right of our page and click on Enlist, then select your preferred Chapter of Origin. Afterward read our Code of Conduct then fill out all relevant information in our application. Once done, one of our Instructors, myself, or another Officer within our Community will get back to you as speedily as possible.

    As for our Initiation process, it is generally a two week period, taking note of things like attendance on our forums, TS, and Steam Group chat, as well as tactical proficiency or deficiency. Toward the end of those two weeks I will run every Initiate either alone or in groups, through a tactical training course to help them learn the basics of combat in a Squad. Should there then be no issues regarding their Initiation, Initiates will then be promoted and take their place in one of our Companies. On the topic of forums, TS, and our Steam Group chat. Forum use is extremely important to not only us, but to Initiates as well, since that is where they can be informed about any Chapter, Company, or Squad events being held, in addition to any important Chapter, Company, or Squad messages from Sergeants or Officers. This is important to us because it helps myself and those in command positions check attendance and work to make events more available for a time everyone can attend. It helps Initiates become more informed about what days they need to be available, or if they need to give a notice that they have life responsibilities and may not be able to attend for a particular event.

    The main focus we have here at the MAD Nomads, is that we are an Online Community first and foremost. We do have a pretty strong and ever growing presence in Eternal Crusade and other games, but it is not a priority for us. We are a community of Brothers who congregate to have fun times, and serious times, playing games we all enjoy or have various discussions, all of which are available on our forums. That being said, we do realize, that real life comes first always whether it be with family, work, or you just need a bit of a break. In times of strife within ones life, we stand ready to lend aid if any one of our Brothers requires it and we will do our utmost to see them through their trials.

    In closing, I do hope you take the time to consider joining us and if you happen to, we look forward to getting to know you and playing games with you.

    Thank you all for your time.

    Regards, Ulfhedinn Panzerlied

    MAD Nomads, 10th Company Captain.
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  6. Haldur Haldur Curator


    I am happy that I could help some lost Brothers to find their way to our community!

    Also, I can do so with good conscience, because I know that once you or any of our Instructors are taking care of them, they are in really good hands!

    So, if you read this and are still looking not only for people to play Eternal Crusade with, but for a community to find friends among eventually... look no further.
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  7. IR0N IR0N Preacher

    Hehe no problem Capt P, whats that old sayin, Birds of a feather somethin somethin...
    So it's no problem for me finding more of the lost and the damned :D
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  8. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Good games yesterday Nomads, glory in death!
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    This is what happened yesterday ! Brothers time for revenge and payback !
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  10. Nomad Darmadeus Nomad Arch-Cardinal

    Ramilies-class Starfort Aidoneus also known as Death Fortress Aidoneus -- The Command Nexus of The Mad Nomads.

    Located in the Raldoron sub-sector, it is based between the Penal Worlds Maidstone and Thorncross.

    In the background, the Battle-Barge Honour's Hope can be seen en route to its latest deployment on Planet Arkhona.

    Commissioned by Stormrage.
    Artwork by T-Cezar.
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