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The Long War ((Chaos RP))

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Lezan closed his eyes as the servitor counted down, relaxing his entire body and ignored Shabran. If they died on the way to the planet below, there was nothing he could do, and he refused to worry about something he had no control over. As the sudden lurching plunged their dread claw down to the planet, their commander provided a pic feed of first the ship to ship combat in orbit, then of the carnage on the world below. The Lion's son open an eye for the first, making mental note of the ship classes along with the names he could spot for each.

    Lezan also did his best to keep track of best estimated damage and destruction of which individual crafts in the essential melee in high orbit. The traitors seemed to have the upper hand at the moment, then again the Imperials had a habit of throwing as many men, ships and tanks as they have to do in order to accomplish their objectives, so who knows when the next wave of loyalists would arrive. As to the action, or the slaughter, below, only one thing caught the Lion's eyes.

    The moment the Black Legionnaire appeared, Lezan began making a checklist of things he wanted off of their corpses. Swords, bolters, power armour pieces, anything and everything he could get his hands on. In fact, he wondered if he could 'acquire' some sort of transport to get all the goods back on their strike cruiser. The dead mortals were irrelevant; indeed, the Lion's Son could see the appeal of indulging in some butchery by Abaddon's forces considering the level of equipment they possessed.

    Sure, Lezan didn't share the same interest for their... hobby, but he could understand. However, that wasn't gonna stop him from sticking his chainsword into their necks and taking their high quality equipment. If they got too distracted by their entertainment, well they would only have themselves to blame. He ignored Terix's outburst, though he made a mental note on his outrage. Perhaps their illustrious leader wasn't much more experienced than they were, if some minor details like this startled him.

    Something to note when Terix's command slips and the chance to liberate themselves from his leadership comes. Until then, Lezan closed his eyes once more as the servitor announced their estimated time of arrival, and counted in his head every single one of the sixty seconds until they made landfall, his hand subconsciously gripping the handle of his chainsword.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Maybe the slaughter is to destroy a larger command structure. Or lure something greater in. Destruction of this scale tends to attract bigger fish, so to speak. Either way. I suppose we should focus on our goals and agenda, less on joining the pure destruction, no Sergeant?" Dyromedes looked concerned at Terix, of course such features invisible under his helmet but clearly audible even in his vox-distorted voice. It was not fear of death, but the fear of being a tool of destruction and little more than that.

    He heard both from older Space Marines and the tales of Nykton's books that even the smallest just as the biggest warriors always were woven into tales of epic. Be it to save a princess, king or queen. Be it to liberate a kingdom. Be it to exact vengeance on a tyrant like Horus attempted. But there was always a greater goal. Some end that would justify the means. Akin to how the traitor legions exacted their grand plan of Istvaan. No matter how many millions died that day. At the end, it was to destroy loyalist scum dogs and their primarchs. More than bland destruction in the greater scheme of the war.

    The Son of Horus wanted to be something greater than a bolter swinging murderer. He wanted to participate in the legends, become part of them, free the Imperium. Perform the impossible. The young Astartes took a deep breath and clung on his bolter as if his life depended on it.

    When the sixty second message for landing rang within the dreadclaw, he glanced through their own rank. Catching himself pausing when looking at Lezan and Nykton respectively. He smiled. "Today the Chimera will taste first blood and from our feast of war, we shall grow stronger together."
  3. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    As the dreadclaw was falling to the battle, Durek smiled in anticipation. He was excited to slaughter these dogs with the bolter he held in his hands. He watched the display showing the casualties of the battle, the numbers only furthering his excitement. He could not wait to add to the death toll.

    Durek nodded at the words of the Son of Horus. “Let it be glorious, brothers. Slaughter these dogs where they stand!” The excitement in his voice was clear, and began counting down the seconds till the landing. He raised his bolter slightly to look at it, before bracing for the impact.
  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Lezan opened one eye as Dyromedes' voice seemed to carry over his direction. It seemed the Son of Horus had directly addressed him and the Raven's son. 43. 42.

    "Take your first blood if it means so much to you, Horusan. Just stay away from my spoils and we'll both enjoy this 'feast' of yours equally." The comment had no outward bite to it. Indeed Lezan might as well had been commenting on the weather. Yet, a fair warning to their 'executive officer,' as well as anyone else who might have heard the comment. The Lion's son wasn't looking for fights, but neither would he let anyone take what was his by rite of conquest.

  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Nykton heard the countdown, and felt his adrenaline spike even as his altered physique prepared itself for its one purpose in life: to fight. For the young Raven Guard, it was as if he was along for the ride for a moment, relegated to a passenger in his own form. He gripped the seat's arm rests and tensed. Lacking a Betcher's Gland, his saliva wasn't corrosive but it left his mouth dry nonetheless. He would be ready. He was trained to be ready. This training, this ingrained indoctrination, took over and he mentally began to note the location of the ships, the drop sites, the greatest concentrations of massacre.

    He was taking it all in like any other statistic until the death toll counters popped up. Constant, almost jaunty in their numbering of the dead. Merrily tripping away like the personal background music of a particularly enthusiastic reaper.

    "Throne of the False Emperor," he breathed, his voice low and a little hoarse. "The scale ... the civilian dead alone -" He shut up quickly. No-one wanted to hear it. They were soldiers; they killed. But privately he didn't see any need for it - not the mass slaughter of non-combatants, at least. Soldiers in war. And war was not pretty. There was no fine distinction made by a landmine or a grenade. Nykton knew all that; he wasn't stupid. But he was shocked. And though he knew a little about the worshippers of the Ruinous Gods, he had always found them too fanatical to get to know better. Seeing what they were actually doing in the field - it enraged him. Not only were they putting their own deviant desires before the purpose of the mission, raising daggers and skinning bodies and whatever else flash-framed itself for the non-denominational camera, they were committing these unspeakable acts upon those who had nothing to do with this war. It struck him as cowardly.

    "First blood. Aye," he said, softly as usual. "I am sure there will be plenty spilled this day. Let us hold to our mission and take what we need." Even more quietly, and with the barest glance at Terix, he added, "And not put bloodshed above success."
  6. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Civilian Deaths: 14,102,006

    Military Deaths: 1,642,089

    The next minute already had the casualties skyrocket across the world, though the feed soon had a ‘pop up’ appear - one that if the Newbloods focused on, would redirect them to pict-feeds from the drop pods sent ahead of them. The sight of what appeared to be a fight between the Chaos warriors and the PDF forces, the former outnumbering the latter by approximately eight to one- only for the drop pods to land with a thunderous crash, each killing a handful with the shockwave and impact alone. PDF forces almost looked in awe at the Deathwind drop pods, only to duck their head down as the doors opened to reveal assault cannons and a set of missile launchers.
    The Chaos forces in comparison, were not so lucky to have anywhere to hide, having jumped in the open to go on the offensive: assault cannons rotated and whined up to speed before spitting out countless rounds into their midst, pict-feeds showing every bit of the gory slaughter in vivid detail. Screams of pain and terror went through the Cultists who tried to fall back, four of the five Traitor Marines being either shredded by the assault cannons, or in one case, blown to pieces by the missile launcher. Chimera transports were sent up into roaring fireballs and Rhino transports were turned to scrap, the gunfire going on for what appeared to be an eternity.

    The moment the carnage had ended, the Dreadclaw landed amongst them as well, immediately sending a violent shockwave through the newbloods that almost felt as though their bones would crack- but they did not, they held with little more than a dull ache through them. The claws stretched out in seconds to lift the Drop Pod and allow the bottom door to open. Terix looked to his squad for little more than a second and dropping down first, his power sword in one hand and a bolt pistol in the other, turning to the Chaos Forces. He hadn’t the time to properly turn before autoguns peppered his warplate, barely so much as scratching it. Behind him, the PDF men & women almost seemed to… Cheer.
    “The Angels of Death are here! They’re here!” One younger person - so much so it might have been difficult to guess it was a man or woman in their mid adolescence - cried out, a cry of pride coming through the battered masses, lasguns being pulled up to fire over rubble & cover. Not at the Chimeras, but.. Past them. They seemed to believe they were their saviours, the Loyalist Space Marines that would bring destruction to the foes who so dared defile their homeworld.

    The Traitors didn’t relent, though, even with their numbers brought down to merely barely double that of the PDF, and one Astartes in their midst. His boltgun was extensively modified to a surprising point with an extended barrel and scope, yet also a barrel of some other weapon set underneath it; a combi-weapon of some description. More notably, he had a bandolier of explosives around his chestpiece with ammo boxes & sickle mags. And he had no qualms about firing at Astartes, bringing his bolter up to a pauldron and taking three-shot bursts at the group; missing most as reflexes and years of training helped them in a moment of need, though hitting Lezan on the leg and almost tripping him, though only getting him to one knee: a good stance for a running start.

    The Cultists continued to fire in vain and in some hope of hitting weak points in the armour, whilst others tried to ignore the hulking behemoths in their midst and fire at the PDF, gunfire sending up puffs of smoke along the rubble. One in the distance readied a grenade launcher and fired, almost sounding like a ‘thunk’ and a ‘crack’, before the entirety of the Chimeras exploded violently - warnings blared on screens of fracture points and damage, their entire body rocking with stinging sensations. When the smoke cleared, to the amazement of the loyalists and horror of the Traitors - save for the Astartes - they were, visibly, utterly unscathed with little more than a blackened soot covering their plate, glaring eyeslits glowing malevolently with the power of their warplate, the hum of their backpacks still going strong.
    “Bloody did nothing, Skulls!” The Cultist said, cracking open the grenade launcher and fumbling with his bandolier in an attempt to put in a new grenade, hunkering down into cover.

    “FIRE AT WILL, YOU SCUM!” The Traitor Astartes said aloud, his vox-amplified voice carrying easily over gunfire, shooting a single round at one of the retreating Cultists and blowing his body apart- easily cowing the rest of them. A force kept in line through fear.

    Astartes:60 - Cultists: 80 GL: 5

    Nykton: 45 - Lezan: 40 - Shabran: 45 - Dyromedes: 45 - Durek: 45 - Terix: 55

    PDF: 37 - Sergeant: 10

    Combat Notes:
    Grenade Launcher Cultist is in cover, reloading.
    Lezan was staggered- but a charge gets a bonus thanks to being brought down to one knee.
    PDF forces think the Chimeras are loyalists, and will fight alongside them until proven otherwise.
    Traitor Astartes has a combi-weapon of some description. Caution is advised.

    @Taec @Uriel1339 @WanderingJester @Jorimel @Grall_Stonefist
  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Three. Two. One.

    Lezan's countdown coincided with the dreadclaw's landing, the jarring impact shook itself through him. He ignored the sensation, using the image of crushed enemies under its legs and soon to be dead ones awaiting them. Gripping his chainsword, the Lion's Son hopped out of the dreadclaw as the floors opened under the orbit to surface transport. The first welcome to the battlefield came from a bolt round to the leg, dropping him to a knee even as he took note of the situation around him.

    The Changer of Fates must have a slight chuckle with the attack connecting. It neither struck the would-be berserker of Angron, or the vainglorious Son of Horus. No, it struck one of the two astartes amongst them that actually wished to live. Gritting his teeth at the machinations of Tzeentch, Lezan noticed that the loyalists' mistake at taking them as members of the Adeptus Astartes, or so it would seem. At the same time, the majority of the enemy seemed to be mortal with the exception of their leader.

    Because of course, the one he needed to kill was not simple cannon fodder.

    Lezan activated the squad vox comms, before giving a simple message. "The astartes' gear: they're mine." The fool with the combi-bolter set-off a chain of events when he decided to pop a shot into him as soon as he left the transport; he had made himself an enemy with a score to settle. The implications of the message given to the rest of the squad were as simple as the actual sentence: the Lion's Son didn't care who lands the killing blow on the astartes, if anyone, Terix included, took anything off of his corpse, then Lezan would turn his chainsword upon them next, should he still lived.

    Using his kneeled position, Lezan propelled himself directly at the astartes, his bolt pistol firing as he swerved and zig-zagged his way into melee range. Once there, he would launch immediately into a straight killing stroke or a horizontal cut to remove both of the astartes' arms, aiming to disarm his opponent in the most literal fashion. The Lion's Son would leave the rest to the others, the one that attacked him had made his grave, and only one of them would live after this engagement.


    OOC: Charge at astartes, defense on self.
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Dyromedes took cover as good as he could with the dreadclaw and, or nearby rocks when the shots were opened their way. But when he saw Lezan drop down to a knee, he gritted his teeth and came out, Bolter pressed against his shoulder and eye-lens placed against the iron sight, letting his targeting matrices aid his aim, but knowing not to rely on them.

    He held his breath, bracing for the recoil of the Bolter Gun. As Lezan ran, the Son of Horus made it his agenda to cover him, suppressing the Combi-Bolter wielding Space Marine. He was aiming for the general chest area, not wanting to steal the kill for Lezan and hur the poor Lion's pride. But rather give him an advantage, whether Lezan was going to appreciate it or spit more bile around, Dyromedes could not tell - but he would not let his brother die in his fool's errand this easily.
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Nykton felt the battle-enhancing chemicals from his suit mix with the adrenaline from his own system in a heady rush. But with it came an unexpected response. He was already keyed up with the countdown of the civilian deaths on the world below - around - them. With a child's version of heroism, stoked by the indoctrinated tales of glory and righteous combat, he had been expecting to feel like a warrior of old, fighting a new battle in an ancient war. To set old wrongs right. Instead he was standing in mud next to a ragtag group of babes in arms and - being honest - all of them were probably more grown up than he felt.

    Not only this, but some kalshiel renegade Astartes was shooting at them.

    Everything suddenly became easier.

    Nykton took up position using the drop pod as cover, sighted down the barrel of his boltgun and aimed a shot at the well-armed Astartes. The enemy Astartes. If the surrounding humans thought they were the Emperor's Angels here to save them then all well and good. It might stop them from becoming bolter fodder. It might let the group get some manpower without doing so at the point of a knife. Brushing such concerns aside, he fired. Keeping his shots high enough to hopefully provide Lezan with some covering fire even if the Raven couldn't bring the enemy down.

    OOC: Shoot the Astartes aiming for any vulnerable/weak points in the armour such as joints. Covering fire on Lezan.
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  10. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    As soon as they landed and left the drop pod, Durek seeked cover so that he may survey the situation and pick when would be right to fire. Noting that his brothers were both charging forth, and taking cover, Durek kept to the second option. Taking a quick glance at the opponent before them, an astartes, Durek began to add his firepower to that of his brothers. Raising his bolter and pulling the trigger in controller bursts, whilst making sure to keep cover from the incoming fire.

    OOC: Shoot at the astartes. defence on self

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