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The Long War ((Chaos RP))

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. As Shabran battled with his two chosen servitors, so far so good despite it still not being too easy,then he heard Lezan call out to him, and then the sound of something scraping over the floor towards him, Shabran dident turn around just yet, he had something to Got done first, "two seconds Horisian" Shabran answered back, before he with a yell attempted to kick one of the servitors away to create a bit of space, before feroesiusly charging into the one he had allready broken some of the armour on to finish the Metallic basted.
    OOC: one attack/push to one servitor and just full ham on the one with broken armour.
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Nykton kept his guard up and he kept moving. It wasn't easy to dance around the incoming attacks any more. He moved where he could, and struck where he could, but it wasn't enough. He was on the defensive more than he attacked, reacting rather than controlling the flow of the fight. The Raven's Son hadn't ever done much dancing: he was too shy. The boy he'd been had not been confident enough to make a show of himself in a public arena. Things hadn't exactly changed so much as participation was now compulsory.

    Luckily, Lezan kept cutting in. The Lion's Son was a determined opponent and more than once Nykton felt the breeze of a passing weapon deflected by Lezan's blade. He worked to make the best of the opportunities provided but he just couldn't seem to make much of a difference. This called for a change of strategy.

    The Raven taught his sons to embrace tactical flexibility - or so Nykton was assured by those who knew more. He reassessed the situation as a heavy maul nearly caved his head in. Sadly, as an Astartes, re-evaluating his life choices was no longer an option open to him. He needed high ground. Great plan, had there been any. So, bereft of tactical high points, he chose to make his own.

    Ducking under the swing parried by the Dark Angel he evaded the monster, keeping his wits about him. This time when he darted around to get at the back of a Servitor, he didn't want to attack. Bracing himself, calling on his powered suit, Nykton leapt.

    [OOC: Two actions on defence, willing to spend one on defending Lezan if needed, the other action for leaping up onto the nearest Servitor's back. The reasoning being it gives him a height advantage and the machine-man will either stab itself in trying to hit him, or at least find its angles of attack restricted.]
  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Dyromedes roared and growled, being quite audible while fighting. As he was swinging and receiving alike. He took the hit like the Astartes he was, just enduring through the impact. It did finally feel like a real fight, not like the training they went through. Their masters indeed wanted to see them make or break, as the expression was. But the fight was anything close to victory.

    He continued to ignore his own servitor, figuring it was programmed on chasing and fighting him. It would give both Nykton and Lezan some breathing room, which they urgently needed. A glance across the room as he was making defensive moves allowed him to see that Durek and Shabran both made good progress in eliminating their enemies. They just had to hold on a bit longer, the three of them.

    "Nykton, Lezan! Let us crumble the enemies with our united blades. Three Astartes versus seven mortal machines might yet be fair! For them!" He boasted, trying to raise the battle spirit before re-focusing his efforts on combat itself.

    He picked immediately one of the Servitors around Nykton to turn into scrap. Believing that attacking is truly the best offensive, and to give the Raven the opportunity to utilize his plan. With both blades, the Horusian went to attack the two closest servitors alternatively.

    Flurry on Servitor #1
    Flurry on Servitor #2
    Flurry on Servitor #1
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  4. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Durek roared with frustration at the fact that his opponent was still functional. He focussed again, his determination to end the things existence at the forefront of his mind. He charged in again, making sure to keep to the plan he had kept too this entire time. Hitting it as hard as he could without giving up the servitor too much chance to hit him back.

    Ooc: 2 attacks on servitor, 1 defence on self
  5. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The fight itself was a tenuous one for them all, three Servitors wailing on the Raven with their weapons in hand - his agility was only just enough to keep him from any proper damage, all the while getting scraps and slight dents at the warplate while two others were battling the Lion, axe and maul against his blade; welts and bruises were formed and he swore he felt his ribs crack from a particular blow that had sent him sprawling.

    In comparison, Shabran was having the time of his life - a single blow landing right at his chestplate that caused the faintest of cracks and sending a lance of sensation through his nerves allowed him the chance to deliver a kicking blow to the attacker, sending the large automaton three meters back to keep from falling to the floor; the other raised its weapon in futility in its attempt to block the War Hound's fury, the clanging sounds of metal bashing against metal echoing loudly. Yet even with its futile attempt to save its mimicry of life Shabran landed many blows in, cutting at plate and cutting in synthetic flesh, spurts of ichor and oil coming through and tainting the edge of his blades each time to show his success.

    The Son of Horus turned upon one of the duo's servitors in an instant, his blades in hand; even with his lack of skill he showed the proud and vicious nature of the Luna Wolves in their prime just as he was on his way to his own, the servitor left woefully unprepared; having focused upon Nykton, it left Dyromedes with the perfect flanking attacks, bashing down on its backside and sending it into the ground- yet at the corner of his vision with the helmet's autosenses he got a sudden warning of an incoming enemy. The primary servitor from before charging --- right past him and Nykton, the hulking machine bashing shoulderfirst into the already overwhelmed Lezan and sending him into the ground with a massive weight on top of him.

    Durek's attacks at the servitor were successful on the whole at least, bashing down at the Servitor - yet all the same it stood up, the lack of any human responses allowing it to essentially ignore the agony that would have felled even a proper Space Marine, now standing above Durek and without warning, swinging its blade at him, catching him in the shoulder and sending another lance of pain through him; yet even now he could see that by all rights he had essentially defeated his foe. Lights barely flickered from its eyes, ichor running along some cracks and legs twitching. The sole thing that was solid was its grip on the bulky sword, even.

    With The Lion surrounded by three Servitors and pinned by a fourth, Nykton and Dyromedes both fighting against their own foe and Durek free, it was almost a point of worry - the 'Khornate' raised its axe high above its head, holding the very end of the handle to let its weight fall. Even with anyone running as fast as they could none would've been fast enough, even with blunted edges the axe cleanly able to chop off a head, moments away--

    A loud, blaring alarm went through the combat arena, servitor blades and mauls stopping midswing, chainaxe suddenly stopping a hairsbreadth from the underarmour of Lezan's neck. Eyeslits went from amber to green, and soon they all went uniformly back to their position. Ramps lowered and human servants jogged down, some going to tend to the Servitor battle-damage whilst others cautiously moved over to the Newbloods: it was clear from their posture that they wished to help in some manner, however their new status was... A point to be worried over. One didn't know how these men would respond.

    "Brotherhood. Not something I'd expect to see in a warband once more; while by technicalities you've all for the most part disobeyed said order to fight on your own, even enforcing your decision to be as a group, I applaud that."
    "Tend to your injuries; they aren't much as you can feel, but allow the humans to repair your armour. We are going to jump soon to our destination."
    Terix made his way down one of the Ramparts, his face still hidden by the helm and his hands at his sides, a gaze laying on each of them for a few moments. One could almost sense.... Approval. A subtle kind.
    "That theoretical question I had asked earlier, was one that is much of our real situation. We've our own substantial normal military force, however all the same, we are to seek others out: as said, this world that is being raided. A few 'connections' had spoken of this raid to us in advance, and we in turn, warned them. A modest defense force was stationed there: as such we're going to have plenty of time to enact our own 'persuading'."

    "My question now, is this: you all know what we have, and we know the world itself. An imperial world, being attacked by a Black legion Warband with a few individuals of interest. Do you wish to get ourselves a Warsmith, a Dark Apostle, or... See who we can paint under our colours, amongst their rabble?"

    "--- Also... Since we are to be doing this on our own, we are not going to be taking the name of 'Dusk Lords'... So feel free to think up something marvelous, would you?"

    OOC: Choices, choices

    Iron Within; pick to get the Warsmith, an Iron Warrior of massive tactical knowledge and capability. One who would know the possibilities on the battlefield with all machinery, and one who would certainly have his own artillery and other machines with him.

    For the Dark Gods; volunteer to subjugate the Dark Apostle, a man who could bring the masses to his cause: while he is a lone man with no real power on the battlefield, he can turn cities to his cause.

    Free for All; simply see to taking who you can, whether it's random cultists or potentially a Terminator or three! Naturally, there will be no substantial upgrade to the Dusk Lords as a warband themselves, however it would still add to their numbers. Simply nobody individually of massive interest.

    @Taec @Uriel1339 @Jorimel @WanderingJester @Grall_Stonefist
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Dyromedes grinned when he found the servitor wanting. It was so focused on another target that he could go freely at it and finally do some change in combat, bringing both blades in a tornado of flurries down upon it, very well intending to smash it into little pieces. However, at the peak of his fury and finally getting to attack proper, he saw the other servitor charge into Lezan.

    He turned just to see when the Khornate was about to decapitate his new battle-brother. "LEZAAAN!" The Horusian roared, ready to rush over, only to see the servitors stop in their motion very sudden and then return to their prior position. Dyromedes did not even notice how he already took several steps towards the Lion's son, standing near Nykton. His heart was pounding more from the adrenaline of ... fear? excitement? purpose? He could not tell, but he was relieved to see his brother-at-arms to yet breathe.

    It might have hurt each of their pride to have lost to these... Automatons. Yet, the Son of Horus was alright with how the situation panned out, there was a slight smile on his face when Terix commented on their brotherhood. After the group got together, it was once again Dyromedes who seemed to speak first.

    "I for sure do not speak for all of us. But my suggestion in regards to our designation would be 'Chimera'. For we have the heads of a wolf, lion and raven." Dyromedes gestured towards Lezan, Nykton and himself. "While having a clear appetite for even entire worlds." A nod was given towards Sheban. "And yet whenever someone shall look at us, they know that death itself has arrived." Another nod was provided, this time to Durek.

    "As for who we shall convince to join our ranks. At this point I would put my life more on the line for a man with the skill of hammer and anvil, than anything else. If mere servitors can do this kind of damage to our armor, we will need many more talented artisans for the real battles to come." The Horusian inclined his head into a deep nod towards Terix.
  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Lezan's face, if his helmet had not covered it, would seemed strangely calm, even as three servitors continued their assault upon him. The blade deflected most of the worst blows, but it was a death by a thousand cuts. Armour dented, muscles bruised and bones began to fragment, he could feel himself slowing as the damage added up, he reached over to parry a blow still away from Nykton only to get flatten by a charging servitor, with the rest dog piling him.

    The berserker servitor stood over him with its single chain axe. The Lion's Son narrowed his eyes as the weapon rose, and the Son of Horus yelled in the distance. Lezan almost wanted to roll his eyes at the situation; dead by the hands of a damn servitor, because his commander was too stupid to not give contradictory instructions. Still, he had defended the Raven's Son as much as he could. If he died, he died keeping his word, even if it was amongst the ranks of those he barely knew before today.

    The death blow never came, and the servitors backed off at an alarm. First the berserker model stepped back, then the various servitors got off. Terix began speaking, and though Lezan heard the astartes' words and information, indeed his psycho training prevented him from doing anything else, he processed the emotions and options he had in his head. Many factors of the previous engagement ran through his head, of what could have been better and of the frustration that resulted from them.

    Lezan knew he had to act carefully in the moment. He could not strike against Terix, at least not at the moment. To take out frustrations on his comrade, perhaps even brothers now that they had fought together, would decrease their combat efficiency together in the future, jeopardising all of their chances to survive, including his own. The Lion's Son saw only one option, one likely to earn him more punishment, but his honour demanded to send a message.

    Saying nothing, indeed his body language not lapsing from what might constitute as his usual stride, Lezan walked past Terix without acknowledging him, and over to weapons rack. Putting down his training blades carefully and even respectfully, he replaced them with his chainsword and bolt pistol, along with the ammo for the side arm. Walking back into the fighting pit with the chainsword in hand, he strolled past their commander along with his new brothers, and towards where the servitors stood with their human tenders.

    Most of the humans servants seemed smart enough to get out of Lezan's way, and before long he stood in front of the berserker servitor. With one hand, he shoved the human repairing the 'Khornate' out of the way, hard enough to send him to the ground. In one swift motion, the Lion's Son revved his chainsword and removed the servitor's head from its body. A followed up strike sunk the chainsword down into the centre of the headless shoulder blades, cutting deep into the torso. One more strike bisected the servitor cleanly, allowing the two parts to collapse onto the ground, better to serve as recycled parts than to be repaired into the servitor it used to be.

    Before Lezan returned, a very careful listener could hear him speak in a low voice. "Should've killed me when you had the chance."

    Deactivating his chainsword, Lezan placed it back onto his side before walking over to the rest of the group as though nothing had happened. He nodded to Dyromedes in appreciation as he learned not to speak for the rest of the group, as the Horusan finished his speech. If and when the attention got diverted to him, the Lion's Son would speak up, almost with a shrug.

    "Death by any other name still means oblivion. The Son of Horus had a good suggestion and I have no objection to it. However, I would choose the Warsmith as well. From my understanding of daemonology, we will need many sacrifices to appease any would be patrons of ours, or else make promises in which our words would be twisted against us. I think with our current resources, we would be better served by having someone with the capabilities and knowledge of a Warsmith over one who might be our speaker to the powers of the warp.

    I am not opposed to having both in the future, though if we can only have one, I would choose the Warsmith."
  8. Shabran was indeed beginning to have a Good time, battle stims flowing in the system, Though the servitors wherent too big a challange to him, then as he finally Got to grips with finishing the first one, and made ready to close in for the kill on the second too, a loud klaxon and the servitors whent inactive, this sparker fury in his chest, a trial fight denied, "I WASENT DONE DAMNIT" he yelled as he plunged his knife into the skull of the now dormant servitor, though he then took a deep breath, and atleast seemed to cool down, going back to where the others where gathering, shortly stooping down to pick up the chain axe and have a look at it, though given a servitor had wielded it, it couldent be anything special.
    He then saw Lezan take his frustrations out on a servitor in a lot more vendictive manner, Shabran couldent help but smirk at the pittyness of it, "and i thought i was supposed to have anger issues," he commented before looking to Tetrix, and absorbing his words, as to witch he shrugged, "take whoever Will come to us, cull the weak and find the diamonds in the rough"
  9. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Satisfied at the damage he had done to the servitor, Durek turned to find another. However he was cut off by an alarm, ending the session. He looked over at Lezan, who was seemingly finishing off the servitor regardless of the exercise ending. Behind his helmet, he gave a disapproving look, safe in that only he knew he was doing it. After being asked the questions of both the name for their group, and what to add to it, he nodded at the suggestion of the Son of Horus. “A fine name, I agree.” He stated. “Also, I believe that a Warsmith will be of most use to us, so I shall vote on that.” He added, ensuring he had provided all the required answers.
  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    It was as tough a fight as the reforged Nykton had ever faced. Only the fight not to be taken in the first place had been tougher, but he was a boy then. Now, he was something more, immunized against fear, supplied with prodigious strength and speed. But it wasn't enough. Overwhelmed into static defence by his surrounding foes, he was pinned into his own fight.

    And still Lezan fought on in his defence.

    The Lion's Son was facing concrete opposition, marked by many blows even with the defence of his swift blade and fencer's grace. Nykton fought to reciprocate, tried to play his part in the alliance but he was reduced to being a target. At least, he thought grimly, he was drawing some of the blows. He winced. A lot of the blows.

    It happened so fast that the young Raven wasn't really able to see how past the blur of his own attackers. One minute Lezan was on his feet; the next, he was on his back, three servitors about to tear him to shreds. He heard Dyromedes cry out. He himself was trying to disengage from his foe, sprinting in the direction of his comrade heedless of the distance and the fact that he couldn't make it. By the time the alarm had sounded and Lezan was on his feet again, miraculously still with all his limbs intact, all Nykton could do as he listened to Terix's brief appraisal was catch his breath.

    His hearts pounded after his fruitless dash and he nodded, watching as Lezan went to settle his score with the murderbot. It wasn't for Nykton to criticise. That sword had already saved his life or if not that, then certainly been raised in his defence. Far more than he expected from an off the cuff suggestion as to how to fight best as a team. Well, at least that had been proved a valid strategy to the irascible old lieutenant.

    An unexpected suggestion from Dyromedes even brought a smile to his lips, though it was fleeting.

    "Chimera. I second that," he said, nodding. "Many heads working to the betterment of one body."

    "As for the recruitment goal, I believe that a Warsmith will be a solid, practical asistance to us. The Powers require sacricfices, as you say, and that depletes our numbers. We don't have the men to dedicate to such endeavours." Even if that were desirable, he added, privately. "We will need repairs, though, whatever else we encounter." He left it at that.

    Allowing a moment more - several moments - he waited at a respectful distance for the Lion's Son to finish his business with the servitor. He kept at arm's length, not out of fear, but because he didn't want to crowd Lezan and, truth be told, wasn't sure how his comrade felt about the situation they had been forced into playing out.

    "You fought well," he began. Nykton wasn't used to anyone protecting him; training had been exacting and at times quite brutally effective. Solitary, too, often as not. "Back at home, we called that a Kiavahran understatement. And I'd say we made our point ably. But," he paused,

    "I admit I - wasn't aware it would put you under oath. Thank you for risking yourself for me like that. I know we'll be battle-Brothers, or whatever the band calls it. But I appreciate the show of trust." He held out a hand, as for a warrior's handshake.

    "I intend to live up to it."

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