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The Lion's Blade (Dark Angels strike force)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by The-solemn-one, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Calling all sons of the lion!

    Heed our call, the people of arkhona call for aid from the hated arch-enemy,and the vile xenos. And we shall answer!

    We are a dark Angels theamed pvp and light roleplay strike force

    Platform: PC mostly but not absolute
    time-zone: no restrictions
    Games: EC and there are plans for planetside 2. We are open to others on request.
    Age requirement: not fixed but will will need to know your age on recruitment for moderation reasons

    People we are looking for:
    Interest in the secrets of the 1st leigion
    Good sense of humour
    good fun
    Has or can get TS3

    For those Dark Angels who are attached to other strike forces you are welcome too. Use us as a place to connect with your fellow dark Angels and to coordinate the hunt!

    Recruitment is open now at:
  2. Excellent a place to work with my battle brothers...
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  3. Thameno Thameno Preacher

    If there is no german Dark Angel Chapter Guild, I would like to join your Ranks.
    I also play Planetside 2 for more than a Year, maybe we see us there in the meanwhile.
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  4. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    Even if there is, feel free to join us too so we can organize as many DA as possible, even those in other strike forces.
  5. Thameno Thameno Preacher

    I'll keep my eyes open.

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