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The likelihood of AoS merging with 40k?

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Dreadspectre, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. So, much like how Warmachines and Hordes are their own games but can be played against eachother without issues, I'm wondering if AoS is gearing towards eventually being able to play against 40k armies?

    They've moved away(at least from what I've seen) large block armies on square bases to more squad based, circular bases like 40k. The recent army revealed is very steampunkish and hell, even has a chainsword haha.

    They say that 40k will not have an End Times style event, however there's nothing to say that AoS wouldn't become compatible with 40k. Are the rules for AoS starting to trend towards a 40k style?(I don't know I've never played it).

    Also from a fluff standpoint, it would be quite easy to have the 40k factions stumble on a "new world" that just happens to be the WHF planet and we already have Chaos Gods shared across both games.
  2. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    TBH, with AoS Warhammer Fantasy lost me completly and I do not like the direction AoS is heading. Both setting could (should) share the same rules, but Fantasy is Fantasy and 40k is 40k. There is really no need for blending one into the other. I'm OK (maybe even welcome it) the simpler rules for 40k 8th edition for 2 different "game modes" (rumors), but again both have to have their own identity.
  3. No.
    Not going to happen.

    Although years ago there was the idea that the Old World of WHFB was in the Warp/Eye of Terror in 40K (And that Sigmar could have been a lost Primarch), this was duly retconned out of existence over the last few decades.

    Plus Warmachine and Hordes litterally the same continent of the same world of the same universe, and were designed to interlock together.

    With GW even HH has trouble being played against 40K, and is frowned upon in some quarters.
  4. I wouldn't really want to see this.
  5. Neni Neni Steam Early Access

    nuff said
  6. It's not about what we want, it's about what GW sees as profitable.

    They've already made questionable moves in AoS period, anything is game now imo :/
  7. I. Macha jassz Firebrand

  8. Back before the HH rulebooks and HH gaming really took off, I was part of a HH community and we discussed using 40K against Fantasy to represent the nascent Imperium bringing Primitive Worlds to Compliance.

    We quickly realised it wouldn't work as 99.999% of the time the 40K force would win. And that's with getting the two rulesets to work together.

    The thing is, that win percentage pretty much still stands.
    Yes AoS has some really cool Fantasy units, including Giants, monsters of all kinds; Magic users of great power, and even firearms.

    But against a system where you have Dreadnoughts, Heavy Walkers like Imperial Knights, Psykers and Pariahs, Lords of War units, Jet Fighters & Bombers, units literally appearing from nowhere via Deep Strike, and abilities like calling for Orbital Bombardments........
    An AoS army would be very lucky to survive the first turn, even against a weak 40K army.

    I have a Dark Eldar army, and I can't see a reason why they wouldn't just slay and enslave most AoS armies.

    So it's a big, definitive No to AoS merging with 40K.
  9. So from this small sampling we see a lack of fan desire for this, but why else wouldn't GW do this?

    Lore for one, I can see like a couple characters or a single faction interacting, mostly a Chaos Space Marine warband meandering the warp happening, but a full setting convergence would be hard to pull off without comming off like crossover fanfiction. Not to mention that 40 would dwarf Sigmar with sheer numbers in addition to technology, so it'd be hilariously one sided.

    Secondly the branding, GW must be aware that a lot of their fans see AoS as a dumbed down fantasy 40k, and people like me see the whole model sets as little more than a,kit bash kit for 40k. I doubt that they want that, they want to forge AoS identity.

    Also balance, as mentioned above there's not going to be a lot of it. I know that balance is considered a bit of a meme for TT 40k, but this would reach a level of ridiculousness. Not to mention there's a ton of other stuff the fans would rather they flush out, including a whole new edition.

    Now I'm sure I can think of more reasons why not, but what the other question is, why? What do they stand to gain? I don't see the benifit for either setting.

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