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The Lash Of Loesh

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Darthy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Sigvald Darthy Curator


    Hello brothers and sisters! I am Sigvald the Signified and i'v come to lead the war on Arkhona for the Dark Prince of pleasure at the head of a great army, and this army is the Lash of Loesh.

    The Lash was created as collective community for Slaaneshi of all stripes regardless of Legion, variance in Slaaneshi ideals, or creed. So much so that even Undvided can join as they, in some part, serve the Prince of Pleasure. Of course the leadership belongs to the Emperors Children or is related to them, but that shouldn't restrict you from choosing to play what you want to play.

    We're PC oriented, must be 18+ to join...we're a Slaaneshi guild, do you even need to ask why? :p

    As a member you are given full privlages to speak openly, suggest new ideas, or help your brothers and sisters in arms however you see fit so long as you do it in a calm and respectful manner. You can ask anything of me or who I designate as my officers, I want to build a friendly trusting community so that we can work in tandem with each other and the rest of the Chaos faction.

    You are entitled be treated fairly and respectfully as are your peers, if you disagree with guild policy you can request that I change it, I may say no, but I would not allow my vision for the Strike Force to keep me closed off to options.


    You represent the Lash of Loesh in all things you do, you're expected to be kind and curtious in game as well as out(However in character, there's nothing to stop you from being snide to those World Eaters if you want, just try not to shoot them in the head.)

    Do not harass, insult, or beg. We are above that, if you really need something then ask me and i'll see if I can dip into the Strike Force coffers for what you need, but it's not a gurentee it'll materalize.

    If you have an issue with another member and talking it out fails, bring it to me or my officers for mediation, we're not children.

    Do not harass people for their gender, sexuality, or religion. I don't think this will really be a problem because if you had a issue in deviance...why are you even here? But still.

    For the Archithect of Ecstatic Agony! All glory to Slaanesh!
    Divisions and Ranks.
    • The Scions of Slaanesh: A division of Chaos Sorcerers and Aspirants, while the original Emperors Children had no Librarians, we hope to replicate the marvelous feats of Warpcraft Fulgrim eventually learned.
    • Silver Swords: Modeled after the Palatine Blades, a unit for dedicated assault marines.
    • Star Shatters: Named in honor of the Sun Killers, this unit is designed for our heavy weapons team.
    • Brotherhood of the Serpent Sting: The collection of officers who will lead each of these crack teams.
    • The Praised: Tactical's focused on providing flexible support to the Slaaneshi Warhost.
    Team work is very important, however members are encouraged to act on their own intuitive, the more daring they are the more deserving of praise, though failure too is often a new sensation. Honor your brothers, even in other legions, though you might have to grit your teeth when speaking to the dull servants of the Blood God.

    Hopefully will update in the future, recruitment will always be open! the more the merrier, and for those wondering why the guild name isn't some other s words put together, Slaaneesh has many names and alliteration knows no bounds! :p

    Undivided or Slaaneshi.

    Katarina the Matriarch.
    Victus the Angel of Excess
    Nero the Flayed
    Sigvald the Signified
    Warsmith Thanatos the Amplified
    Kheroth the Perfecter
    General Gak The Madman
    Cygnus Appius The Conductor
    Scythius the Gilded Reaver
    Dammes the Scarred
    Maraviglia the Tribute
    Rivendare Grimfell
    Staberius the Impaler
    Malkhes the Falling Star
    Moira the Angel of Lust
    Varagash the Iron Pleasure
    Whispers of Death
    Iron Crusher
    Azedrul the Masochist
    Cabal the Curious
    Bigfoot Slayer of Sasquatch
    Mordacity the Amazing Heathen
    Remzik Engineer of Malice
    Ingvar Gorefist
    Confessor Narsus
    Glaw the Rehabilitated
    Latexus the impassioned impaler
    Hakkar the Lost Child
    Trelis Lord of the Eighth
    Slaaneshi Cacophony

    Cliffjord Blood Iron of Baal
    Baalberith Koh
    Varra the Laughing One
    LittleBigHorus the Loyal Heretic
    Rumasa the Ever Silent
    Hexys Herald of Gorefist

  2. Greetings brother! I would join you in the pursuit of debauched perfection in all things. I will strike from up above spreading terror and discord screaming high the pleasures of Slaanesh. The color of our armor means nothing to me but to further grant dizzying elation upon the battlefield. Our Aberrant Choir shall sing forth pain and rapture melded together in a cacophony yet unknown to Arkona.

    Name: Nero
    Title: The Flayed Angel
    Role: Raptor/Assault
    Devoted wholly to the Dark Prince
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  3. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Welcome aboard Nero! i'm sure you will carve a glorious path through the Loyalist Legions. Your title would probably be 'The Flayed' if you confused about that, no problem though.
  4. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    I may start working on a website soon, if anyone wants to help with it, let me know!

    In the meantime, if anyone who wants to join up is interested in an officer position, let me know. I want one for the assault marines, heavies, sorcerer, and tactical teams to start off.
  5. Greetings, Sigvald the Signified. Ah, I have certainely heard about you.

    Now bask upon me, as I have bashed upon you! I am Victus, the Angel of Exess, member of the Emperor's Children Palpatine Blades and arch-corruptor of the Angels of Esctacy! And now, brother, rejoice, for I lend my aid to you. I have been granted psysic powers by my lordess, and I will use them to set free the mind of the unenlightened into the storms of debauchery!

    Once they discover the glorious deeds of our Lady Slaanesh, they will long last be free! Arkona will be liberated, brother! The masses will tirelessy sing about Slaanesh, endless pleasure flowing through them! And amongst them, we will stand, the minds of our enemies subjugated untill all they can do is bask at our magnificence and join the choir!

    We will lash out at our foes, brothers, swiftly like a snake, passionately poisoning our foes' minds with the truth. We shall bring the ecstasy of quick release to those who refuse to accept true liberation. We shall give praise to the Lady of Pleasure and sing his name as we dance across the fallen. Let us go, brothers! Let us taste the undreamt joys that lie beyond the bounds of mortal sense! Let us be victorious and ascend above all!


    Name: Victus
    Title: The Angel of Exess
    Role: Sorcerer
    Zealously devoted wholly to the Lady of Pleasure
  6. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Welcome Victus! it is certainly a pleasure to have you onboard. While my Warband does not discriminate from legion to legion, splinter group to splinter group, whether it be from the Violators, Flawless Host, or perhaps a bit confusingly now the Angels of Excess :p or even rogue now mono-Slaanesh elements of the Word Bearers, I am always particularly overjoyed to fight alongside the Emperors Children from which we derive our rankings...and a member the Palatine Blades no less!

    I look forward to working warpcraft alongside you on the field of battle as we give the loyalists ecstasy in quick release!
  7. So...I've put my mind to work and came up with some extra titles. For the record, with Champion I mean the one leading a group of specialized Lashes.

    *Princeps of Perfection for our leading Chaos Lord.
    *Keeper of Secrets for our Sorcerer Champions ;)
    *Golden Talons for our Raptor Champions.
    *Corona Flayers for our Chaos Bikers.
    *Doomriders for our Biker Champions.
    *Serrated Suns for our Possessed.
    *Heralds of Debauchery for our Possessed Champions.
    *Stars of Judgement for our Champions leading a group of mixed Lashes.

    Champions would form the Brotherhood of the Serpent Sting together, acting like a War Council on a smaller scale.

    Any idea for what our Tactical or Devastator Champions should be named like?
  8. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    I actually -really- like those titles for composing the Brotherhood. Hm, let me think....

    Sun Sunderer: It's simple, it denotes the Tactical is in charge of the Sun Strikers but rather then choosing to excel in one field he's instead chosen to be as well rounded as possible, and therefore best suited to lead them initiate and veteran alike.

    Supernovas: I cannot think of a more fitting title for the leader of people who shatter stars.
  9. Yesss...

    Exellent titles, Brother!
  10. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    The helps very much appreciated, and for future reference to any new members who may read this: Feel free to pitch ideas. We're steeped in Emperors Children customs as a base, but we're not mono-legion, and even if we were mono-legion no two Emperors Children Warbands are alike. I would like our Warband to accurately reflect how Chaos Space Marines are, and that includes even having Warband specific traditions and customs.

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