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The iron Halo and the absurd commitment

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Dandere, May 29, 2017.

  1. Dandere Cipher

    After buying the Halo (regular not the wolf priest Exclusive) I find the Halo to be wanting......a 490 LP commitment for +70 Armour isn't worth it in my opinion as you could easily flesh out your characters in more productive ways as any class.Stay away from the Halos....dont waste the LP like I did.
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    I actually find them to be useful especially for armor regen builds or for builds where i have plenty of lp to spare but dont see the point in getting other stuff. Like my vet tact. It depends on your pref but if you have no hp increase options better then the +30 ones its better to get more Armor.
  3. Basic iron halo may work on a Vet Tactical, the Devastator's own is fine and gets you an easy 160t immovable rock that eats plasma cannon headshots with no care, and that's before the local Apoth has stabbed you in the bum with 30% damage reduction vials. If we ever get HMG mods or you're crazy enough to run Emprah's Voice, then a 150t build is still viable.

    That does not stop them being all far too expensive, in all armies. They are in essence yet more mastercrafted tat.
  4. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Always felt that the halos needed more reason to be in-game. Like take the tag out, and make the halo the Vet markers that hover, always equiped and where the base bonus comes from. So in progression. Rank5 you can get your 1400lp and vet look. At rank 6 once you buy the halo, it adds the Hp/armor bonus to the Vet. Making them a 2-stage advancement bonus. Dunno, just would like to see more halo's. Theyre neat but yeah to much to use on most classes
  5. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    I think the various Halos/Sigils/Megagobs/Burning Runes are all cool and have their places. I love making super tough Vet setups (especially Heavy Weapon ones) and just being a huge pain to my enemies since I'm so tough to kill (except by various 1HKO weapons, but you can't win 'em all!).
  6. Greymane Berrin Steam Early Access

    You want useless? try the master crafted weaponry, they all suck except the lascannon
  7. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    Any weapon that gets improved heat management (Meltagun, Multimelta, Tempest Launcher, iirc, and maybe a small handful of others) is generally worth the extra LP. Getting to put more damage downrange before you have to cool off is a big deal with those kinds of high damage weapons.
  8. While true, the more specialist weapons are not ideal for a Veteran Devastator, can't speak confidently for the others as I don't own them but I suspect similar given, if nothing else they have one life and can be expected to be conservative and maybe living on the final control point. We're going to be running into one of many problems;

    1) they can't contribute to a fight or defend their owner at a critical moment, the inexpensive HMGs (and possibly autocannons) are going to get it right more often than not and will draw enough attention to warrant maximum protection where possible. Lascannons and Grav Cannons fall into this category as they're just too specialised, even if they have range on their side. Former won't do dick as it will never fire or deter a mass infantry swarm, and the latter is good vs one target. How about we suppress them all and rip them apart? This may change in the coming vehicle map but they will still not offer self-defence capability, something you just can't rely on your teammates for.

    2) their use demands near-suicidal or special tactics. Looking at you, pile of dead melta users. Shine on you crazy diamonds. These need to be mounted on a normal devastator, who can redeploy to a new zone to kill a metal box or just keep trying until he succeeds without giving one flying fuck. Tickets? Fuck 'em, I'm going in. Were meltaguns of all kinds closer to Relic's interpretations in DOW2 and SM, then they'd be more welcome as heavy shotguns and good mixed in with heavy bolters, but as of now they're unreliable at anti-infantry and expose the user a lot more, bar the Dragons with their increased agility and super-pro ADAD enhancement.

    3) they just don't warrant the extra protection the iron halo gives. Plasma Cannons and other mortars can use the environment (and sometimes/ usually teammates) as their armour, so can go on a normal Devastator. Big Gun+ Artificer/Relic + Toughness Medallion + Ammo, it's a fine setup without using the vet slot.
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