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The Infinites Solution [Elite Force 4.0]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    <Tomb World of Solemnace>
    <Glyndyr Ogandaur, Hykanatoi of Legio Custodes>

    As a statue he stood immobile, his brow burdened by an ornamental aquilla that perched on his auramite helmet, just above the forehead. One armored hand resting at Misercordia's handle sheated on his waist, another holding the Guardian Spear in a sentinel position. Despite surrounded by aliens both grim and foul, Custodian exercised perfect control over himself, for to even show signs of suffering and anger at their mere presence is a small victory over his humanity. Thus he remained calm, stoic of both manner and word.

    Even at the mention of murder - of none other then a Chapter Master of Adeptus Astartes, Ogandaur remained calm. For as long as he is at the mercies of this thing, he is unable to act, unable to fulfill his duty, and dying here at the hands of these wretches would not serve the Golden Throne in any way.

    Waiting for everyone to finish saying their piece, for he did not wish to mar his voice by attempting to outspeak a xeno, Ogandaur asked:

    "And what of the red-robed human I came with? Does he still live?"
    He was not addressing Tarzyn by name, but he stared this whole time at no one else.

    <Shrine World of Gharnus, Segmentum Ultima>

    By unknown means, the creature teleported him another others - probably mercenaries in it's employ - to a verdant area. After a ignoble landing, Custodian stood up, twisting his neck left-right after a rought fall directly on his face. Were it not for his faceplate, he might've even wounded himself.

    Crunching twigs and dirt with each step, Ogandaur tried to remember last time he walked across a living breathing planet. Is it possible that almost eleven thousand years has passed? If so, if any of what the implanted knowledge told him was true, his Liege was in dire need of an assistance.

    Discarding the unneeded reminiscence, he attempted, with less success, to fight down the rising panic at religious imagery and frescoes of the 'God-Emperor Ascending to the Golden Throne' and what it portrayed. Yet, He surely cannot be dead, for if he was the Light of the Hollow Mountain would extinguish as well. As long as it shines, hope remains that He is still alive.

    My King, it seems we have won one war only to lose another.

    Deep in thought, he spared a moment to mourn Lord Malcador and his heroic passing. The Hero was well known to the Emperor's Praetorians, for he was the only mortal to be allowed to be in His presence without armed guard.

    His duty called him to Terra, but also kept him here, for his charge was still kept by the foul alien. Whatever role the Magos might have played in the Imperium eleven thousand years ago, might still be relevant now. Call of duty is, after all, eternal.

    Deciding to complete the task set before him by his captor but not in the way the xeno would expect, Ogandaur moved down the clearing to the main road. He thought of discarding the item the alien gave him, for nothing can be trusted from such a being, but he kept it anyway, hiding it beneath his cloak. There are probably some invisible strings attached to him that keeps him in the creature's thrall. Throwing away it's items might anger it and whisk him away from this world, just as quick as he came to.

    Walking down the the main road, Ogandaur sought to commandeer one of the vehicles, eager to get to the Governor's Palace as quickly as possible.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Landing on her face Julia raised her self up once more her helmet she dusted off. Noticing the discoloration of her armor she could only assume age had worn it off. But no matter, There was a mission to be done. Getting up she looked to those around her the custodes already leaving. while the rest seem to still be getting up, looking out she could already see an evacuation taking place, it seems the priamris working with the pdf. Looking over it all she knelt down for a moment and put her hands together in the form of aquilia and began a pray for guidance from the god ,emproer and to protect all those loyal souls that would be going to war against the demons here. As she began to finish she got up looking down towads the chapter keep and the main shrine.

    @BadDo9 @TuskatheDaemonKilla @High_Adept_Zeth
    "If I may Suggest, We have 24 to 48 hours to plan, A suggestible idea I have thought would be to possibly to gain a audience with calgar possibly coming out as allies to aid the imperials, Either possibly myself, or maybe possibly our custodes with clint to possibly get a scan then,or request a gauntlet from the chapter master then, If not that another plan may be needed to get the scan, may i ask what are the rest of your thoughts on how to go about our mission?" She asked through her coms to the team as she looked over at the main shrine before looking back to who was still there.
  3. Nephilok sat up after making a frustratingly clumsy landing after being teleport ed to this new place, he swore the Necron might have done that on purpose. He made a brief look around to familiarize himself with his immediate surroundings, noticing that the golden armored one had immediately wondered off to do something. "From the information planted into my mind I could guess you and the golden one would be immediately spotted as allies, less so for myself and the blue one. Perhaps you could investigate on your own while the non humans could stay back and investigate at a more secretive capacity." He suggested to the winged one with a calm but noticeably agitated voice. @Vulpas
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  4. @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas

    Clint landed as if he was quite practiced at it, quickly standing up and looking around from under the brim of his hat. His cloak blew in a slight gust and he made sure that both his pistols and his rifle were where he kept them. He looked around at the area, and thought. This Calgar.. was he one who fought for the innocent, as Clint did? He didn't much want to kill the master if he didn't have to - and the fact that he was Ultramarine, a rather prominent enemy of the Tau didn't matter given Clint's circumstances and knowledge.

    He perked up, and narrowed his eyes a little at his 'allies' plan. "Well, whatever we plan - it seemed the golden one has a plan of his own." He said, pointing at Ogandaur ( @High_Adept_Zeth ) as the Custodes walked off. Seemed as if they might have communication problems.
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