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The Imperial Bolter And Bolt Pistol - How I'd See Them In The Game

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by TheWise, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. TheWise The_Wise Member

    First and foremost - most of us know, that the bolter, or boltgun is NOT a mere assault rifle. The closest real life functional principle is Gyrojet . In the bolter it is, however, complemented by the small cased expelling charge, and the bolt itself is stabilized by the built-in gyroscope. I.e. the bolt is not a bullet - it's rather a small (cal .75, or 20 mm) rocket. With explosive charge (or other fairly unpleasant things) inside.
    Actually, the direction taken in the WH40K: SM is right. But the grade of lethality is still not sufficient (at least without weapon perks)
    The closest real-life analogues to it - are Neopup PAW 20 and XM25. Destructivity of these weapons can be seen, for instance, here and, respectively, here. That's what I personally would like to see in the EC.

    Respectively, the bolt pistol is functionally something average between the very same MBA Gyrojet pistol and German Kampfpistole from the WW2 times. With the lethality, which is way closer to the latter and the rate of fire of the first.
    Yet another good thing to see - both bolter and bolt pistol should have selective fire. I'd propose 3 modes for bolter (semi-auto, controlled bursts of 2-3 rounds and full auto) and, respectively, 2 modes for bolt pistol (without full auto).
    Semi - auto is best used on mid-to-long range, the accuracy obtained is the highest. The controlled bursts are ideal for the mid-range fluent combat, while full auto is purely a self-defensive mode at close-to-point blank range due to its rather low accuracy.
  2. Double New Member

    One shot would probably rip a normal human apart, and a bolter in SM does kill those pesky Heretics pretty fast. Why doesn't it incapacitate Orks or Chaos Marines that fast? Simply because they are way more tougher than normal humans (surprise, surprise). Considering this table-top-wise, toughness 4 of the Orks/Space Marines would be practically twice the toughness 3 of a normal human in real life. I probably don't even need to mention the effectiveness of power armour.
    I think they did it pretty accurately in SM, but it could be better, though.
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  3. TheWise The_Wise Member

    Let me refine a bit - one shot from such thing definitely rips a normal human-size target apart. For, say, PAW 20's round is practically a 20-mm autocannon shell with reduced expelling charge and, respectively, shortened case. And just imagine the effect of such a shell directly hitting a human and bursting inside. As for Orks and CSMs - yes, they are way tougher, than a normal human (lore-wise about 2.25-2.40 m high and weight about 350 kg - without armor). But even for such a monster 3-4 bolter shots to the torso should be damn enough. And in the WH40K: SM this is not the case even for Ork Boyz with next to no armor.
  4. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    One shot from almost everything will kill you in the 40k universe, if one shot is not enough that's because it fires hundreds of bullets per second. This is a video game not a reproduction of your favourite 40 novel with SM with plot armour and weapons.
  5. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    That first video really made me feel, fucking beautiful music man.
    Sad feel.jpeg
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  6. TheWise The_Wise Member

    Just music? IMO all those blasts in slo-mo are gorgeous as well :)) And, actually - what I'm trying to say - since the EC is anyway announced to have "18+" - why not to implement similar effects from the bolter fire on the targets?
  7. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    I love you man.
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  8. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Feel meme.jpeg
  9. [​IMG]

    Iron Man Beware
  10. Phoenixan Silversage Subordinate

    The holy armaments of the Adeptus Astartes - bringing out the love even in the grim darkness that is 40K
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