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The "I'll see you on the 23rd, scum" thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dreadspectre, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I'll be here. Skeptical, but still here nonetheless
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  2. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    I'm not going anywhere, I'll be here with a box of popcorn and a glass of brandy watching hilarity ensue.
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  3. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I'll be here. All 24 hours of it.
  4. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    The forums will fill with "Eldar are OP" complaints, even if Eldar are nerfed.
  5. I got a day off. So i will certainly be there.
    Until i see balance flaws effecting gameplay heavily
    (Hope i won't but i doubt it will be perfect on launch)
  6. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Lol. I must tell the others!
  7. Baelugor Bugz First Blood!

    Hey all,

    I have been watching this game grow from its 1st beginnings on the website till now. Played 250+ hours since 1st release in game form and loved it from the start. There have been ups n downs on this road to the 23rd, but the team of devs that have worked on it all have done a great job and I'm proud to continue to play and support the game in its future to being the best 40k game I've played.

    Thanks to all for being apart of the community.

    See you on the battlefield.

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  8. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh shit. I need to make that flying knee montage for the devs I promised..... Why do I have a real job?
  9. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    My longest break from EC was about e week when I damaged my hand and couldn`tuse mouse.
    Will be here at release.
    It doesn`t change my opinion that game is not ready for release. Although it doesn`t have to mean it will fall.
  10. Gubbkanz Gorgutz543 Well-Known Member

    I'll be here, runnin' me gits over in mah Trukk! HEHEHEUHEHUEH!
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