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The Hypnopotamus Bestows Upon Us The Gift Of Intolerance

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hypnopotamus Rex, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    This looks like magicka to me...

    Oh right.
  2. Welcome on the Forums!

    Want to complain about GW? Go on, we can discuss and complain the whole night!
  3. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    *Cracks knuckles.* Alrighty then: Why the hell don't the Ordo Hereticus get as much attention as the Ordo Malleus army-wise? (Or the Inquisition in general?) Battlenuns can be pretty decent, and I've been obsessed with Assassins since around the time of the 4th edition rulebook.
  4. Baygle Baygle Well-Known Member

    My guess: They don't have some Space Marines which have to be the main heroes of the story, based on the ancient rules the Emperor himself ones made up when being completely drunk. It's similar when you think how the Imperial Guard, where the training and equipment is supposed to be even better than today's elite, are reduced to the damsel in distress calling for the homies from the Astartes.
  5. My bet would be that the Grey Knights are GW's baby (see Dreadknight)
    Also, neither SoB nor Deathwatch has recent Background, maybe because the general interest wasn't that high in these parts of the army? That that is mostly the cause of presentation...

    And due to that GW made some serious shit moves, which actually totally killed every interest into these armies...

    I personally think that the Deathwatch is rather interesting too and with it the Xeno Hunters, however the DW especially is not really playable in a general WH40k game, it would rather be a unit
  6. Crowmanic Member

    Well more like a full assed cosplay,i like it.
    Welcome to the Forums,lets bring despair to the loyalist scum.
  7. Crowmanic Member

    you again Nook,i got my eyes on youo_O
  8. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    In all honesty, the robe alone took a couple of weeks to make (first voyage into sewing) and I gave everything else a spray-over with a mix of silver and bronze paint. Other accessories I made (though not pictured) include a wooden incense burner hanging off a chain on a belt, and black vinyl tubing running down my arms (one of which ends in a metal-painted spike).
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  9. Crowmanic Member

    I would love to see more pictures,maybe behind-the-scenes, Brother.
  10. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    No problem, friend - I'll send you some pics tomorrow. :)

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