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The Harrowing of the Kharaa

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  1. The Harrowing

    Skanalth prowled the embarkation deck of the Strike Cruiser “Virulence”, a former Death Guard warship brought to the growing Legion of Di-kharaa by a group of plague marines. “The other Talons are late..” he growled “We have to deploy soon or the mission will be compromised.” His second in command Andrage looked ready to respond but was interrupted by the other two Raptor Talons arrival.“Your late.” Skanalth said in greeting Zethac snorted and said “Time is meaningless when one has seen past the veil.” Skanalth sighed pulling on his helm “You're no longer a word bearer but you still bear the word it seems.” Zethac raised an eyebrow at the feeble attempt at wit and put on his helmet. +Load up into the Storm Eagles, we will have to deploy swiftly to avoid the loyalist patrols and make it into the compound+

    “Make sure your power swords are prepared, we will be going silent this mission, so no bolt fire or chainswords.” Skanalth said whilst moving to the rear of the storm Eagle as it began to open. +Deploy now, keep the vox silent unless needed+ as Skanalth and his Talon alighted onto the hard Arkhonan soil. “Black Talon, we are off from the landing site by a few klicks, we will need to adjust course to make it on time.” Andrage said with the odd whistling sound that always accompanied his words. Skanalth nodded and signalled for the Talon to move forward, making small jumps with barely a whir. Soon the ammo depot for the loyalist forces in the region was visible without the need for ocular enhancements. Skanalth made a chopping hand motion and they leaped over the walls slaying the gun servitors before they could sound the alarm. “Plant melta bombs on those warehouses and extract.”.

    As the first Talon spread out to place the explosives an explosion of vox communication stunned them momentarily +This is Zethac, it's a trap! By the gods they have a Dreadnou-! *A booming voice replaced the sibilant tones of the former Word Bearer* Heretics! I am Onafiel! I am the Emperors fist! I am the hammer! I am your doom!+

    As the vox cut off Imperial fists emerged from hidden positions around the Talon “Extraction plan F, kill as many as you can while falling back.” he shouted as bolts tore up the turf around the Raptors, blood spurting out of them as more and more fell to the sudden onslaught of loyalists. Skanalth charged at a Sternguard who had slaid more than one of his men, He brought down his power sword with both his hands shouting “No more lies!” *clang* “No more hypocrisy!” *clang* “No more false gods!” the Sternguard’s head dropped to the ground, wrenching the loyalists knife from his hands he leaped over the wall with the remainder of his forces, ‘Eight raptors out of the original twenty, presumably the other talons were also lost, they knew we were coming’.

    Onboard the ‘Virulence’

    “And you are sure of this?” Xial’nac replied his voice curdling, “A traitor?”, the Nurgle Sorcerer prowled the room commandeered for the conversation. “What other explanation could there be for the space marines knowing we would attack, we lost 52 Raptors in that ambush, and the gene-seed and equipment was left behind” Skanalth said whilst looking at the only compensation they received, the Loyalist head now pinned to the wall. Xial’nac replied “This… goes against the very spirit of our Legion, our unity is imperiled by this, find the traitor, bring me his corpse, it shall serve as a bed for the plagues i will visit as vengeance upon the loyalist filth. Skanalth rose from the kneel he had been in grimacing, he had not escaped battle unscathed. “Your will be done my lord.” and he exited, the hunt had begun.

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  2. The Harrowing Cont.

    Skanalths talons scraped the hull floor as he sought out Ahrulash, 'His skills will make this search end quickly' as he turned down yet another winding corridor in the labyrinthian maze that was the ‘Virulence’ wandering down its corridors brought a sense of reverence Skanalth had been lacking for a time, he felt as though the ship was alive, which was very much possible in the realms of Chaos. He took one more turn arriving in a candlelit room filled with books scattered everywhere, “Ahrulash, show yourself” Skanalth said as he stepped into the room, avoiding stepping onto the books, ‘Who knows what dangers they hold..’ “A moment Black Talon” as the cultured tones of the Thousand Sons sorcerer drifted down from high in the chamber as he descended on his disc, the musty scents of books and the sense of other surrounding him. “What is it you require?” as he stepped onto the ground. “I require you to find a traitor amongst our midst, he caused many of my men to die, you should be able to find him through that.” Ahrulash sighed his voice seeming at all places and none at the same time “It is not as simple as that, Black Talon.” “Just do it.” Ahrulash nodded and the light in the chamber dimmed as pentacles of psychic force etched themselves in the air around the two Chaos Space marines, his voice different, as though something else spoke through Ahrulash said “You seek the traitor in your midst, to clear the mist that befogs your mind you must sacrifice your eye, only when one is blinded can he truly see.” Skanalth paused for a moment, “Agreed.” his helmet seals released and it fell to the ground as the Sorcerer drew a ritual dagger, “Blood and pain will blow away the mist, sacrifice will clear the way, righteousness will show the path.” And he plunged the dagger into Skanalths eye he lost consciousness soon after, but the serfs till speak of the monster that screeched with pain and loss that night.

    Skanalth awoke a few hours later to the sight of Ahrulash’s psychic aura pressing around him, “What is this?” feeling panic for the first time in a Millenium, and for once the Sorcerers voice was crystal clear “Your sacrifice allows you to see to the soul of a person, the path you have embarked on is paved with madness but you will be able to find your Traitor.” Ahrulash seemed almost sorrowful having to tell Skanalth this. He stayed on his back for a moment tracing the currents that wafted across the chamber avoiding the eyes that looked out from the dark spaces inbetween the currents. Skanalth stood up as Ahrulash made a gesture and a mirror floated over to him, his hand touched under his eye slowly, where once was flesh and blood there was now a vortex of purple warp energy. “You have done as i asked Ahrulash, i will take my leave now..” he said leaving the Sorcerers sanctum, and as he made his way back up to the embarkation deck and from there the bridge, his path was not a meandering wander through labyrinthian halls, it was now clear the correct path, the Sorcerer had not only given him sight, he had given him clarity soon he reached the bridge doors.
    Skanalth took the chance to take stock of the bridge with his new insight before speaking, there was a aura of decay and pestilence everywhere and yet the crewmen themselves seemed to still be pure of the corruption that surrounded the Astartes, where it was sucked up by the Astartes it merely circled the standard humans or perhaps 'it was merely a trick of the light' Skanalth mused, “Plaguefather.” The Nurgle Sorcerer turned narrowing his eyes at the Raptors new eye “Have you found the traitor?” “Nay, but if you assemble them i can easily spot him with this, gift..” Replied Skanalth, Xial’nac nodded and turned to a vox terminal, his puissant voice rolling out across the ship like a plague “All Astartes gather in the embarkation deck, All of you, do not think to deny me my will.” his rage obvious even with the rotted tubes of his throat being unable to portray much emotion. It was not long before all three hundred or so of the growing warband they hoped to call Legion was assembled.

    Skanalth followed Xial’nac to an upper balcony looking down on the other Astartes formed in orderly lines and the bare walls of the hanger with no signs of chaos nor loyalist sympathies, his baleful gaze passed over the small group of Khornate bezerkers gathered apart from the crowd and a spike of pain pierced his skull as his eye started to bleed a purplish liquid. He winced and his eye passed over the rest of the Astartes before it stopped upon an Alpha Legionnaire who Skanalth knew had betrayed him. “Tathral, you betrayed me, you betrayed us all! You caused two full talons to die in a meaningless strike, you Bastard, i’ll tear you limb from-” Skanalth said before he was interrupted by Kaldrek a devotee of Khorne “Betrayed us? Betrayed us! His skull will decorate my banner and i will bathe in his blood for the glory of the Di-Kharaa!” The Khornates chain axe was buried in the Alpha legionaries chest before Skanalth could finish his tirade and before the Alpha Legionnaire drew enough breath to challenge the punishment. After the surprisingly quick bout of violence Xial’nac stepped forward and all speech in the room was quited except for the heavy breathing and small grunts of the Khornates. “When you betray this Legion, you do not just betray me, or your leader, you betray our ideals, let the corpse of this traitor serve as a reminder of those ideals.” as he waved his hand and a pillar of diseased flesh and bone lifted the body up and attached it to the ceiling with a spear of bone. “You may leave now.” he said as he turned and walked off into the corridors of the “Virulence” Skanalth walked after Xial'nac "Theres more... he is not alone..."

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    To be Continued.
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  3. The Harrowing cont.

    Xial’nac sent out a psychic summoning to all Sorcerers onboard, ten including the thousand sons Sorcerer within the ship's guts to a circular room above the bridge. Soon the hooded Sorcerers, reminiscent of the lodges during the Great Crusade, warped into the room. Xial’nac slammed his force staff into the ground causing a pulsating series of symbols to superimpose themselves on the table, Chaos undivided, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, and it was so that the meeting began, as it always began. “Even after the theatrics in the Hanger, i have… discovered…” his grip on the force staff increased “There are more traitors in our midst.” One of the cloaked Sorcerers spoke out “This is unacceptable… there can be no dissent in our ranks.” a forked tongue flicked in and out of his hood as he spoke. “But it is a change is it not, a good thing?” Spoke another whose visage seemed to constantly shift. “For you perhaps, follower of Tzeentch..” Said another as flies flew around him. Xial’nac slammed his staff into the floor once more “Silence! We are not here to debate morality, we are here to find a solution.” Silence reigned momentarily, and Arhulesh, his hood thrown back by the helm he wore floated above the rest momentarily “Perhaps we search the ship mind by mind.” his voice said from across the chamber. Those present aside from Xial’nac responded with immediate outrage “What a waste of energy!” “It cannot be done!” “Fool!” Xial’nac cleared his throat with a gurgling sound “No, perhaps he is right, if we join in communion and form a gestalt, it is possible.” Quieted, the Sorcerers considered this, “Alright let us attemp-” the ship rocked and lights flickered as an alarm started blaring, Xial’nac rushed down into the bridge, “Shipmaster, what is the meaning of this!”, “Sir, an Ultramarines vessel has docked with the ship, were being boarded.” Xial’nac’s anger flared and he impaled the man on his staff and threw it aside, +All hands, we are being boarded, battle-stations.+ Xial’nac breathed out, “Perhaps the gestalt is unnecessary, the Ultramarines are likely here to rescue their… spies.”

    Minefreakster recognized this as his chance to prove himself to the Chaos Gods, although his demolitions expertise couldn’t be used onboard the space vessel he was just as eager to draw blood with his blade. He rounded up his squad of Chaos Marines and ran towards the sound of bolter fire “For Chaos!” his feet pounding across the grilled floor he heard the screams of the damn hasten his step and felt the rage of Khorne strengthen his arm “The Chaos gods smile upon us this day! Into battle!” As he charged around the corner straight into the boarding Ultramarines, “Chaos Filth! Brother Tex, dispose of them, there are more coming down the other side we must deal with!” the Loyalist drew his gladius and charged into Minefreakster the powered blade squealing against the chaotic teeth of a chainsword. “Heretic, you cannot defeat the Emperors chosen!” “I do not need too, worshipper of the Corpse-Emperor, you are not chosen” as he held the chain-sword with one hand and pulled out his bolt pistol with the other, knee-capping the Ultra-marine. “Oh I will enjoy this” said Minefreakster as he raised his chainsword. “I think not” said one of the Chaos Marines as he shot the champion in the back, “I am pleased to be out of this heretical armour, let us leave brothers. The Ultramarine sergeant did a double take before recognising a fellow Ultra-marine, albeit in disguise, “Ah, have you spread much dissent within their ranks brother.” “Indeed Brother, but we must leave before more traitors arrive.” they boarded the assault ram with the injured honor guard in tow and detached. The Astropaths of Arkhona would hear the howls of “Fucking traitors!” for many nights to come.

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    To be continued
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  4. " Harrowing Cont.

    Minefreakster as he insisted on being called laid on the floor bleeding out next to the slowly sealing hull breech as Kaldrek stomped over to the dying champion "You let them escape, fool." he then walked over to the hull breech and peered out at the escaping ultra-marine craft. Skanalth jetted over to the two "What are you doing? We can't afford any deaths of our men, we don't have the means to replace them yet." he put his chainsword over his back picking up the dieing marine and jetting off to the Sorcerium. Kaldrek retrieved his Khornate marines, stopping them from killing each other with a back hand smack of his chainaxe "We need to talk to the lord of the ship, we need to kill those blue baby marines!" Kaldrek shouted as he and nine other Khornate marines stomped up to the bridge and kicked the door down. "We're going to the planet to kill the Ultra-marines." as they turned about face and went and commandeered a drop pod and launched it at the surface.

    ----Meanwhile on the Ultra-Marine Craft----
    Sergeant Prophet spoke up "I'm not an Apothecary but it would appear Brother Tex here will need a mechanical replacement, a shame for our mos- What the throne!?" as a Chaos Drop-pod flew by the craft at the surface

    ----Back to the Drop-pod----


    ----Meanwhile on the Bridge----
    "What the fuck is happening!" Xial'nac yelled to the warp as Tzeentch cackled in the distance.

    ----Back to the Ultra-Marine Craft----
    "It would appear we will be facing opposition on the surface, why on Holy Terra they would do such a thing is beyond me, but prepare to slay them all upon landing" said Sergeant Prophet. Having regained consciousness Tex spoke up "It is not for us to understand the Heretic, it is our duty to simply slay them," Sergeant Prophet nodded "Wise words Brother Tex, by the throne what is that noise!?" +RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH+
    Disable Vox by the spiritual liege!" shouted one of the Ultra-Marines

    ----Back to the Surface----

    "Everyone gather up, the more we shout the farther it will carry!" shouted Kaldrek
    Yes, Lord Kaldrek, i will shout at the clouds where the Ultra-marines are hiding in their flying metal box!"
    And so a group of ten Khorne Bezerkers shouted at the sky for a solid twenty minutes waiting for the Ultra Marines to land

    ----Back to the Ultra-Marine Craft----
    Sergeant, they are just, standing there, shouting at us, shall I riddle them with the mounted storm bolters?" said the Ultra-marine pilot
    "Nay Honorable Battle-Brother, this is a matter of honour, we shall settle this in hand to hand combat, courage and honor!" Tex sighed knowing that he couldn't say anything but knowing in his heart that they should just open fire from the hovering position. The ship soon overpowered the Khornates shouting as its engines powered down and the ramp lowered and there was a crash as the two groups of Astartes crashed into one another, soon it was not only the Khornates coloured in red as vitae sprayed the air, "We will feast upon your corpses Ultra-marines!" Tex fired at the lead Khornate his shot pinging off his pauldron, "Damn it, Sergeant you need to fall back to the ship, we can't take them!" "Perhaps brother, Squad, initiate codex tactic #7564, drop a stun grenade and haul back to the craft." The Khornates momentarily stunned could not stop the remaining Ultra-marines from taking off once more, one of them threw his chain axe at the craft missing completely. +Virulence, we need transport back to the ship+ Kaldrek said into his vox.

    -----Back on the Bridge----

    "By the Chaos gods why am i always set to work with incompetent fools..." said Xial'nac +Black Talon, take a storm eagle and retrieve the Khornates please...."

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    To be continued
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  5. The Harrowing Cont.

    Zyith, leader of a group of plague marines had his eyes, what was left of them atleast, planted firmly on the Havoc Destroyer ‘His Fire’, the plan was simple, moments earlier the group had taken over a resupplying station and once they dock it would be easy enough to seize the ship. +Brothers, let your every step be corruption, they will be docking soon+. Taraz moved up to Zyith his steps booming throughout the chamber +I question the Wisdom of joining this Warband, you are too young to remember the Legions, i am not, it is not wise to remake one without a Primarch.+ “Taraz my old friend, this is not merely my decision, the plague father has guided me in this decision.” the deck rocked as the Loyalist craft docked “It is time.” Zyith unchecked the safety on his bile spewer and marched forward towards the opening docking port. “Papa Nurgle welcomes you all,” Zyith said as he unleashed the plague contained within his weapon, there was not even enough time for the Loyalists to scream. “Taraz, would you do the honors?” Zyith said as they reached the security airlock that dropped as soon as crew farther within the ship saw the Chaos Marines advancing into the ship. +I shall. You have my gratitude Zyith. No gate can hold me foolish loyalists!+ The dreadnought boomed as he ripped the gate down with his massive claw. “Open fire, don’t let them get to the bridge, the Emperor protects!” The sergeant yelled as he fired upon the massive machine. +No. He does not.+ boomed Taraz as he unleashed a spray from his mounted autocannon. Taraz heard the bodies crunch under his powerful legs as he moved towards the bridge. +Zyith. I cannot battle on the bridge. I would likely destroy the ship utterly if i do so. You must do so in my stead.+ He boomed. Zyith nodded and opened fire on the door, melting it with acidic bile, marching through the door he noticed the command crew had surrendered and they were saying something, ‘Insects presume to speak to one such as me, they shall embrace Nurgle or die.’ “Take them my brothers, teach them the ways of the plague-father.” as the rest of the Plague marines marched onto the bridge. Taraz walked through the now gaping doorway his foot steps booming on the metal floor. The ship master hooked into the command throne began begging for his life, “No.” and he snapped the Human's neck and took his place on the command throne. “Course set for the Virulence.”

    The new ship master of the ‘Virulence’ rushed to the Chamber of Sorcerers panting he said to Xial’nac “My lord, there is a ship pulling alongside, there is a massive symbol of nurgle on the side, i thought you would like to know.” as he bowed and left. Xial’nac rubbed his chin and said “Very gooooood.” and followed him to the bridge. +This is Zyith formerly of the Death Guard, we are here to join the Legion of Kharaa in service to you, Lord of Plague.+ Xial’nac nodded and attempted to smile, +Very gooooood, you may remain aboard your ship and join my fleet.+ Black Talon Skanalth stepped through the hole that now led to the bridge, “What even… nevermind, Lord the Aspiring Champion is recovering in the Sorcerium.” Xial nodded turning to the Raptor looking into the swirling vortex of his eye, it reminded him of the Eye of Terror and for a moment a saying from olden Terra flashed into his mind ‘"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

    But such thoughts were unbecoming of him and he dismissed it, “You are free to go Black Talon, tend to your Raptors, i have much to think on.”

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    Thanks to Kaldrek, for inspiring me to write this passage

    To be continued.
  6. The Harrowing Cont.

    Xial’nac paced the bridge, planning his attack on the world below, his crew warily glancing at him every so often, eventually he stopped before a Vox panel. +Leaders of the Legion, including Zyith of the newly rechristened ‘Nurgles Rot’ assemble on the bridge of the ‘Virulence’ and he waited as they began to filter in. First the Black Talon Skanalth, then Second Talon Bollagath, Khorne Champion Kaldrek, Sorcerer Ahrulash, Finally Plague Champion Zyith.”It is time for us to visit our vengeance upon the Imperial Fists for the destruction of our Raptors, Xial’nac nodded at Skanalth who stepped forward. “The compound itself is heavily fortified with numerous ammo dumps and the walls are swarming with gun servitors, Zyith and his plague marines will deal with this location here.” Skanalth pointed at a location on the holographic map, “This is where they’re own Dreadnought is and we will need you to destroy them, Kaldrek will take his men and some standards and assault the south gate as a distraction whilst i take the remainder of my Raptors over the north wall with Ahrulash, who will visit hellfire upon our enemy, Oh and one more thing, Xial’nac will be accompanying you Zyith.” The champions of the Legion acknowledged this, all eager to visit death upon the Fists.

    Xial’nac returned to his personal chambers, removing the Typhon axe from the wall, cradling it in his arms before returning it to a mag harness on his back, The Lord of Decay would reap souls once more. Skanalth sheathed his power-sword and took a burst-fire bolt pistol along with a few krak grenades, ‘Best to be prepared for any armour he thought’ his hand lingered over a odd dagger for a few moments before he decided to take it with him. Kaldrek took an additional chain-axe, just in case. Ahrulash begin preparing to rise through his enumerations and took up his force stave and put on the pendant he had crafted out of the eye of the Raptor. Plague Champion Zyith took his plague knife, several blight grenades, his bile spewer, and ordered the tech priests to awaken Taraz. Soon enough the Embarkation deck was a frenzy of activity with the drop pods being loaded with all kinds of Chaos Space marines, raptors climbing inside storm-eagles and the Plague marines loading into a dread claw for rapid insertion. Climbing into the storm-eagle Skanalth looked at Ahrulash “Is that my, eye..?” He nodded “It is still charged with the sacrifice you made, it is a worthy talisman of a psyker of my caliber.” Skanalth seemed ready to say something, and decided against it. Xial’nac climbed into the dread claw with Zyith “Are you ready to spread the gifts of Nurgle my brother in plague?” Zyith nodded “My very breath will steal the life from these loyalist fools.” Xial’nac cackled +It is time, let us visit vengeance upon the fools who thought to slay our brothers!+ With a whoosh the pods dropped from the strike cruiser and the storm eagles launched. A fiery vengeance was about to be visited on the Imperial Fists.

    Deep within his Stasis chambers Onafiel stirred, disturbed by his dreams, he heard a call from far off, ‘Ancient Onafiel, awaken, defend your brothers as you did in life, do so now in death’ His mind stirred and he awoke. +You disturbed my dreams tech-priests. What is my duty.+ He boomed, *Oh Mighty Onafiel, the sacred Auspex has detected contacts from above, you must defend this outpost once more.* The dreadnought did not reply and simply lumbered outside and waited. His brothers watched him from afar and spoke in revered tones, he would not know the feeling of comradery again, but he would feel the rage, the rage at the heretics who would defile the Imperium, that is why he still woke when commanded. “Man the Sky-fire systems, incoming contacts!” as the Dreadclaw entrenched itself into the ground in the middle of the grounds equidistant from Onafiel and the walls. The sides fell open and out of the massive drop-pod Taraz emerged, soon accompanied by the plague marines. The plague-marines laughs boomed out as they were riddled with bolter shots “We cannot die to such measly instruments!” shouted Zyith as they spread out spreading death and decay. “They are at the south wall! Theres so many!” shouted an Imperial Fist as Kaldrek railed against the wall, his rage palpable. +Worry not Loyalist. Your entombment will soon end and you will truly be a corpse.+ Taraz boomed running into a charge at Onafiel, +I think not, Heretic!+ He boomed back. Taraz let off a spray of autocannon shots which pinged off the Loyalist’s chassis, in reply Onafiel grabbed the Autocannon tearing it off, fluid dripping from the hole. +Vengeance!+ boomed Taraz as he clenched his massive claw and shoved it through a weak point under Onafiels chassis ripping out his crippled body, +Look upon me and despair!+ As though summoned by the words Skanalth and his raptors leaped into the sky accompanied by the flying Sorcerer who began raining warpfire on the Imperial fists, +Our will is Iron! Death to the servants of the Corpse-Emperor!+ Skanathiel shouted. Meanwhile with a howl of victory Kaldrek demolished the southern gate and his forces poured into the compound.


    Xial’nac wandered about the compound, the ash in the sky clouding his vision as he stepped over corpse after corpse. “That went better than expected, I would of thought the Khornate to lose more of his men taking the wall, this will be a worthy sacrifice to Nurgle. My plans are moving forward at a reasonable pace, soon all of Arkhona will be a testament to the power of the Kharaa.” he said warping back onto his strike cruiser.

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    To be continued
  7. The Harrowing cont.

    Zyith laboured over Taraz’s hull, repairing the scarred chassis and mounting a new, experimental weapon on his arm socket, a bile cannon, similar to the bile spewer except it fired globs of plague and acid at the targets. +Zyith. Your repairs are causing me to itch. Finish quickly.+ Taraz boomed. “I am working as fast as i can old friend, of course, us plague marines aren’t known for our haste either.” Skanalth was helping Ahrulash deliver Imperial Fist gene-seeds to the sorcerium to be repurposed, soon the scouts would be reborn under the banner of ‘Hidden Fist’ a quiet mockery of the Fists Gene-seed. While the warband had taken about a hundred casualties during the battle the fame it had earned them garnered far more, the ranks of the Kharaa had swelled to nearly a Thousand with four escorts joining the growing fleet of the Legion Kharaa. A warp-smith named Krebas had joined the fleet bringing with im a small compliment of rhinos and predator tanks, truly they were on the way to greatness.

    Ahrulash began harvesting the fittest serfs from the bowels of the ship to begin his gene-seed implantation and experimentation, once the Sorcerium was filled with books and forbidden knowledge, it was now full of stainless steel tables, medical tools and dried blood and it stunk of anti-bacterial spray. Ahrulash waved his hand as a scalpel flew over to him and he flicked his wrist again and he was suddenly surrounded by various tools and organs, the creation of a legion had begun. Skanalth emerged from the shadows of the Sorcerium, “I see you’ve made progress.” glancing at the still breathing youth, “This one can still breathe, unlike the last thirteen.” Ahrulash dismissed his tools, “I don’t need your judgement on my skills, it is a complicated process and i was never an apothecary, go tend to your new Raptors.” Skanalth faded away “As you say, Sorcerer.” Ahrulash sighed remembering a time when he was treated with respect, ‘But of course that was before the rubric of Ahriman, and that fool and Magnus’s refusal to punish him is why i came here to begin with.’ he cleared his mind and begin meditating whilst waiting to see if the youth would survive, or be recycled into the ship’s nutrient paste dispenser.

    Xial’nac had since divided the ship, the middle being for the undivided followers of Chaos, the right being for Khorne, The labyrinthian maze at the ships bottom for Tzeentch, the Left side for Slaanesh, and the back for Nurgle whose followers could handle the heavy radiation from the leaking Engines. Xial’nac pondered to himself the ideals that had founded the Legion of Kharaa, ‘They seem to have embraced the Gods reliance on us with Gusto’ he pondered ‘Where else can one find a warband with this level of sanity and tactical capabilities, or where a Khornate is not constantly slaughtering, we kept the power and dismissed the weaknesses, of course once the Black Legion finds out our plans they will likely try to destroy us.’ He stood and walked down to the bridge from his quarters +Champion Zyith report to the Council of Sorcerers.+ a few minutes later he arrived. “You have been working on the virus like i asked?” Zyith nodded “It is quite a virulent strain of fireflesh, i have taken the liberty of loading it into my Plague Marines bolters. Xial’nac nodded, “Gooood, send one of your men infected with it to the surface as a suicide bomber, that should ruin the loyalists day and show our continuing interest in the Arkhona Crusade. “Would that i have known that ammo depot was a critical supply line for the Astartes Forces i would've striked sooner.” Zyith replied “Indeed my Lord, but have you forgotten the Ultra-marines?” Xial’nac raised an eyebrow “Nay, but that brings me to my next point of business.” he stood up and opened a holographic map of a region on Arkhona, he pointed at a closed penisula “Ultra-marines and Eldar are currently battling over a vital starport here, i plan to take it from them, prepare the Legion Zyith, we march to war to the sound of Nurgles Drums.”

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    To be continued
  8. The Harrowing Cont.

    Sergeant Prophet led his squad in a daring strike against the Eldar filth who sought to wrench the starport out of Imperial hands, his faith in the newly restored Brother Tex, and the Codex Astartes would see him through any conflict. “Forward my brothers! The main control console is there, the Eldar are using their witchery to take control of it!” yelled Captain Cato Sicarius “We can over take these xenos filth, For I, Cato Sicarius! Can best any Xeno, For I, Cato Sicarius! Am the most masterful swordsman the galaxy has ever seen!” Everyone in Sergeant Prophets squad sighed inwardly at the ever so slightly insane Captain of the 2nd company. +Take cover, enemy walker!+ Prophets squad dived to the ground as a massive wraithbone sword sweeped through the upper floor of the starports planetary connection, +We cannot lose the base of the Star port, without it the Eldar will easily repel us from any direction of attack!+ The air choked with dust and the suit auspex’s malfunctioning Tex stood and drew his Gladius charging into combat being followed shortly after by the rest of his squad. He spun a web of death as he slashed the spine of a Dire avenger and removed the head of a Banshee whilst blowing off the head off a Exarch. A Eldar, taller then the others stepped forward floating slightly above the ground a spear flying around him. “I am Farseer Kalneth, i tell you my name so you may take it with you to the grave.” Runes began to orbit the Eldar with a red flash the rune of Khaine illuminated the spear and so battle was joined, despite the honor guards skill in melee combat he was hard pressed to stave off the farseers spear and he began to tire, his blocks becoming slower. Salvation came in a flash as Cato Sicarius blew down the wall and fired a shot from his plasma pistol into the Farseers head.”I Cato Sicarius! Have saved the day again, For I, Cato Sicarius! Am the greatest *descends into mumbling as he flips back through the hole he blew in the wall* A striking Scorpion who was about to attack was stunned by this and said “What the fuck?” and was promptly shot to death by a shit ton of bolter fire.

    Princeps Augustus of the Legio Macragge prepared to destroy the Eldar walker which had been terrorizing the ground forces. “Moderati, target that Eldar walker, fire Vulcan blaster.” the ship rocked as the heat vents rocketed open to dispel the excess heat, “What the?!” as the blast passed clean through the Titan, its phantom engine making an illusion a few hundred feet to the right. “Right then, it looks like we’ll be taking it down like men, Moderati, get us on a charge into that blasted Eldar craft, i will tear it apart with my own chainsword.” “Yes Princeps” as the Titan charged forward preparing to bring down the massive chainsword when suddenly a Chaos escort ship crashed from orbit, hidden until then by the ash clouds, it proceeded to blow up both the Imperial and Eldar titans. Xial’nac on the bridge said “The Codex Nurglites calls this tactic Plague Rain.” as thousands of drop pods filled with Plague marines fell upon the starport. Tex looked outside and said “Oh what the fuck now.”, Suddenly Cato Sicarius said “I SHALL SAVE YOU FOR I AM CATO SICARIUS AND I AM THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL FOR I AM-” as he proceeds to fall out a window.

    The Plague Lord Xial’nac cackles madly as he watches the starport burn from orbit, “Heh, Codex nurglites, I’m hilarious, I’m good at cliff hangers.”

    Join Team Di-Kharaa!

    To be continued
  9. The Harrowing Cont.

    Taraz’s dreadclaw filled with his fellow plague marines crashed into the main control room he boomed +Prepare to die.+ as the pod doors opened and the plague marines spilled out into the control room firing their spewers in every direction. Tex shouted “We don’t have the means to take that monster down, fall back!” Sergeant Prophet nodded and led his men out of the starport far from the Dreadnought with its massive bile spewer. Sergeant Prophet spotting a group of Plague Marines ordered his men “Codex Astartes tactic #246, Grenade volleys now!” the Loyalists took cover as the plague ridden gibs flew in all directions. “Keep moving!” the Ultramarine Sergeant yelled over the sounds of artillery fire and collapsing structures, “get to the Rhino!”.

    Meanwhile, in space.

    Xial’nac spoke his thoughts aloud, “This is not going as planned, i wanted to take the Starport not destroy it, the silver lining being decay has taken over the region, a worthy sacrifice to the plague father, soon enough, the loyalists will fall before the succulent gifts of nurgle, mhm, yes, gooood.”

    Meanwhile, in plague town USA.

    Zyith, Taraz and a group of plague marines had made it to the ruins of the Imperial Titan which had since become a large scale battlefield between the Skiitari formerly housed within the massive walker and the Eldar forces infesting the region, ‘It matters not, they will all die.’ “Plague Marines, go forth, spread corruption with every step and breath, leave only convertees.” the Marines spread out spewing Bile onto the two forces, Taraz spotting a wall of centurions unleashed the full fury of the “Bile Cannon” it fired in a series of massive globs coating the entire area in acid, setting the robots on fire and covering them in the vile green substance. Marching forth he proceeded to smash them into bits, he picked up the quivering tech priest hiding behind the maniple and left, +We have what we came for Zyith, let us leave.+ He boomed, similar scenes repeated themselves throughout the battlefield, key military officers were being targeted and captured as Sorcerers performed mass sacrifices onboard the “Virulence” to open portals to bring the small squads of Plague marines back.

    Tex said “This cannot stand, first they destroy our supply line, and now they take advantage of honorable combat and steal off in the night with valuable personnel! We need to find their fleet, rescue our crew, and destroy the rest of them.” Cato having composed himself had called for a advisory council “Agreed, but our key link to the fleet was just destroyed, I Cato Sicarius, was unable to prevent such an attack happening due to a grievous gap in our intelligence network, they are far more organized than the common Chaos rabble, what is going on here…. In any case i have petitioned Macragge for more reinforcements, in the meantime i pulled some troops from the Orkoid flank to help suppress the Eldar and chaos remnants here.

    Back in the Chamber of Sorcerers

    “Things” “Are” “Proceeding” “Just” “As” “Planned” each word spoken by each Sorcerer, power resonating with each word.

    Meanwhile on the Inquisitorial Cruiser 'Unending Light'

    Inquistor Evangelicus stood in the observatorium above the bridge, he was returning to Arkhona, a planet he had sworn to keep safe. He sung a hymn "Beata Sanguinala, You know i am a righteous man, Of my virtue i am Justly proud. Et tibit pater, Beata Sanguinala, You know im so much purer than the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd. Then tell me Sanguinala why i see them standing there, why they're smouldering eyes scorch my soul. Cogitatione, I hear them, i see them, the flames caught in their cloaks is blazing in me out of all control. Verbo et opere, Like fire, hellfire, this fire in my skin, this burning desire is turning me to sin. Its not my fault! *Mea Culpa* Im not to blame! *Mea culpa* It is the witch who sent this flame! *Mea maxima culpa* Its not my fault! *Mea culpa* Its in His plan, *Mea culpa* He made the devil so much stronger then a man. *Mea maxima culpa* Protect me, Sanguinla, don't let this witch cast her spell, don't let her fire sear my flesh and bone, Destroy Xial'nac, and let him taste the fires of hell, or else free me of these visions of flame! Hellfire, Darkfire, Now traitor, its your turn, Choose me, or your pyre, Be mine or you will burn!

    Join Team Di-Kharaa!

    To be continued
  10. The Harrowing Cont.

    The Ultramarines began boarding Thunderhawks en masse, returning to their fleet in orbit. Tex boarded Cato’s personal Thunderhawk. “We will need the Honor Guard to be fully assembled for when we board the heretic craft, for I, Cato Sicarius, Cannot be in all places at once.” Tex snorted “The, ‘Virulence’ its very name betrays their hypocrisy, they claim to not rely on their dark gods for power and yet they name it in reverence to them.” Tex rocked around in the seat as the Thunderhawk took off, “I am aware Tex you have misgivings about leaving your former post, but you will return to them after we raze the heretics legion to the ground.” Another Astartes cleared his throat “Captain, the warp echoes with the screams of the innocent and the damned, our path will have consequences beyond the destruction of the heretic fleet.” Cato nodded “Your advice is always appreciated Salth, but we cannot stray from our path, if we keep faith in the Spiritual liege and the codex there is no danger we cannot overcome.” The Thunderhawk threw its occupants against each other as it exited the Atmosphere of Arkhona, +Captain we are approaching the ‘Macragges Honour’, Eta twenty minutes, be aware there is an Important, guest… onboard the bridge.+ Soon enough the Thunderhawk alighted within the Ultramarine Strike cruiser. “Codex tactic Hexagon.” there was a clatter as the Honor Guard formed a circle around Cato Sicarius, “To the bridge, it appears we have a guest to treat with.” he said. The Inquisitor greeted Cato Sicarius as he entered he bridge “I’ve been expecting you Ultramarine, i am the deliverer of His will, Lord Inquisitor Evangelicus, I am here to lend my troops and ships to the destruction of the Di-Kharaa.” Cato surprised replied “Thats, good, but you could of contacted me prior to coming here Inquisitor, this is a matter of honour for the Ultramarines to destroy these heretics, i would've denied your aid had you informed me before coming here but it would be churlish to send you away at this point.”


    “Captain, are you aware of the, ‘Folly of Chaos?’” Inquisitor Evangelicus asked turning away from the massive windows in the ship's chapel, the sacred incense surrounding him in a haze. “The one written by Sebastian Thor?” asked Sicarius, “The very same.” he cleared his throat “There is a place, beneath those ancient ruins, in the galaxy, that calls out to the boldest among them… ‘We are ruin!’ they cry and ‘They fear us!’ They descend, spurred on by fantasies of riches and redemption to lay bare whatever blasphemous abnormality may slumber restlessly in that unholy abyss…. But darkness is insidious. Terror and Madness can find cracks in the sturdiest of honors, the most resolute of minds… And below in that limitless chasm of Chaos, they will release the truth of it, ‘We are but motes in the warp and we are DOOMED!’ and their screams will echo amidst the pitiless cyclopean pillars of the warp.” Taking a deep breath he said “Do you understand what i'm telling you Sicarius? Your men, the ones who you sent onto the Chaos ship, ‘When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.’ they are corrupted Sicarius, and i give you the courtesy of disposing of them.” The Ultramarine’s features twisted with rage and he looked as if was about to strike the Inquisitor “You dare accuse my men of heresy, of treachery! I should kill you for such an insult!” The Inquisitor replied angrily “I allow you to dispose of them, to not shine a light upon the heresy within your ranks! Mind that such missteps are the exception and not the rule Ultramarine, lest the Inquisition take a closer look at the actions of the Ultramarines.” promptly storming out his coat billowing out behind him with his haste.

    Tex asked Sicarius “Have you seen the men who saved me from that heretic on board the ‘Virulence’ ? I wanted to thank them and i haven’t seen them in awhile.” Catos face shadowed momentarily and he replied “They were sent back to macragge, to make a report to the Chapter Master.” Tex raised an eyebrow and said “But the-” A crewman suddenly shouted “We have the heretic fleet! They’re located behind the second moon of Arkhona.” Cato stepped forward “Aye! Captain, set a course, let us teach these heretics the meaning of righteous vengeance.”

    Join Team Di-Kharaa!

    To be continued

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