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The hands of death (Iron hands RP) intrest thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Caentyr, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Character Sheets should look like this.

    General appearance.
    Personality/backstory (optional)
    Class and loadout. ( check with me beforehand)

    1. Try to be something original. If you see 3 guys being a Iron Father, don't be a sheep and pick one too.
    2. This RP is NOT Canon and is totally made up. Please do not whine about certain things being non-canon. That said, I will try my best to keep the immersion and lore safe. (This takes place in the "present day" imperium BTW so no HH stuff.)
    3. You can be assholes to each other in character, but try not to be IRL.
    4. Please keep up with the pace. I would like to get this thing done in a timely manner without waiting 2-3 weeks for you to post. Daily post is fine.
    5. Have fun

    Ferris Autem ran down the dark corridor of his ship: The Laruam Machina. His helmet scanner going off the charts as genestealer after genestealer surrounded him on both sides. He was no deathwatch, he didn't even have a weapon, but it was said by his peers that only the Gorgon himself could match is sheer stubbornness. Nothing would stop him, not even death.

    Charging in with a cold and unrelenting fury, he bore his fist deep within the skull of the first xeno. Picking it's insectoid husk up and throwing it behind him into another genestealer that was inches away from impaling him. A third genestealer tried to claw him, only to have it's claw caught and ripped off by Ferris Autem's mechanical grip. The genestealer screamed in pain at it's now missing arm.

    Ferris smiled "Foul xeno. You act as if freedom from your feeble limb is reason to howl!"

    Making his way to the ship's bridge, Ferris could see and step over many of his fallen brothers. Slashed and torn into little more than mechanical scrap with the occasional bit of flesh. Frustration would have struck him had it not been renewed in the form of another survivor:

    Animo Mente; Ferris Autem's librarian, second in command and closest friend.

    Animo had sealed himself in a corner against a genestealer pack. His resolve was weakening, but his attackers were not. Ferris Autem took the opportunity and rolled to cover, grabbing a nearby bolter and open firing at the xenos. The brief distraction was all Animo needed. Chanting prayers to the omnissiah, Animo unleashed the fury of mars that rocked the ship to the hull. the heretics of the machine god were no more. Silence struck the deck, almost as if to somehow in some small way, honor the dead. Animo put his had to his head and concentrated.

    "I can no longer sense the enemy's presence, but I also cannot sense most of our battle brothers. This attack was unforeseen, even to our scanners."

    "How many are left?" Autem replied as he reloaded the bolter he had salvaged. His mechanical arms inspecting and soothing the machine spirit within.

    "A handful, maybe a bit more"

    "Call them. Bring them here." Ferris said as he turned around to look out to gaze at the stars. His helmet's scanner studying each one individually. His mechanical arms moving back and forth as they began to repair the bridge's terminals. There were no nearby worlds for lightyears and the astropaths aboard were most certainly dead. Animo would have to guide the ship to the closest planet. With luck, it will be a forge world where they can get repairs. Perhaps he could just send out a distress signal and wait for help to arrive.

    "No" Ferris thought, " The would ask questions and none can know of our mission."

    Ferris continued to look out into the blanket of space, unexpentantly interrupted by a sudden series of coughs and gags. What shocked Ferris the most was that they were coming from him. He had his lungs replaced with air filters long ago, why was he-

    Ferris felt a warm liquid touch his lip. Confused and unnaturally scared, he removed his helmet. A mixture of blood and rust had splattered the inside of the helm. Ferris's eyes widened.

    "Emperor protect us, it's getting worse."
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    You said 'Present Day' soooo 41st millenium while 13th black crusade and stuff is going on or you mean the new age with Guilliman running around either before/during/after the Indomitus Crusade?
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  3. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Sometime during-after the Indominus Crusade.

    *Spoiler alert* I don't really plan to include Girlyman or the ultramarines at all in this. There might be a brief reference here or there, but that's about it.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Indomitus Crusade.

    And alright. Just launched a Primaris RP myself - which makes me wonder. Are we going to be Iron Hands or one of their descendants? Are we going to be old-school Astartes or Primaris or perhaps even mixed?

    What company are we part of or are we just deployed whole chapter wide or as a mixed squad? Do we play a command squad? ^^
  5. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Just Iron Hands. No second founding untermentch here.:p

    While it never occurred to me that making an RP during the IC would make people want to play primaris.... (Im not a fan of them personally) I guess it can be mixed. They DID come from mars after all.

    Im not giving any more spoilers but I will say this.

    Don't worry about what "company" (Or in this case CLAN) you come from. Pick any one you want.
    This (as the intro suggests) is just a rag-tag team of whatever Ferris Autem can get. So the group will be small and mixed.

    Players will learn the story of what's going on as the mission goes. There are clues I will leave out that you will have to piece together.
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