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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Purgation is our mandate. Death is our charge. We safeguard the Emperor's dominion. We cleanse it with fire and with blood.

    {The Hammer of Arkhona rallies in force to bring death to the enemy}


    {Our deployment is swift and without hesitation}

    {Glory and victory are ours because we face death to stand shoulder by shoulder, as brothers forged in battle}



    Even in this darkest of hours, where so many forces lie broken and bloodied upon the anvil of war, The Hammer of Arkhona stands unbroken, unbowed, oath-bound to fight unto the last of days and see all Enemies of Mankind undone.
  2. I like the selection of the pictures (not only because you are helping me up on the picture at the bottom). They have kind of a cinematic feel which most of the screenshots usually don't have. Did you do any post-processing via photoshop?
  3. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Nope! Those are raw screen-shots, but they came out really well, because of the movement and the action.

    If I was even remotely good at editing I'd take out the HUD and text, but alas, my skills are lacking. I can only compensate by developing a swift F12 finger xD

    Edit: Also, I suppose the ultra graphics setting contributes?
  4. Hm I also have ultra settings but somehow my Screenshots don't have this "movie filter" do you have motion blur on? Because that's the first thing I disable in games ^^
  5. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    I haven't fiddled with the settings other than to make everything as high as it will go, so it's entirely possible motion blur is still on.
  6. Has the discord server gone down?
  7. Still at work, so I can't check...but I hope not! Maybe just maintenance?
  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    No, we're still good.

    You're not in the list anymore though.

    Message me on steam I'll shoot another link your way.
  9. Well, I had fun, you lot are a good community after all, but real life and a drifting attention has pulled me away from the game.

    Keep having fun though.
  10. Ulfednir Ulfednir Recruit

    Character Name: Ulfednir
    Chapter: Space Wolves
    Preferred Class: Runepriest, Shield Assault Marine, Assault Marine.
    Preferred Weapons: Crozius, Powersword, Axe.
    Other: (Italian, a friend of Krataniel. I do not feel very confident about speaking in english, but I can understand and follow orders and play in a coordinated manner.)
    Time Zone: (GMT+1)
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Yes
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