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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Shizno Shizno Arkhona Vanguard

    Character Name: Shizno
    Chapter: Blood Angels
    Preferred Class: Apothecary
    Preferred Weapons: Boltguns and Plasma weapons
    Time Zone: AZ timezone (we ignore Daylight Savings Time like crazy people, half the year PST and the other half MT)
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Yes, Saturdays are the best but I can make any of these days work.
  2. Welcome Sanguinary Priest to the lines of The Hammer of Arkhona. Surely our Force Commander Hyperius will contact you soon for further instructions on your initiation. Stand ready brother, for war is eternal.
  3. Tarkis Apollyon Adamusar Arkhona Vanguard

    Many congratulations, Brother Cassius. It seems my melee lessons have sunk in well!
  4. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Well met, brother! Add me on steam at [THoA] Hyperius that we might speak more!
  5. Character Name: Gideon Hail
    Chapter: Blood Angels
    Preferred Class: Tactical
    Preferred Weapons: Boltgun, Stalker Bolter
    Other: Looking to join an active guild, I'm online most days of the week.
    Time Zone: CET
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Friday: unlikely although possible on 2 Fridays of the month, Saturday same as Friday, but Sundays are free for me, so definitely yes.
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  6. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    You fought well beside us against the xenos and the heretic, brother. We expect you will join our ranks very soon!
  7. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Been a while since I posted a post-event report, but THoA has been going at it with no less vigour than normal!

    Check out this new video of our gameplay (for once I edited it).

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  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The Hammer of Arkhona stands by its brothers in the Templars of Caliban and the Praetorian Guard, and side by side we, the Emperor's Finest, will cleanse this world of all taint, be it heretic or xenos!

    {Our allies in the Praetorian Guard honour us with their presence}

    {The Templars of Caliban stand at our side}

    {Together, we destroy the foe with overlapping fields of concentrated firepower}

    {We will charge unafraid into the strongest of enemy fortifications...}

    {And by the bolter...}

    {And by the blade...}

    We will bring death to the Enemies of Mankind.
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  9. it was glorious combat Brother
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  10. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Even amongst the demi-gods of battle that are Space Marines, there are those who distinguish themselves above and beyond the transcended capabilities of the Emperor's Finest. Imbued with righteous hate for the Enemies of Mankind, these individuals are marked for an eternity of glory fighting the Imperium's most crucial battles.

    Company Champion Eisen Demetrius has recognised one such brother amongst the ranks of The Hammer of Arkhona and elevated him to the honorary position of Champion's Chosen.

    Battle Brother
    Tarkis Apollyon


    When Tarkis Apollyon came to The Hammer of Arkhona, he did so in a fashion typical of most Dark Angels, under a shroud of mystery and unanswered questions. No epithets for this brother, for none could ascertain the true measure of him beneath his steely gaze. Proving proficient with both bolter and blade, Tarkis served a time as one of the Company's Heavy Weapon Specialists, decimating the enemy ranks with ceaseless torrents of bolt and plasma. He put down his heavy weapons and took up the sword to become The Hammer of Arkhona's first Champion. Now the former Champion, Tarkis Apollyon, serves as needed, ever eager to bring death to the heretic and the xenos.


    +++ Servo-skull pict feed transcription +++

    The gate has fallen.

    Blackbolt Defence Station is beset on every side by xenos wyches, the fickle eldar who, in dancing from their webway, prove as ever to be an unknown quantity, aiding the Imperium in one moment only to spite it in the next.

    There is only one certainty in dealing with the eldar. They are xenos, and better off dead.

    'Ordinance!' reports Brother-Sergeant Siriel, atop the station's wall. One of the blasted eldar grav-tanks has swept through the burning ruin of the gate and is sending pulsing streams of bright, destructive energy coursing down the station's main thoroughfare.

    Company Champion Demetrius Eisen points to the quad cannon, and Siriel hastens to man the gun emplacement. In the same moment a flock of Swooping Hawks glides overhead, peppering the quad cannon's targeting array with a hail of crystals.

    'Cannon inoperable!' yells Siriel, leaning out of the gun emplacement to unload his bolter at the hovering Aspect Warriors. The flying warriors flit away as three of their number plummet from the sky, wings clipped.

    'I need that enemy ordinance neutralised,' growls Demetrius Eisen. On the far end of the wall a trio of Howling Banshees have appeared. Before long, he will have to engage them in combat. He can't oversee the grav-tank's destruction and fight the Banshees at the same time though.

    Battle Brother Tarkis Apollyon approaches from a nearby tower.

    He is wielding an axe. A very large axe. Iron Bane pattern.


    'Where is your heavy bolter?' asks Eisen, unsheathing his Auric Blade as the Howling Banshees fight their way along the wall, drawing closer with every second.

    Tarkis expertly rotates the weight of the huge axe in his grip. 'All weapons serve the Emperor's Will, Honoured Champion.'

    'Unless it serves me in destroying that ordinance, it will not serve at all!'

    'I would wager it could,' says Tarkis, igniting the Iron Bane's broad blade with crackling power.

    'Engaging a vehicle in close combat?' asks Eisen. 'The Force Commander would have something to say about that.'

    Tarkis makes a show of looking around. 'I don't see the Force Commander.'

    'I don't have time for this,' says Eisen and sets off across the wall, his Auric Blade held at the ready as the Howling Banshees close the distance.

    'I will consider that as authorisation,' says Tarkis, and steps off of the wall.

    It is thirty metres to the ground and Tarkis has no jump pack. He lands like a hammer blow, like a drop pod making planetfall. The ground trembles, shatters beneath his armoured knee. He rises, sprints towards the eldar grav-tank as it strafes the station's facilities with blistering salvoes.

    A Dire Avenger steps in to stop him. Tarkis leaves the xeno in two separate halves, not breaking his stride. He runs the length of the grav-tank, Iron Bane extended, and carves a glowing gouge from the vehicle's smooth hull. Smoke and flames spit from the rent, but Tarkis is not done.

    He vaults onto the chassis, smashing aside the cannon barrel as it attempts to target him. He reaches the blister that is the alien vehicle's cockpit. Tarkis lifts the Iron Bane above his head in both hands. When it falls, it cleaves the cockpit open in a single strike. Tarkis tears apart the wreckage and pulls the eldar pilot from within.

    'Death,' he spits into the xeno's face, and breaks its neck with a flick of his wrist. He casts the limp body aside even as the grav-tank sinks to the ground beneath him, its engines dying. Standing astride the conquered vehicle, Tarkis Apollyon lifts his axe into the air, victorious.

    + + +​

    Fight with the zeal and fury that Tarkis Apollyon does and you too can earn the respect of the Company Champion! Fight with unstoppable might for your chance to be next week's Champion's Chosen!
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