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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. [WCA] Krataniel Kiwik Steam Early Access

    Welcome, Brother Ferusvir!
    It is always an honor to fight with the sons of Russ.
  2. Welcome to the company Brother. I'm looking forward to see you with us on the battlefield delivering Holy Justice to the enemies of Man.
  3. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The crusade goes on, eternal, we trade blood with the Enemies of Mankind in a ceaseless struggle for Arkhona.

    {Brother Ferusvir takes his oaths as a newly inducted warrior of The Hammer of Arkhona}

    {Force Commander Hyperius Agrippa surveys his company from on high}

    {The Battle Brothers spar to hone their wits before deployment}

    {Then the time for true killing is upon us. No mercy for the xenos}
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  4. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    No screenshots from tonight's event, but a couple of videos instead, to provide a more cinematic taste of the action!

  5. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The Hammer of Arkhona marches to battle for the new campaign, and this time they follow the lead of a new Company Champion, one whose Auric Blade is well known for its swift judgement. Brother Eisen Demetrius of the Imperial Fists has claimed the title of Company Champion with his superlative blade skills. Hail the new champion! May his blade cleave a path through our enemies, and guide the brotherhood to victory!

    {The Battle Brothers gather for the tournament}

    {A new Company Champion is decided. The brothers prepare to follow him into battle}

    {Company Champion Demetrius Eisen wastes no time in showing the enemy and the company why he holds the title. The ork firing upon him from behind was executed next}
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  6. Draveurs Draveurs New Member

    Character Name: The Fist of the Emperor
    Chapter: Imperial Fists
    Preferred Class: I enjoy all classes save for Assault(Ground)
    Preferred Weapons: Bolter/Heavy Bolter/Power Fist
    Other: More of a follower than a leader.
    Time Zone: Eastern EST
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Most likely Saturday and/or Sunday.
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  7. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Well met, brother. Add me on steam at [THoA] Hyperius and we shall advance your application to the ranks of The Hammer of Arkhona!
  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Even amongst the demi-gods of battle that are Space Marines, there are those who distinguish themselves above and beyond the transcended capabilities of the Emperor's Finest. Imbued with righteous hate for the Enemies of Mankind, these individuals are marked for an eternity of glory fighting the Imperium's most crucial battles.

    Company Champion Eisen Demetrius has recognised one such brother amongst the ranks of The Hammer of Arkhona and elevated him to the honorary position of Champion's Chosen.

    Battle Brother
    Cassius Manakel


    Known to his Chapter kin as 'The Bloody Fist of Baal', Cassius Manakel departed for Warzone Arkhona, answering the call to defend the Emperor's worlds against the coming of Abaddon's Dark Crusade. His contingent arrived late to the system due to warp interference, but Cassius wasted no time in seeking out the enemy. He joined The Hammer of Arkhona and quickly cemented himself as an iconic member of the provisional company, admired by the battle brothers for his light-hearted camaraderie and stalwart reliability.


    +++ Servo-skull pict feed transcription +++

    Zedek burns.

    Provisional Adeptus Astartes Company 'The Hammer of Arkhona' has deployed in force to take the district from the traitor and the heretic.

    The foe has retreated to the final bastion. The Emperor's Finest are coming for them.

    Traitors fall back from the forward ramparts, leaving their dead and their dying behind them.

    The Company Champion, Eisen Demetrius, is at the front. The Auric Blade hisses in his grip as heretic blood boils from the power field. Eisen leaves a heretic dead at his feet and turns to the next. A havoc, bracing to bring his autocannon to bear. The Champion is faster, but the enemy is without honour. A hail of bolt rounds strike the Champion's in the back. He staggers, but refuses to fall. More unseen enemies approach, their cowardly ambush set in motion. Unholy light gleams from beyond the inner fortress. The sorcerer emerges, wreathed in heretic magick, and extends a clawed gauntlet. A beam of foul energies knocks the Champion from his feet.

    'I... will... not... yield,' spits Eisen through gritted teeth.

    A trio of heretics loom over him, content to make this kill slow.

    Beyond the arches of the balcony, Eisen sees a light. He recognises it at once. It is the incandescent glow of a jump pack, the hue that heralds swift justice on burning wings.

    Cassius Manakel rises.


    He is incarnadine, lit by the fires of war, his power fist a lightning-charged implement of purgation.

    He sees the traitors, gathered like hounds for the kill.

    The traitors see Cassius, a red angel on wings of fire. They hesitate. It is the death of them.

    The Bloody Fist of Baal crashes down. One traitor hits the wall and keeps going, punched through the stonecrete with unstoppable force. He is dead before he stops moving, his torso pulped beneath his chest-plate. The havoc hefts his autocannon. Cassius puts his fist through the big gun. It keeps going, through the weapon and into the traitor, ploughing the wretch into the ground, leaving him a broken mess of bloody ceramite.

    A storm of screeching energy batters Cassius, drives him to one knee. The very stuff of the warp screams around him, filling his every nerve with agony. The sorcerer towers over the Blood Angel, his pallid face twisting into a sneer.

    'None can deny-'

    'Silence, dog!'

    Cassius stands. In the same motion he hammers in with the fist. He strikes true, pulverising the sorcerer's skull in a mist of blood and bone fragments. He puts his boot into the headless traitor's chest, and sends it toppling end over end from the edge of the balcony.

    Below, his brothers are roaring his name. They charge the fortress steps, massacring the enemy.

    'Vengeance is yours, Champion,' says Cassius, offering his hand to Eisen.

    Eisen raises his Auric Blade to salute the Blood Angel. 'And glory is yours, Cassius Manakel.'

    + + +​

    Fight with the honour and distinction that Cassius Manakel does and you too can earn the respect of the Company Champion! Fight with unstoppable zeal for your chance to be next week's Champion's Chosen!

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  9. Congratulations Brother Cassius! You rightfully have earned that honor!
  10. Congratulations Brother Cassius. You surely wear the lineages of the Great Angel and fight with his zeal and rage. You honor all of the sons of Baal.

    For the Emperor and Sanguinius, death, death, DEATH!!

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