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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    So apparently you're not allowed to resign from this group, you just get kicked and blocked. If you're going to be an ass to a man who just wants to leave with a quick but sincerely heartfelt goodbye, Hyperius, then [redacted, what I really want to say will be in a private message]

    But yes, goodbye Hammer of Arkhona. Was a casual guild full of fun people, and even if the leader was taking this too seriously he was still fun and tried to make things fun for others. We were all pretty shit at this game, all things considered, but in a game full of unfun things they weren't one of the unfun things

    See that Hyperius? That is how you let a man leave a guild
  2. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    I expected nothing other than a bitter and childish retort from you, Tarrus.

    The fact is, you've been the only player currently active in this Company who has displayed negative qualities time and time again, something that I have personally tolerated with grace for a very long time.

    However, the moment other players start coming to me to complain about your rage-quitting, your foul manner, your verbal abuse of other players, your defeatist attitude and chat spam ('We were all pretty shit at this game' - see evidence) and your inability to take instruction or follow orders on the battlefield, well, that is the moment that I no longer tolerate what has become a cancer in the community.

    You don't get to disrespect your fellow team-mates, piss them off and abandon them and then 'go out on your own terms'.

    To date, you are only the 3rd player who has been forcibly removed from THoA. Out of the over 100 players who have come and gone peacefully in our gaming company, you are one of those dishonourable 3. That speaks volumes to your credibility, or rather, lack thereof.

    If you think that an indignant backlash on the forums will redeem you in the eyes of your comrades, you need a reality check.

    You're not welcome to post here anymore and if you do your messages will be ignored, reported and issue will be raised.

    Of course, knowing you and how you've behaved during your time with THoA, I know that you're not mature enough to not be able to have the last word. I gave you ample opportunities to adjust your behaviour, and in all this time you never showed lasting progress, so I don't expect it now.

    As I expect Tarrus will attempt to drag this into a rage-filled argument, I suggest that no one responds to any more of his messages here, but simply reports them to the admin team.

    Other than Tarrus rage-quitting today, I hope it was an enjoyable event!
  3. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Plenty of blood and grit in tonight's event, but fiercely fought nonetheless. Great turn-out as well!

    {Running tank battles in the bombarded refinery sector}

    {Frantic cover-to-cover manoeuvres by Squad Primaris}

    {All ur lift r belong to us now}

    {Sometimes Brother Cassius is so fabulous he makes sparks as he runs}

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  4. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    Geeze, Radke was right, you had a TERRIBLE week if you're coming out swinging at me when I just wanted to leave. And no, I'm not dragging this down; I say that with sympathy, I know how it feels to have a bad week at work. I just wanted to say goodbye, so you don't need to report me. I'm not mad at all, weirdly enough

    We're both in agreement that I should leave, the only point of contention is how petty you're being about it

    I hope your weekend goes better than your week. And here's a smiley face to show I'm being sincere :)
  5. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    And now for something completely different:

    Dat der waz sum propa stompin' n' krumpin' boyz!

    'Boss, youz runnin outta floor!'
    'WUTZ DAT?'
    'Wut I iz tryna say, boss, is- AAAAHHHH'







    'ROKKIT LIFT!!!'

    AKA, Ork Sundayz.
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  6. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Glorious purgation of the greenskin scum, brothers!

    Not a single Ork has been left alive in the wake of our crusade!

    Glory to the Emperor of Man! Glory to my brothers!

    {Renowned Shield-Brother Eisen Demetrius leads the squad in their pre-battle rites}

    {The commander's combat squad celebrate their swift capture of the battlefield}

    {The greenskins are cast down and executed}


    {What passes for greenskin armour is mercilessly hunted down and destroyed}

    {With the assistance of Brother Helldryn of Strike Force Ultra, The Hammer of Arkhona storm the point with Predator fire support}
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  7. A swift victory brothers, hope you killed my share. But I shall report for duty tomorrow as always and make ammends!

    For the Emperor! For Sanguinius! Death, Death ,DEATH!!!
  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The defence that The Hammer of Arkhona mounted of Forge District Zedek this day will be recorded in the annals of this war's history, when the forces of the Emperor at last purge the planet of xenos and heretics.

    With ravenous greed and hate the forces of the Despoiler descended upon the district, striking with overwhelming force and driving the defenders first from A point, and then from B.

    At C, The Hammer of Arkhona drew a line in the ash that would not be crossed.

    The Arch-Enemy approached, and those loyal to the Emperor did not just stand firm, but struck back with all the righteous fury they could muster.

    Brothers Eisen Demetrius and Cassius Manakel tore through the traitor vanguard with blade and fist.

    Brothers Ferro Bellator and Argath Cahrn claimed the high ground and unleashed a storm upon the enemy with their heavy bolters.

    Brothers Nemiel Hieremias and Linosh flanked the enemy strong-points, cutting the heretics down with precise volleys from their bolters.

    And all the while Brother Helldryn of Strike Force Ultra proved his immense worth as apothecary, seemingly occupying every part of the battlefield at once, tirelessly saving his brothers from death.



    CSM Plazma got this excellent victory of ours on his twitch stream if anyone is interested in giving it a watch.

    Then we relaxed with some green goodness.


    Excellent Saturday event! Everyone who attended fought like the Primarchs themselves to stop the enemy tide and claim victory for the Emperor!
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  9. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    In the battles waged today, traitors and xenos alike fell to the righteous fury of The Hammer of Arkhona.

    These last few days, which may very well be the last of the Arkhonan Crusade, are full of glory and for that, my brothers, I salute you all!

    {The Hammer of Arkhona deploys its armoured elements to bombard enemy held positions}

    {'Charge the ramparts, brothers, strike down the foe!'}

    {Brothers Jolinar and Ferro entrench themselves in preparation to weather the enemy charge}


    {The strike force gives a battle cry in advance of their assault}

    {The brothers of the Hammer charge out to deny an enemy counter-attack}

    {More Word Bearer filth are executed to honour The Mark of Calth}

    Overall, an excellent weekend event, with a victory rate in the region of 90%! Well fought all!
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  10. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The orks, incessant and greedy in their attempts to claim Arkhona as a plaything for their senseless fighting, have tasted bitter defeat this day. No doubt even these beasts, who lust for battle at every turn, derived no pleasure from the massacre that The Hammer of Arkhona visited upon the tide of their ranks!

    Glory to you, my brothers! Glory unto the Emperor! Arkhona will be purged yet!

    {The Strike Force musters to rout the greenskins from the captured manufactorums}

    {Renowned Shield Brother Demetrius Eisen leads the charge, Auric blade ablaze in hand}

    {The slaughter of orks follows swiftly}

    {The Hammer of Arkhona takes everything the orks can throw at them, and charge on through}

    {The territory falls swiftly back into Imperial control}

    {Glorious victory!}

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