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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    I've accepted your steam request Marco, we shall speak soon!
  2. Character Name: Cassius Manakel (But just to avoid/create confusion, I usually go by Bracko. Happy to just go by Cassius for the purposes of the chapter though. ^^)

    Chapter: Blood Angels

    Preferred Class: Primarily Tactical, often Apothecary or Assault, rarely Devastator.

    Preferred Weapons: I'm in love with my Quicksilver Bolter. That thing turns any tactical marine or priest into a pretty scary opponent. A well placed stun and a couple of clicks to the head usually take any opponent, and I'm really enjoying mashing some tanks with my Power Fist.

    Other: Initially, I'm not the fastest or loudest speaker and I'll likely be rather quiet at first, but I'll listen and work with/for you, and after some time and patience I may indeed warm up. Don't have much experience with chapters/clans/large-groups-of-organised-players/strangers (See: Basically none), but I'm cautiously optimistic! ^^

    Not a super regular or hardcore Eternal Crusade player, 'Ole Cassy is only Rank 4 and I also ain't premium, so that likely won't change for a long time, if at all. My attention to EC has been waning of late, and I'm hoping that by joining some fellow battle brothers, my vigour for this game could be renewed or even enhanced.

    Time Zone: UTC+1 (Brit. ^^)

    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Possibly is the best answer I can give. Friday is very unlikely, as is Sunday, but Saturday may very well be a possibility as long as I'm not too busy. All days could potentially work if I get dedicated enough though. =D

    Later for now! You can find me on Steam under Bracko64, with the same avatar as the one on the left.
  3. Welcome brother. Surely Hyperius will answer soon enough for your first steps in the guild. Hope to see you in the battlefield!!
  4. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    I added him on steam the day he posted his application.

    Just waiting for an opportunity to speak with him now.
  5. While you are at it ,could you please change my name in the first post from Israfel to Argath?
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  6. ShockTroopah Kabutomushi Steam Early Access

    Chapter: Dark Angels
    Preferred Class: Assault Marine
    Preferred Weapons: N/A (I tend to just use whatever I need in the current situations.)
    Other: I'll be enlisting with the United States Air Force in a few months, and would like to spend my free time hanging out with an meeting new people on this game.
    Time Zone: MST
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT: Yes.
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  7. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Amazing event tonight with some of the many new recruits! Really fantastic teamwork from the old and new blood alike. I'm really proud of what this community has become. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and although THoA has its roots in a small, tightknit community, that hasn't made it elitist or divided the ranks whatsoever as it has grown into a much larger company.

    Some screenshots to commemorate our recent events!

    {Excellent to see THoA comprising the entire team these days. With such numbers our victories and tactical superiority in most games have shown exponential improvement}


    {Force Commander Hyperius and Secundus Sergeant Lemartius casually observe victory in the making}


    {A small but specialised Ground Assault Combat Squad follow the Force Commander in a daring strike to flank the enemy defences)


    {And finally the most recently assembled Strike Force from The Hammer of Arkhona, including many of our excellent new warriors}


  8. Strigi Recruit

    Character Name: Brother Seraphael
    Chapter: Dark Angels
    Preferred Class: Apothecary > Tactical/Assualt > Devastator
    Preferred Weapons: Bolter
    Other: Already did a test run with you guys and joined. But this is for formal matters.
    Time Zone: GMT +1
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0: Yes
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  9. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Great to have you with us today, brother! Welcome to The Hammer!
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  10. I do believe that THoA Company is this way in a large measure because of you Hyperius. Of course the rest of the members has incidence in the Company'S behavior ,but you as Force Commander (and out of the roleplaying, as a leader) have proven yo be supoortive to the new members, and never cast anyone aside. You literally earn the respect of others by the way you manage the Company turning it into something more like a family. Very few times I've been so comfortable in a guild before, nor I've ever had such a feeling of belonging and loyalty in other games guilds as I do in THoA.
    So sir ,summarizing, The Hammer of Arkhona is the way it is because of you, and is the reflection of the way you are. Commendations on you for your superb work and for being such a good man.

    P.S.: I'd also like to make a mention to the squad sergeants and THoA community overall for helping in making this game so much more fun to play.
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