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The Hammer Of Arkhona - Loyalists, Heed The Call

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hyperius, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The Hammer of Arkhona

    ++By Edict of Imperial High Command
    Let it be known that the Masters of the Crusade for Arkhona
    Have seen fit to sanction the activation of
    Provisional Adeptus Astartes Company
    'The Hammer of Arkhona'
    To serve as an elite strike-force who
    With the combined strength of elements from all deployed Chapters
    Are tasked with bringing the might of the Imperium
    To smash the enemies of Man
    And return this world
    Once and for all
    Into His Realm
    The Emperor Protects++

    Arkhona is ablaze with the flames of war. The hated foe, the Despoiler himself, is rumoured to have set foot on Arkhonan soil. This cannot be allowed to stand. Imperial retribution is en route to cleanse the taint, be it that of the heretical Arch-Enemy, the savagery of the Greenskins, or whatever else threatens the rule of the Emperor. The Imperial War-Engine is vast and undeniable, and it falls upon this theatre of war with terrifying might. In the midst of this mass deployment however, it is vital that the details and minutiae of location-specific strategies and tactics do not go overlooked. Sheer brute force alone will not ensure victory. To this end, the activation of a provisional Space Marine Company has been sanctioned, to be composed of warriors from every Chapter present on Arkhona.

    Operating as a single brotherhood for the duration of the conflict, this provisional company will focus on precision strikes, utilising lightning raid tactics to destabilise enemy positions and relieve the efforts of allied forces in entrenched or stalemated combat scenarios. The initial expectation is a small but tightknit company of Battle Brothers, divided into two or three squads with dedicated roles, who will operate in concert with one another to maximise their combat efficacy. However, should the situation on Arkhona prove so dire that Imperial reinforcements continue to flood in, it is within the mandate of 'The Hammer of Arkhona' to increase their size in order to better execute their operations. This will ensure that the Strike Force remains versatile and yet strong enough to be a deciding factor in the War for Arkhona.

    * * *

    The 'Hammer of Arkhona' is intended to be a company of (+18 age) players who value the importance of teamwork, the fun in competitive gaming and the flavour of some light role-play. We will strive to stand out as a company who makes a difference in the fight and is renowned and feared in equal measures for their unique combination of skills (as will be enhanced by the presence of characters from all available Chapters) as well as their battlefield co-ordination.

    I would like to stress that I will not be accepting players who are multi-clan. If you are already in another guild/clan/chapter/company for the game Eternal Crusade, please do not apply. I have had issues with time management and commitment levels from players who are multi-clan, and have decided that it is not in the best interests of THoA.

    If that sounds appetising to you, I welcome and encourage you to fill out the below form and post it in this thread:
    Character Name:
    Preferred Class: (Tactical, Assault, Devastator, Apothecary)
    Preferred Weapons:
    Other: (Anything else you would like to share with us, about your self or your preferences. Not required but welcome)
    Time Zone: (In GMT if possible)
    Would you be able to attend at least one of our regular weekend events on Friday at 7pm GMT+0/Saturday at 7pm GMT+0/Sunday at 7pm GMT+0:
    We use the browser and client based chat program Discord for all of our organisation and communication. It requires no download unless you want the client version. Once you make your application you will receive an invite to our discord channel.

    As a note of reference, the timezone that I operate in is GMT+0.

    If you join, I would also appreciate it if you added me on Steam under '[THoA] Hyperius', or else PMed me your steam name so that I can add you.

    I look forward to meeting my potential Battle Brothers!

    To All Guilds, Alliances And Crusader Groups !
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  2. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The Hammer of Arkhona - Status: Activated
    Company Disposition: 26 Battle Brothers

    (Hyperius) Hyperius Agrippa, Force Commander, Ultramarines

    (Radkewolf) Demetrius Eisen, Company Champion, Imperial Fist

    (Brother_Nemiel) Nem'iel Hieremias, Brother-Sergeant, Tactical/Assault, Dark Angels

    (Brother_Siriel) Siriel, Brother-Sergeant, Tactical, Dark Angels

    (Avenging-Angel) Viserys Pollux, Battle Brother, Assault, Blood Angels

    (HeavyGunner) Ferro Bellator, Battle Brother, Tactical/Devastator, Space Wolves

    (GreyKnight2208) Decimus Tassadar, Battle Brother, Tactical, Ultramarines

    (Syth) Syth Slayer, Battle Brother, Assault, Space Wolves

    (Jeddah) Argath Cahrn, Battle Brother, Devastator, Blood Angels

    (Adamusar) Tarkis, Battle Brother, Tactical, Dark Angels

    (Harazard) Miran, Battle Brother, Tactical/Assault/Devastator, Ultramarines

    (Rachnus) Rachnus, Battle Brother, Wolf Priest, Space Wolves

    (Zebulox) Zebulox, Battle Brother, Assault/Tactical, Blood Angels

    (Jolinar) Jolinar, Battle Brother, Tactical, Wolf Priest, Space Wolves

    (Cobblewobble) Lemartius, Battle Brother, Apothecary, Imperial Fists

    (Octavius) Octavius, Battle Brother, Assault/Apothecary, Blood Angels

    (Alpharik) Alpharik, Battle Brother, Devastator/Assault, Imperial Fists

    (xORedWolf68Ox) Castiel Dariam, Battle Brother, Tactical, Ultramarines

    (linosh111) Linosh, Battle Brother, Tactical, Ultramarines

    (Marcoags) Marco Tsedecurius, Battle Brother, Assault, Ultramarines

    (Bracko) Cassius Manakel, Battle Brother, Tactical, Blood Angels

    (Kiwik) Krataniel, Battle Brother, Tactical, Dark Angels

    (Master-Janus) Janus, Battle Brother, Apothecary/Assault, Dark Angels

    (McNerdRage) Ferusvir, Battle Brother, Tactical, Space Wolves

    (Draveurs) Draveurs 'The Fist of the Emperor', Battle Brother, Tactical, Imperial Fists

    (Helldryn) Helldryn Fylus, Tactical/Apothecary, Ultramarines [Honorary Battle Brother]
  3. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    -Reserved for further Lore Information-
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  4. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

  5. Character Name: Viserys
    Chapter: Blood Angels
    Preferred Class: Tactical
    Preferred Weapons: Flexible
    Other: Under a Vow of Exceptional Silence following the Arkio Insurrection
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  6. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    Welcome Brother Viserys Pollux!

    You are the first to opt to join The Hammer of Arkhona. Much honour will this bring you!

    Should the Raven Guard be able to accept the call to war, I will look forward to utilising your particular talents on the field of war as part of the Company. If not, your close combat expertise as a Blood Angel will serve the Emperor well.
  7. Character Name: Brother Veteran Sergeant Keriel
    Chapter: Dark Angels
    Preferred Class: Tactical/Assault
    Preferred Weapons: Thunder hammer/Artificer bolt pistol
    Other: Although I am a Dark Angel, I find some solace in shattering enemies and buildings alike in the Iron Warrior way
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  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    A Dark Angel and a Veteran Sergeant at that. The Hammer is honoured to have so veteran a warrior opt to join its ranks.

    Depending on Company organisation, we will have to see how we can put your rank as a Veteran sergeant to good use.

    I will also seek to put your particular approach to battle to the best use possible.

    Welcome to the Hammer of Arkhona Brother Keriel!
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  9. Thank you for accepting me into your ranks. It is an honor to serve along so brave warriors. I also look forward to cooperate with our Raven Guard brother, his cunning will be gratly appreciated to compensate my somewhat more... direct approach.
    Just one thing, might I ask you what is your chapter, Hyperius?
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  10. The Raven Guard have to win first brother
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