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The "GrandDaddy" has arrived...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Travellar, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Travellar Travellar Ordinate

    Greetings and Well Met … Brothers!

    I have enjoyed the Warhammer 40K universe for a long, long time. I actually have a first edition Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader ruleset that I bought back when it came out (1987). Can anybody top that? Since I am that ancient I am nicknaming myself the "GrandDaddy 40ker" .

    I started playing table top miniatures with Warhammer 40k epics (which I believe are no longer produced) and the normal table top miniatures. I have since gravitated to whole host of 40K computer games. I am excited to join the Eternal Crusade and I have purchased a Founder's Pack and started killing and being killed in closed Alpha.

    If you want to find me just look for "Ritus" who is a Tactical Ultra Marine and know that if you have been purged in the Emperor's name it was by a GrandDaddy at 40k. You better work on your skills and get better or suffer the humiliation! "If" or should I say "when" you get me down then know you have shot, stabbed or bashed a GrandDaddy at 40k so take those 5 seconds to bask in your infamy and go buy yourself a bigger weapon for next time we meet ...


    Ritus * Tactical * Ultra Marine
  2. Welcome to the fray, Brother!

    Immerse yourself, and enjoy! There are many things to come :)

    And maybe the years may dull the senses against the forces of Chaos ;)
  3. FoggySWE Subordinate

    Greetings venerable brother Ritus. Though I am not as ancient as you I got into the hobby roughly at the same time.
  4. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    lol ... been killed by Ritus, and killed him

    and I'm probably in the same generation mate (47 this year)
  5. Travellar Travellar Ordinate

    Greeting Brothers .... Thank you for the retorts.

    Siegebreaker - We were just in a couple of battle together once as Brothers and then you went HERETIC you box climber!

    FoggySWE - you might qualify for "GrandDaddy" status. Same for you Tarl68, and it is good to know that Battle Brothers exist who know the true tome of conflict. I will be watching for all in the future.

    Ritus * Tactical * Ultra Marine
  6. Antioch GildedAngel New Member

    Glad to see that I'm not the only old man in the bunch! 48 years young and I remember Rogue Trader 1st Ed., too!
  7. Elorrah Elorrah New Member

    Well I'm not as old as you gents, but I'm close.

    I started with Rogue Trader as well, circa 1991/2 while I was working at a comic store in high school. I had been painting minis for a couple of years before I found out there was a game to go with! Slannesh was my first love, but several armies (and many years) later I'm full-on Eldar.
  8. Travellar Travellar Ordinate

    Antioch you are qualifying for GrandDaddy status <Salute> ... Elorrah the heretical xenos side of me started playing Eldar in the early days I still like them ... probably will be my solo alt player (Striking Scorpion - maybe) ... but my main is gonna be with the ULTRA MARINES the Empires finest!

    Ritus * Tactical * Ultra Marine
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  9. heh heh heh...

    Welcom abord lad! Guess youze klassify as a Nob since youze a vet!


    but youze a humie...hmm...

    dont matta I guess

    Welkom aboard lad!
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  10. Travellar Travellar Ordinate

    Greetings Rokdak and may Projectiles pierce your Green hide ... I should introduce you to another longtime alt Hool Teethripper you would like him ... you all have a lot in common :D

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