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The Gallian Heresy (experimental Rp)

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  1. Fore Warning: This RP is based off a six sided die for each interactive part of the story and will either A: be based of an average of several rolls (10+) to choose a single action/event or B: several players will first create a squad of 6-12 players from the assorted list and will each contribute a single roll to the events/battles to enforce the outcomes. Note: This is war so shit happens, you can possibly die as early as the first engagement if you are VERY VERY unlucky. I will attempt to limit such things as much as possible. All hostile interactions will be controlled by myself and each section once the intro kicks off will attempt to have at least one combat interaction or main story component.
  2. A Guardsman's Account of the Hive Gallian Heresy M.41.37.243 Sub-Sector Aurelia
    Security Index: Magenta Level Clearance or Higher
    Insert Security key new.....Welcome Inquisitor

    Dawn broke quickly over the hazy plumes of smog and industrial pollution dotting the broken landscape across the outer precincts of Hive Gallian. Slim beams of light, tainted and twisted into hues of green and muddy brown illuminate the parade ground of the 107th PDF/11th Gallian Grenadiers District. A small collection of Pre-Fab ferrocrete bunkers surrounding a large motor-pool leading to the large gap in the Hives outer wall mark the first such checkpoint in a long series of defensive hardpoints on the Hives primary defensive wall, known to many as “The Wall of Martyrs”.

    Standing amongst the shaded grounds of the inner parade ground, a small group of Guardsmen armoured in heavy flak and coal colored uniforms maneuver the latest set of field mortars into place. Looking down into the darkened areas of the ground, more shapes the size of small roaches can be seen scuttling across the collected arms of artillery in preparation for the days inspection. Smartly dressed honor guard in stark white and pristine gold uniforms march in step along the outer fence and stand at parade rest at each entrance into the compound. All of a sudden, a large explosion overtakes the southern reaches of the compound sending plumes of debris and flaming fumes into the parade ground and engulfing the nearby guardsmen in a frenzy of screams. Stumbling out of the rapidly receding fires, those unfortunate walk around in a daze, aflame from head to foot and loosing heart wrenching screams as their flesh slinks off of their now wasted frames before slumping to the ground in a twitching mass of scorched bones and blackened carapace. The surrounding soldiers look on in horror at the scene, trapped in a series of helplessness as twitching shapes slowly move out from the epicenter of the explosion and into the compound. The most disciplined of the honor guard quickly snap into action as decades of training kick in and the Grenadiers begin to secure the still burning patches of the sandbagged parade ground.

    As the shapes loom closer still, the guardsmen begin to make out the mutated mass of shapes that had once been identifiable as human. Tentacled masses and overgrown limbs jut out of every surface, rending claws and razor sharp bone growths protrude seemingly at random from the motley assembly of plagued horrors. As the infestation nears the the outer zone of the parade ground, the ranks of gathered Gallian Grenadiers and PDF begin to loose a frantic haze of lasfire and autocannon shells into the approaching ranks. Officers shout orders up and down the line attempting to instil fire discipline but the order that once held the soldiers intact begins to deteriorate as the forward ranks of horrors absorb the incoming fire, limbs regrowing or simply deflecting the masses of shrapnel and flesh rending beams. Several explosions ripple in the distance as the plagued born march against the faithful, the day is the 7th of Autumn Imperial Calander M.41.37 and the first Heresy of Hive Gallian has begun.

    You, loyal servant of the Imperium and a veteran of countless battles in His name, have been marshalled into a crowded street filled with PDF, Magistratum, and Imperial Guard forces attempting to deploy across a scattered battlefront in the Hives depths. Pushing your way through the throng of gatherers soldiers and terrified civilians, you quickly reach the nearby Munitorium serfs passing out freshly stamped weapons, ammunition and armor. Looking up from the hastily assembled barricade placed in between a pair of eight wheeled APCs is a young clerk robbed in the trademark grey robes of the Munitorium, his face is marked by a fresh bandage dotted in crusted blood along the edges and he attempts to refocus his glare goggles over them before addressing you. Before you can respond, a sergeant in heavy carapace with the Hives Honor Guard Aquila stamped across his chest battle plate pushes him aside and asks,”I’ve seen you before, you were good back at the recruiting grounds 12 years ago and I saw the reports from the rebellion in New Trallin. Tell me, interested in putting down some heretics for crap pay and barely any compensation? What does it matter, you’re coming with me. Grab any and all equipment you can and meet me at the front barricade in 5 minutes, we’re preparing an assault against the Mercantile district.”

    As the grizzled sergeant departs, you look back at the clerk and begin to select your equipment. Laid out in prepared kits based off expertise and experience lye six sets of armaments and armor prepared for the combat ahead. (Keep in mind that the weapon set you receive will also choose your class/perk settings based off the gear composition, this will be explained at a later entry)
    The first set is a light carapace with cameoline inlays designed to blend into the nearby surroundings quickly. A small serrated combat knife in a plated scabbard hugs the torso chest plate alongside a pair of grenades marked with an unknown warning symbol on them. A long barreled autogun with a suppressor and extended magazine accompanies the kit with a single slimmed down, snub nosed auto-pistol. The assorted kit should be useful at bypassing majority of the infested cultists and citizens but will leave you vulnerable in a standout fight, seeing as how you will most likely be following the sergeants retinue, you might find yourself relying more on your teammates for fire support.
    The second set is more familiar to you with the trademark Lasgun with a recharger backpack for prolonged burst firing alongside heavy riot enforcer carapace. A boarding shield rests alongside the wall next to it with a side port on either side designed for the rifle and appears to be effective against most small arms fire. A wrist mounted mechanism adorns the carapace and houses a small one use flamethrower with three recharge canisters, could be useful in crowd control and also to rapidly destroy sensitive components.
    The third weapons kit lies in a large metal crate labeled by a small holo screen. The list reveals a new prototype assault set with an anti-grav jet pack designed to allow quick traversing of the battlefield. A rapid fire autogun with a belt fed bandolier rests alongside it and a well equipped set of carapace armor designed to fit the anti-grav pack lies on top of the crate. Looking over the contents, you reason that it would be useful to be able to quickly traverse the burning wreckage and destroyed buildings but ammunition would be much more scarce as you will have to travel even lighter to ensure you can make the most out of the gravity lift.
    A massive autocannon rests aside a powered carapace suit designed for long range support fire. Thigh mounted stabilizers mark the armors lower parts and you reason that they would be able to deploy in a stationary position to provide a much stabler firing position. A twin tanked promethium canister is attached to the back of the armor and you follow the tubes to see that they attach to the underside of the autocannons massive rotating barrel. Thinking over the equipment, you reason that the lack of mobility could be worth the heavy firepower seeing as how you will most likely be cut off for a long time once you leave the rally point.
    Browsing over the fifth selection, you spot a Magistratus riot gear kitted out to the brim with a twin barreled Torrento shotgun alongside a plasteel plated boarding shield capable of weathering all but the heaviest of small arms fire. Standard reinforced carapace marked with the Aquila and the Hive Gallian Eagle Banner accompany the weapon and shield. A long ten inch combat knife is in a thigh scabbard and a twin set of heavy auto-pistols adorn either flank of the gear. Seeing as how the hive is a mass of catacombs and close quarters engagements, the Riot Gear might be a good choice for the most optimal combat. Also, seeing as how there are several Magistratum Enforcers in the initial zones overrun, ammo and replacement kit might be easier to come by.
    The final set is a specialized storm trooper carapace fitted with a meltagun attachment on the primary recharger pack and a hellgun on the secondary recharger pack. The heavy carapace is coated in a special heat resistant chemical that will help reduce the damage dealt by fire and explosive impacts. The kit appears to have no melee weapons and is potentially hazardous if you overload the containment chamber of the meltagun, but the weapon also packs the biggest punch out of all the weapons listed.

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