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The Forces Of Chaos Vs The Tyranids?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Duster, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. I think i just died a little inside. Please tell me HOW the Tyranids have any plot armour that any other faction does not have equal to.

    As for your comment on reinforcements, i was not implying those spread out fleets would come. I was implying that the Tyranids coming to this galaxy may have less than a galaxy's-worth of biomass, especially since they went so long without biomass while traveling through the void (they were dormant but that doesn't mean they dont expend biomass to maintain life support systems)
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  2. dont worry. i hear you. and i understand and already know about your arguments.
    also, thats not a throwaway line at all. its in every nid codex, and is mentioned CONSTANTLY.
    also, marneus calgar is about on par with the storm lord if i remember correctly.
    the swarm lord is FAR above calgar in every single way.
    marneus calgar (roughly) = storm lord
    storm lord is one of the greatest necron lords
    swarmlord >>>> calgar
    thus, swarmlord >>>> storm lord, along with basically every necron lord, considering the storm lord is one of the greatest.
    they are adaptable in ways the necrons simply are not--though the necrons have some of the best technology there is, if the Tyranids somehow managed to become resistant to it via SCIENCE, they would be screwed--though that probably wouldn't happen. besides, this thread is about chaos vs nids. crons vs nids are another good fight, and as with this, it could go either way/would never end.
    However, it would, IMO, come down to the necrons holding of the waves of trillions of trillions of tyranids, while the nids would have no way to keep up those numbers forever, they could just rely on already obtained biomass--but if the crons held out, they would win by default.
  3. I don't think there's a way to become resistant to gauss weapons, considering a gauss weapon rips apart atomic bonds. So, maybe, if the tyranid manage to... be made up... of something other than atoms? I dunno.

    Also, while the necrons aren't able to rapidly evolve to combat a threat they've sort of shown they don't need to. The necrons, even though they are ancient, have reached a technological plateau that the other races haven't. Against the tyranids they're even stronger, because the advantages the tyranids rely upon don't work against the necron.

    1) Shadow in the Warp/Hive Mind abilities. Necrons can be hurt by warp magic, but they have their own way of nullifying psychic abilities IIRC.
    2) Biomass, or lack thereof. I don't think necrodermis can be processed by tyranids, at least in the recorded confrontation between the two it doesn't seem as if that occurred. So, unless a third army was involved, the tyranid warmachine would be destroyed very quickly since there's no biomass to process - especially once the necron use gauss weapons.
    3) Gauss weapons, see above.
    4) Necron resurrection/Necrodermis - where the tyranid reinforcements are finite, the necrons have a slightly easier time replenishing their losses with their ability to resurrect/be refitted. On top of that, necrodermis makes them pretty durable in their own right.

    It wouldn't be a slow grind to victory, the necrons would cut through the tyranids rather quickly and probably cause the tyranids to retreat rather than stay and fight.

    Which is why conflict between the two is so low. Tyranids try to avoid tombworlds and necrons don't really see the tyranids as a threat unless they're invading a tombworld - or a world they ruled over at one point in time.
  4. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Necrons potentially could have been more dangerous than the Nids before a certain defiler of ink got his hands on them and turned them into Tomb Kings in Space. Nowadays, the Necrons are to busy with infighting and dicking around as if they were any serious threat to the Tyranids.

    I would also like to second what Hive Tyrant said. The Tyranids always get the short end of the stick when it comes to plot armor, especially when they fight Ultrasmurf. However, I also hold that this is a sheer necessity because, logically speaking, the Tyranids would be nigh-invincible due to their sheer numbers and faction unity were it not for the plot-armored Heroes of the Imperium.
  5. The Newcrons are actually a bit more dangerous than the Oldcrons. The Oldcrons were, relatively, mindless and driven on by a machine purpose. The Newcrons, on the other hand, having any form of intelligence and free will can be more dangerous through manipulation and free will.

    Besides, the infighting would cease when it comes down to whether or not their reconquering is threatened by some other source.
  6. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    I think the Oldcrons mindlessness actually was a great boon considering it made them fight as one (or well, as two - the Nightbringer and the Deceiver didn't really get along). The Tyranid's most unique trait is that they represent one, large unified force, as different Hive Fleet as little more than the probes of an infitely larger body of Nids outside the galaxy. Hence, there is no infighting amongst them, and they can follow their sole goal.

    The Oldcrons were very similar - high ranking Necrons like the Lords had some hint of their old personality they could use to plan strategies and the like (much like the Hive Tyrants are capable of independent thought on a limited scale), but were incapable of not obeying their C'tan masters. Hence, the only time you'd see Necrons fighting each other would be if the Legions of the two active C'tan would run into another. Nowadays, there are hundreds of small Dynasties, the majority of whom is chiefly interested in increasing its own power while caring little for their race or the universe as a whole.

    Therefore, Chaos would actually be a much larger threat to the Tyranids (as even the Chaos Gods know that worlds devoured by the Nids produce little to no faithful followers). Orkz likewise could develop into a potential threat for the Nids as both effectively are biological weapons, and it is entirely possible that there are more Orkz in the Universe than Nids - all they need is someone to unify them, and as Orkz tend to get stronger the stronger the resistance to them is, their battle against the largest hive-fleet could eventually cause a bloody standstill like in the Octarian War.
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  7. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

    Well thing is, all these hive fleets are scout fleets....
    So where ever the warrior class are, they are fighting some badass warriors
  8. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    As long as there remains players to field Tyranid armies, there's nothing to prevent them from fighting each other.

    I think lorewise, the newcrons is superior as it allows more individuality for the Necron armies. The only thing I don't like was the reduction of the C'tan (both in importance and in power), but considering they were more over the top than even Greater Daemons, perhaps this was necessary.
  9. Khorlial Member

    About the orks vs tyranids now that would be a standstill because imagine how many freakin orks will die on a planet that the tyranids conquer from them, soo much biomass then new orks will pop out of the ground of that planet for even more supplies for the tyranids if they could slowly take world by world off the orks they would become a very big problem for everyone else once done.
    In saying that, if it goes the other way and orks slowly defeat nids fleet by fleet end up learning some things from them e.g. mek gets plasma acid etc incorporates into "Newast spezial gunzz" mad doc gets his hands on regen, adrenaline '"more spezial fightn drugz" wyrd boy leans something. they too would be a very big threat
  10. Yes, but I believe the Tyranids stand to gain more than the orks should they win. The orks fighting the Tyranids in Octavius are pretty much like someone trying to put out a fire with a hose of grease.

    You may be able to douse the flame if you drown it fast enough with a massive amount of grease. Otherwise, all you get is a bigger flame.

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