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The Forces Of Chaos Vs The Tyranids?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Duster, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    I strongly doubt Chaos has the monopoly on propaganda or exaggeration tbh.
  2. Two_Face New Member

    Alright, I've actually read everything up till now, and I call complete bullshit on nids being "unstoppable".

    There is a reason animals are inferior to humans. Likewise, the nids may have an amazing ability to learn/adapt, but that is a massive step down from the ability to imagine. (Which understandably sounds mega-lame)

    Night Lords versus Tyranids.
    The NLs consciously feed the nids with bio-organisms, and provoke the nids with chemical A.
    The nids evolve rapidly to counter chemical A, and quickly multiply, using their new defence to "overwhelm" the NLs..
    Except of course, chemical A was just to breed a weakness in the nids to chemical B, which the NLs are pre-equipped to administer, en masse.
    The nids, having already used all available biomass to produce troops with this weakness, will have little/no biomass to adapt to the new threat they have just evolved a major weakness to.
    The Nids would very quickly realise their error, and then would have to decide between fleeing or pressing on.
    We all know the hive would never retreat, pushing the offense, the nid ground forces are subsequently wiped out, with the NLs utilising their new genetic weakness.
    The few new nids with an evolved defence to chemical B would be overwhelmed by the NL who are now slaughtering Nids at their leisure.
    This continues onto the now depleted bio-ships in orbit, where the NLs would take great pleasure in finally discovering what a tyranid could really feel, for science of course.

    This would be the hive's first true great defeat.

    And thus ends the tale of how the Great Night Lords taught The Devourer the meaning of the word fear.

    The NLs are brilliant tacticians and sacrificing a planet to "dope" the nids with a genetic stimulant sounds right up their alley, likewise the tyranids have never demonstrated the ability to imagine, as such, they could never prepare for this outcome. Games Workshop won't push this line because I don't think they're quite ready for the nids to be less of a threat, but this is one way to utterly annihilate a hive-fleet using entirely lore-respecting methodologies for both factions. I'm sure whoever did this would most definitely be able to call on support from any other race, which would only boost their likelihood of victory.
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  3. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    That's a bit of wishful thinking there Two_face. For one, Tyranid's can adapt between waves of the little blighters farted out into the planet below. Two, they can kill you quickly and can very quickly reach critical mass.

    The idea between Tyranid assaults is that they assault you so quickly and with such over-whelming numbers that you don't really have time to think of pretty little tricks. Even Marneus Calgar (hallowed be thy name) was supposed to be hard pressed to formulate strategies against them, especially when the Swarmlord comes out.

    The Tau, who is known for their innovative strategies, only barely managed to defeat Gorgon.

    As long as the Tyranids continue to harvest and eat cadavers and flora while you're busy prepping them for your secret awesome technique, they will not run out of biomass to re-spin their dna. You're better off trying to hide surface to orbit vortex missile batteries and try to pinpoint Norn Queen vessels to alpha strike.
  4. see, the main thing you miss is that it's been stated SO MANY TIMES that the tyranids WILL WIN unless the majority of the galaxy somehow bands together, or just ignores eachother, and fights the nids.
    also, nids cannot feel fear. they don't have the ability to. they don't have the ability to feel doubt. they just kind of say 'oh well, at least i have another GALAXIE'S WORTH OF TROOPS TO THROW AT YOU'.
    they have taken entire galaxies. thats another thing.
    thus, they have the equivilant biomass of every single biological species in 40k, at THE BARE MINIMUM.
    they have probably eaten more galaxies than one though.
    stories get exagerated simply by being retold--that, or just changed drastically.
    especially when people choose to lie about all kinds of shit.
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  5. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    For some reason, Hive mind and Tyranids, reminds me of Skynet and Terminators...
  6. Baygle Baygle Well-Known Member

    [Badass Hivetyrant with sunglasses]: "I'll be back"
  7. However, there is also the possibility that hive fleets reaching this galaxy are just a fraction of a galaxy's-worth of biomass, fore the Tyranids could have split up to cover more ground across the universe.

    But i do agree that there are a massive amount of Tyranids in the galaxy already, and even more are on the way

    About "having no imagination": The hive's strategists are very imaginative when a challenge presents itself. Just look at the Gholara Swarm.The Tyranids were OUT-NUMBERED and were able to defeat and consume an entire world of Orks with their hive ships having been destroyed.
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  8. also, i dont care whos leading the humans. tyranids will have AT LEAST equal tactics. they have made basically everybody they encountered look like a little kid chewing on a chess board in comparison, in terms of strategic capability. the reason they haven't pulled some super duper maneauver is that they dont need to. if they can spam swarms of gaunts and win, that's the most straightforward way, and has worked thus far.
    but seriously. calgar was a little bitch compared to swarmlord. swarmy is EASILY on primarch level in physical and psychic capability, and probably above many in strategic capability/intelligence.
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  9. Two_Face New Member

    So, are Necrons a bigger threat or Nids?
    Use your head, it's called artistic licence, and Nids are far from the worst thing to happen to the galaxy. Some canon things that prove nids are not all-powerful:
    1. They can starve.
    2. Tyrannic War Vets, This is a small force which has repelled the Nids numerous times.
    3. They are not flame-retardant.
    I could keep going, but that is enough. I do not understand why the two of you are so hell-bent on believing Nids are unstoppable, when they have been shown up numerous times. I know this is not going to convince you of anything, but hopefully this will at least let you see how biased you are being, and understand that what you keep repeating is not an impartial opinion.

    The Tyranids are not unstoppable (especially not the hive-fleets), even with the ridiculous plot-armour Games Workshop has given them.

    As for some lame throwaway line like "However, there is also the possibility that hive fleets reaching this galaxy are just a fraction of a galaxy's-worth of biomass, fore the Tyranids could have split up to cover more ground across the universe."

    I get it, nids make you happy, but the point is they are not unstoppable, and it would take SO FREAKING LONG for these "unstoppable hordes" to come to help that it would be at least WH50k.
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  10. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    Until they reach the Salamanders homeworld I should imagine, then I should imagine all sorts of flame retardant will be evolved haha.

    Nids are not unstoppable, but every species has that sort of claim. Chaos is inevitable; Tyranids are unstoppable etc, etc. Hell the Imperium is supposed to be on it's last legs, but they're still out there claiming new planets, losing old ones and yet still has an inexhaustible supply of men to throw at the front lines (and not care about casualties), so essentially a zero sum game really.

    Actually, as far as I know, in fluff the only true victor will be Chaos, it's just whether everyone supposedly lives to the end to be beaten by Chaos and not get eaten at the Tyranid buffet first is the question.

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