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The Forces Of Chaos Vs The Tyranids?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Duster, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Duster Duster Active Member

    How would they shape up based on lore? I assume the iron warriors and plague marines would be just fine, but what about the others? I know slaanesh would struggle without trying to mess with the overmind. Tzeentch would likely route them into enemies. I do not know about other divisions.
  2. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    I would definitely route the into my enemies. I have Thousand Sons on table top and they hate having to fight Tyranids.
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  3. Bring the tyranids against the mighty World Eaters and whatch as countless deaths and oceans of blood cover the entire planet! GIVE PRAISE TO KHORNE MY BROTHERS!
  4. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    IIRC Tyranids can sense and avoid Daemon Worlds. So they must not like you guys too much.

    Maybe you smell.
  5. The Necromancer Well-Known Member

    Tyranids are deaf to my monologues, which makes them a boring enemy to fight or harass.
    Leave them to the Orkz to squish.
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  6. Morentz Morentz Subordinate

    Tyranids don't care what world lies in their path, as long as it has bio-mass it will devour it. There was a short story that I read where tyranids were on a daemon world and it was awesome becasue it was Lord of Changes vs Zonthropes, and all other kinds of battle raging on. Everyone should FEAR the Great Devour for no one can stop them. I play Tyranids so I'm excited that their in this game.
  7. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Chaos has many cunning strategies to deal with foes of this nature, we grab a screaming imperial guard and tie him to a chaos marker pole, then we open up a portal that circles the imperial guard, as the tyranid swarm to eat the screaming bait they will fall into the portal and will be sent out directly into a sun.

    We set up several of these traps, and we call them the NID busters.
  8. Morentz Morentz Subordinate

    You don't understand, you can only use it once and the next time they will just ignore it or have a gargoyle swoop down and pick him up. Tyranids are as stupid as you think. Even if you come up with different plans they will know what to do. Sorry if I'm getting defensive over them but they were my first army ever.
  9. The Necromancer Well-Known Member

    How everything involving Tyranids as a foe eventually ends with.

  10. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Me and my buddies have had long long discussions about this.

    After a lot of debating and reading, basically it would boil down to who has a stronger presence. The Hive Mind or the Warp Storm/Daemon Prince of the planet. If the Tyranid presence is far stronger then it would effectively drive everyone insane and banish daemons to the warp, as it would cut the planet off from the warp. The Tyranids would basically romp over the planet easily.

    On the flip-side, if the Warp Storm/Daemon Prince is incredibly powerful/more powerful than the Hive Mind, then the Hive Mind would be scrambled and the Tyranid hive fleet would collapse into in-fighting. All the lesser beasts would go wild and the synapse creatures would have no Hive Mind. From there it would just be divide and conquer.

    An example of this happened on Medusa V where the Hive Fleet had to abandon the planet due to the Warp Storm which left the numerous bio-ships launched against the planet leaderless and as such, just reverted to animal instinct.

    Not only that, but I don't think the Hive Fleet would enjoy consuming a bunch of horribly corrupted organisms. It would wreak havoc on the Hive Fleet.

    TL;DR: Comes down to who has a more profound impact on the warp. The Tyranid Hive Mind or the Chaos Gods. Either which utterly devastates the other.

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