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The Forces Of Chaos (lost And The Damned & Dark Mechanicum)

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Narak, Nov 18, 2013.


Would like to have the Lost and the Damned and Dark Mechanicum?

  1. Yes?

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  2. No?

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  1. Tyrant of Ghamura Narak Subordinate

    It seems to me that whenever the subject of the Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle comes up, There's always someone one going about how that will add too much power to the Imperial Side, especially Chaos Players. However, I can't help but think that many of you are forgetting that there is more to Chaos than just the Chaos Space Marines.

    From what I know, whether it was true or not, the several developers have already stated that they want to add all the Races Available, whether as playable or NPC. Personally, I believe that they will add the Necrons, despite the hate some of you have for it. A lot of people want it, and one developer has already said they're going to try and include them. I honestly think they'll add Necrons as an NPC faction

    There are other parts of Chaos aside from the Astartes. There is the Lost and the Damned and the Dark Mechanicus( Which could be included into the Lost and the Damned, if you really think about it.)

    After reading many of the Black Library Novels, Primarily Gaunt's Ghost, I think it would be interesting to have have Traitor Guard and the likes on par with Groups such as Blood Pact, Sons of Sek, and Stigmartus.
    It would be the perfect match against the Imperial Guard. We'd be the perfect counter them, with our Daemon-Engines and Stolen Vehicles matching their own. Not to mention we could have Corrupted Skitarii where the Dark Mechanicum are involved and we can include Mutants and Beastmen to our own forces. There's alot of variety from them that I think we can add.
  2. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    I would love to see the Dark Mechanicum be involved, building the machines of war and fierce deamon engines. They could be almost anything considering there is not limit to how far their cybernetics go. Need to be tougher? Add metal under your skin. Need to command minions more effectivly? Build a vox unit in your head or build something that gives you telepathy like powers. The possibilities are endless! The same could be said for psychic powers too.
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  3. Morentz Morentz Subordinate

    This stuff here would be the counter part to what the Imperial forces will get. I think they should match the Imperial blow for blow and by what I mean is for every new army the Imperial get chaos should get the same equivalent army.
  4. Kreator Kreator New Member

    Well, saying that a SM Legion is just SMs + servitors is just incorrect. Think about it. Who's building their weapons, their ships, their siege engines, etc? Dark Mechanicum do. Because they're basically the only ones who can do that. Also, let's not forget that any Legion must replace it's losses. Who's responsible for that? Well, one might say that an Apothecary is, but what happens if some of the equipment gets broken? Dark Mechanicum come to the rescue once again. If you read BL books, you can remember that Nightlords (the ones with Talos) had their own Dark Mechanicum guy, Word Bearers (from the omnibus) had multiple DM guys, Iron Warriors (from the omnibus) also had those. They are essential to the Legions (and Chapters on the loyalist side aswell).
    Now, whether they should be in the game. I am not really sure that PvE carebearing in a game aimed at PvP will be much fun. What do DM do? Well, they build...and repair...and control servitors. But that's basically it. They don't fight (well, okay, there are some rare cases when they do, but it's not their primary or even secondary objective, they fight when there is no way to avoid fighting), they just build and repair. Will it be fun to play as one? I am not so sure.
    Now, chaos guardsmen are much more interesting, since they are basically normal guardsmen with some chaos 'buffs' and a different ideology. Playing as those will be fun, sure.
  5. Tyrant of Ghamura Narak Subordinate

    We could simply include the Dark Mechanicum as part of the lost and the damned. Hereteks and their Corrupted Skitarii and other inventions are dangerous veings indeed. But having a faction to match tge Imperial Guard would be well worth it in my opinion.
  6. Kor Phaeron Member

    I honestly believe that will add the Imperial Guard as a faction. Whether it will be playable or NPC is up to the devs, judging from the forums most likely playable. Despite the hate that certain people might have for the topic, the lore is going to be broken to make this game. Thd lore has to be broken to eve make this game feasible. The nearly 7000 people that inhabit this forum are barely going to be even a 1/4th of this games overall population. The devs are using this forum to take in ideas and suggestions for this game. What people are going to want is variety. And by adding the majority of the races through expansions and dlc over timd, I think we'll have that much needed variety and flavor. Plus it will help thin out certain populstions like the space marines, which the majority of SoB and IG players are residing in.

    So yes, I would love to see the Lost and the Damned and Daemons added as two factions. Preferably in the separate dlcs. Each army is strong in it's own right and adds much variety. And like I said the majority of players love variety ( and evil armies for that matter)

    With the Lost and the Damned, you can bring forth a horde of interesting units. Traitor Guards Men and Cultist for standard ranged units, Beastmen for strong melee combatants, hereteks for tech priest, rogue psykers, apostate cardinals and priest to match Chaplains, chirugeons to equal apothecaries and medics.Lets not forget mutants that vary in strength, size, and shape, so they could make a considerable force. Let's not forget the vehiclex themselves. The Lost have many stolen Imperial Vehicles so it would amazing to see them bring forth corrupted and chaos decorated Leman Russ, Basilisk, Chimera, etc and even more so to see Daemon Vessels such as Stalk Tanks.AAnd we cluld match land raiders and Imp. Baneblades with our own Chaos Baneblades.

    And then there's Daemons. The blessed children of the Gods, the manifestations of hjmanities most base emotions. True Angels of the Warp. Blood letters fod melee, Daemonettes for the speed, Pkague Bearers for the endurance, Horrors spewing warp fire from afar. Daemon Heralds leading forth entire host of the Neverborn. We've got juggernauts mounts, Disc of Tzeentch, and dozens of other monsters at their disposal.
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  7. EkkaddonJoe Ekaddon Arkhona Vanguard

    I second all of this. Die hard Vraks and Bloodletter list fan right here
  8. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    Well said. I disagree with "forces of the Imperium" as much as i do "forces of Chaos". Most of these Faction are full and cover all the bases themselves without being forced to team up together under one banner.
    Ive had this conversation before. It leads to good "good" factions playing under one banner and all "bad" playing under another. No thanks, we limit the playable races during the campign to around 4-5 and it shouldnt be an issue with forcing Factions to ally. Add player voting for the next campigns and you keep the player base invested. 5 Factions total, vote for which Imperial, Chaos, NPC, and 2 Xeno Factions we get and we should be fine. Sucks if you buy a DLC that becomes unpopular with this method though. Even though im sure they would do future Campigns to tie in with a DLC launch.

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