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The Fangs Of Kraken

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ryth, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Ryth Ryth Curator

    The Fangs of Kraken beckons their wolf brothers to answer the call of war and to howl their defiant oaths of moments in times of relenting treachery and darkness...

    A guild that will focus heavily on hardcore strategical warfare through squad to squad commitment and cooperation, this is the place for you if you are the type that revel in warfare based on scouting and counteraction to sieze the advantage and break the enemy through pure wit and and strenght of arms.
    You should be the kind of person who don't mind laying in wait for an ambush for twenty minutes when required, nor freeze up when the call comes for you to make split-second decisions and swift rotations.
    The purpose of the guild shall be to create a strong vanguard to break the enemy upon through clear communication and well-guided outmaneuvering, when the enemy is one step ahead we shall be two.
    Infighting shall be frowned upon, and members should accept their current stature and objective with honour and vigillance;
    A sergeant shall be in command of his subordinates, and work closely with his peers to create a strongly guided force, yet never rise above them in terms of importance: war is won through the molded collective not the few.

    As of now the guild is only in the making and as such neither a dedicated guildsite nor teamspeak server is available, but I'm looking into that and hopefully it can be ready shortly.

    --For hardcore players--
    --The ability to speak English will be required--

    ... Upon our shield and axe shall the heathen, the xenos and the traitor know His retribution. With fang and claw shall we tear at their throats till every last breath of defiance is snuffed out. With tread and boot shall we wander through bloody fields of fire and steel. We shall be unrelenting in our cause, the crag unto which their false beliefs shall clash and sunder. Through our howls shall the enemy know fear. Morkai guide our hand. For Russ! For the Wolftime!
  2. Ryth Ryth Curator

    So now there is a hastily done site ready if anyone should feel like signing up. It looks kind of terrible for the time being since I just threw it together in a jiffy and since things like banners and what not aren't my thing, but it will change in the future most likely.
  3. looks like a good guild mate. Is it space wolves only? Perhaps the fangs of kraken, and the avenging sons(my guild) could be trusted allies one day
  4. Ryth Ryth Curator

    Any loyal and honourable warrior shall be worthy of our tribute. Drop a message and you shall find an ally on the battlefield when you need one.

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