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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

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    "This ship's daemon infected, cursed trinkets. That or Swarm beasts. Possibly both, who knows." He ignored the Tau's sentimentality. "Everyone seems able enough. Better be in an environment like this. I don't have that much ammo to be optimistic about our odds at the moment. I suggest supply salvage and a very temporary base before heading for the Gloriana class." The Raven Guard took a glance at their group as a whole, taking his mind off the mountaintop with the pristine ship. What a ragtag bunch, was a miracle if they pulled through this. He shook his head at the missing Terminators, such a loss for their first company to lose number of their best brothers.

    Teja lifted his arm and a pocket of water escaped the confines of his armoured plates, sloshing on the bridge's floor. He swatted an icicle off his bolter after.
    "Salamander, how's your memory? Remember who you are yet?"
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Yes," said the Tau, undaunted by the mood of the large warrior. Oxana knew that there were many ways of hiding moods and appearing grouchy was just one of them. After all, a big lad like this wouldn't want to appear unnerved in front of his comrades! "But we need to get warm first if we are to work optimally. You have armour and we," she indicated the Water Caste and the Aun specifically, as she wasn't sure about BC, "do not."

    "So let's take stock by all means. And I bet even if you run out of shots then you can still do a lot of damage with a punch, yes?" She beamed up at Teja. Squad morale, as the Fire Caste taught, was very important and what could be more important for morale than unity and a full stomach?
  3. The Salamander had lost what had been going on in a blur, acting at the speed he could with what he saw, acting entirely on instinct as he moved and grabbed and tried to help all survive - at least that's what he thought he was doing. Either way, once he came to his senses, everyone was standing in another area, and he frowned a little as he looked around. What caught his eye first was Oxana looking in her pack and calling for a thing called Pip. But before he could give much thought to that, Teja called him.

    "I'm.. afraid not." The Salamander said, shaking his head. "I mean.. unless you count somehow making my boots stick to metal, I don't remember anything beyond that though." he said with a small shrug, making sure that he still had his sword somewhere around his body.
  4. Zoth was confused about what the strange scribbles on that stuff called paper meant, he could understand the word thanks to his communication via telepathy but that didn't mean he actually understood what was being said. So many concepts he had never heard of being brought up all at once served to leave him confused. He didn't understand what the others were talking about either and as such lost interest. He turned around to look at his new environment after they left the last place. It was just weird to him, this cave was not made of ice or rock it was made of something in between. Curious about this new place and bored of what the weird creatures were talking about Zoth decided to wander off in a random direction just to explore.
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    BC was coughing up water as they came up they were surprised by the helpfulness and the way the alien had saved their life. Coughing up water there helmet would sit beside them. A single hand would come up with a thumbs up gesture. BC's own hair was black and covered most of there face hiding even there fangs and parts of there face the only showing only pale skin. Any part of their face that was seen was minor details such s a androgynous looking face or brown eyes "I.. I am ok Just getting my bearings after that water got inside my throat." BC said as they slowly recuperated BC knew they would owe now the small blue xeno in the future as well as the Large Marnie in the bigger armor. Over the next day they would travel outside of the sunlight trying to stay out of it the most they could, any time they were in it they would be in full armor trying to cover up all of there skin, and body. Even while wet and slightly cold they knew they had to protect his skin from sun burns.

    As they were all gathered in the new ship as a possible base camp BC heard something that got them a bit concerned. "Daemon infested? You don't mean like those things that priests tell ya about that torture ya for commting since or great evils or those things you parents tell ya to watch out about do ya?" BC asked wondering now if any of the truth mother told were true. If angel of the emperor was talking bout them he began to think if there had to be some grains of truth on what he hear.

    If we do have to go for a salvage run I am defiantly in and helping out I have a few things I may have to get for myself to help support myself, That and My las-cutter can defiantly help out if we need to burn through some hull." BC aded
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    "Getting through this alive would be nice too." The Raven Guard muttered after Oxana.

    "Mag boots. The interface is really intuitive, just happens without much thinking."
    Teja said to the Salamander, moving over to the exit to consult his auspex, preparing to move out. "This hulk was in the warp without gellar fields on on every section. Prepare for worst and never lower your guard."
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    "Well that goes without saying," the now more cheerful and less damp blue girl said, looking up at the Space Marine. "If we aren't alive we can't do much else now can we?" She smiled, because she thought it was just dry humour.

    Oxana noticed that BC was seeking the shade as they travelled, so she tried to make sure that there was shade available. She was Earth Caste and so quite good with the outdoors, but figured that a touch of the sun would just give her a deeper blue tint anyway. Some Tau considered it a sign of hard work in her Caste. Oxana didn't necessarily agree, because how was an engineer hard at work on a console all day to get a pigment increase? But BC here was avoiding the sun, so maybe had sensitive skin. And the little Tau wanted to help the group.

    "Here," she said, rummaging in her pack, bringing out a single-use biodegradable packet of sunscreen stamped with a little sun symbol in a circle with a line through it. "This might help a bit!" She offered it to BC.
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    Ship 2 - Havoc Class Frigate - Pot of Gold; Room 1 - Bridge
    @bossaroo | @Jorimel | @BadDo9 | @Vanestus | @Vulpas

    The group that stayed on the bridge would notice a dim light at one of the hololith projectors. Oxana would know how to operate it, or at least figure that the glowing button would do something extraordinary. So with a gentle tap on it, suddenly it jumped to life. Buzzing and whirring, the machine spirit has awoken to the presence of non-daemons. It displayed a layout of the vessel and highlighted a path from their current position, carving through the ship in a surprising non-direct way towards the starboard-side dock.

    Maybe the vessel was showing them a way out? Or maybe it was trying to lure them into a trap?

    Either way, for now there was no danger here on the bridge and any sign of combat and terror was absent compared to a typical space hulk. So maybe setting up a temporary camp would be a wise idea. Some shut eye before moving on into unsafe territory could pay off quite well.

    Or maybe it was going to be their demise and the faster out of the Pot of Gold, the better it would be for the group as a whole. One of the troubles with dealing in unknown territory was always that each decision was a difficult one.

    Ship 2 - Havoc Class Frigate - Pot of Gold; Room 2 - Living Quarters
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    Teja and Zoth were both drawn to explore rather than sit idle around. And with only one way into, or out of, the bridge it was less than fate that brought these unlike lifeforms together. They walked shoulder-to-shoulder, more due to Teja's indoctrination and past xeno hunting not allowing him to trust the beast. Yet it seemed to know where to go, or made a good impression of such.

    In reality, Zoth wanted to explore. But yet there was a... Call. No. More of a noise. Something was there... Now here, although Teja would be unaware of such low frequency tones, he instead did not want to let the alien stroll off alone. The pair walked into an area of living quarters that was covered in almost complete darkness, save for the center of the room and two out of four corners.

    The room was filled with bunk beds, simple mattresses and steel frame beds. Some were completely corroded, while others looked like news. There were no sheets. Some mattresses were next to the bed frames, dirty and sullied. Others looked fresh removed out of the plastic bag they typically are shipped in as per Departmento Munitorum standards.

    Zoth was drawn towards one of the center beds, a trunk stood before it. That is the origin of the call. Teja followed. There was nobody in the room, both were certain. Yet this octopus-like alien was drawn to the trunk. The question was... What was inside, and why was it the only thing left in here when everything else was raided? It could possibly be indeed a Pot of Gold they stumbled across!
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    A little tinkering with the console and application of the scientific principles of the Greater Good and Oxana had the map up and working! It wasn't certain if the place was secure, but she tied to tap up a scan to see if there were any threats nearby. At least the air quality was good and, after the chilly outside, it was warm.

    "That looks like a way out," she said, "but we've already travelled quite a bit and at least some of us would be better for eating and sleeping. And washing, if we can manage it." She beamed up at the tall Aun and the next nearest among her alien compatriots. "Then we can make some more solid progress!" It was the goal of the Tau'va, after all. Progress for everyone.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    BC looked at Oxanne confused for a moment confused for a moment before deciding to try this so called sun block was something they had rarely heard of and maybe it would help with their condition deciding to take a chance they first applied some on a part of their arm they uncovered before slowly putting it out to the sun. for several seconds before putting it back into the safety of the dark. a small sizzling sound could be heard. "It does work to some degree it seems as i would usually be in much more pain then usually and almost on fire as well, Thank you for your gesture small one." BC said before covering up once more and following the others

    Pot of gold- Decisions decisons
    "Quite a idea it maybe best to rest here since this place does seem safe who knows how many areas within the hulk it self may have safe areas to rest. though we likely may need someone on watch I know i can help out with watch, I am quite good acting in the dark or at night." BC commented

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