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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

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    ~~ Road to the City of Shields ~~
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    The mutant-vampyre was almost ignored, but the Iron Warrior could not help but raise his pistol, analyzing it before holstering it. Kerus chuckled softly on Teja's question combined with the honor of looking a Raven Guard straight into the abyss of eyes they had. The power field on the fist was deactivated as well. "And that is why he is here, isn't he?" He finally replied to BC, gesturing towards the Salamander while approaching the group slowly.

    In additional response, the Iron Warrior stretched an empty hand towards Teja out in an attempt of a warriors greeting where one would embrace the others lower arm with the palm. "I have long ago left Medrengard to stop fighting a fight that belongs to a dead legion with a dead patriarch. There are better things to do in life than waste it in a nuclear wasteland."

    As the Non-Tau talked to the newcomer, the Earth Caste member would hear of a suspicious buzzing, loud and attention-seeking. But within the Hive, or cave, whichever one (or maybe both) one would call it that was home to a jolly fellow who Oxana could call companion. She spent enough time with him by now to know that it meant something along the lines of 'fishy stranger.'. Maybe the Taugineer could compare the power armor energy field to those of her two new friends, or do other tests that might give her companion some peace of mind.
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  2. Veras frowned a little when the Iron Warrior stepped forwards, his sword still gripped in his hand. The power field was deactivated for the moment, but the Salamander was still wary. The words of the newcomer seemed sincere, perhaps, but chaos taint could be subtle. "What are you doing out here?" he asked with a voice that was not hostile, but wary. "If you are the architect of the city of shields, why are not there? Out on a stroll?"
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    The little Tau listened quietly, because she was aware that one of the huge Human warriors wasn't necessarily a friend to the others when they met up like this. There were, so far as she was aware, at least two factions of their equivalent of Fire Warriors and they were not all allies. Plus, she was tiny compared to him, low centre of gravity or no. So she let the soldiers with her do the initial talking.

    There was a buzz from the secure travel habitat she'd made for Pip. Having spent some time with her friend, Oxana could only agree. Pip's instincts were good in situations like these, and if he didn't trust the stranger, then she didn't either. So instead she took the box, tapped at it for a moment as if performing maintenance (in reality, signalling that she understood) and then replaced it before taking off her pack and taking out the spare core for her water purification bottle, swapping it over and then replacing the old core. Fiddling, basically. Looking busy as she thought what to do next.

    "Well," she said, "my name is Oxana, and I am an engineer, though I wouldn't call myself an architect. And the fact of the matter is that yes, we've been asked to get a sword from the City of Shields. But," she looked up at the towering figure, "I wouldn't expect that you want to give it to us. And it looks as if we could take a third way and not bother either city."

    "I don't like to go back on a bargain, you understand, but I also don't like it when I'm not warned about the dangers ahead. And you look rather dangerous."

    "All I want to do is get out of here and find a good enough ship to go home, really."
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    Teja looked at the extended hand, then at Oxana's fiddling before refocusing on the Astartes before him. Somewhat reluctantly he stepped closer and grasped the Iron Warrior's arm as offered. He gave it firm and stern.
    "This doesn't make us brothers. I am Teja of Raven Guard."
    After the greeting he kept a keen eye on the Iron Warrior, it was not friendly but not hostile either.
    "Can't help but think of the same sentiments they have spoken. All of us want to go home but I do wonder what your relationship with the city really is."
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