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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

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    ~~ The City of Swords ~~
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    "Grandiose. Splendid." They said individually, taking it apparently as a direct yes and clasping their hands each. "Just. Go. There. And. Get. It. Maybe. You. Can. Trick. It. Out. Of. Them. The. People. Of. The. Shield. Are. Not. Very. Smart." The double-headed mutant-pair also winked when making that statement.

    "Feel. Free. To. Rest. Here. Before. Going. Onward. Or. Leave. Right. Away. Whichever. Way. You. Like. It. Will. Be. Just. Down. The. Road. You. Cannot. Miss. It." They pointed east.

    "You. Will. Be. Forever. Thanked. And. Will. Find. Warm. Food. And. A. Clean. Bed. Here." They bowed deeply in unison before apparently going on their business, leaving the four to discuss their war plan. Although the gratitude would be great for any other survivor, these four were not here to stay. And it was unlikely they would ever track backwards from the Space Hulk wrecks. But one never knew, if this ship might sink one of these days and they manage to evacuate, paths could be crossed once more.
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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Well," Oxana said, taking a last bite of the (rather tasty) pie she had been given a slice of, some kind of spiced fruit with a paler topping and a crunchy biscuit base, "now that we are alone, what does that mean? What are we looking for? I see glances between you, gue'la, but if we are to find it, we all need to know what it is! Don't you think?" She smiled, wanting them to start sharing information. After all, she wasn't asking for any secrets of their Caste - was she? The little blue engineer was unaware of the protocols, so she just beamed and began wrapping up some of the leftover food as provisions for the next meal (just in case) while she waited for an answer.

    "I don't know about you," she said to Blood Crow, conversationally, "but I feel much restored after that. I could start looking today, and leave the resting for tomorrow, if it's close by!"
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    BC did what he did when he was among more normal folks that did not know about his own little mutation, he would eat what he could and drink water given to him, it would sit in his stomach to leave a feeling of things being filled but his own hunger own to put to the bay, as he heard their hosts request he would think, Finding a sword maybe simple and if the two were right on how easy it was to trick it out of the city of shield it might be simple.

    "Indeed somewhat cant wait get back on our path of our search, That sword back there I think maybe useful to keep a eye out to help pay our debt to those at sword city, and it makes me wonder of those at shield city and if our paths will cross with them, and if it may help with finding a ship out of here." BC said saying what he thought on his mind.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "If you need rest you should take it. This might be the only chance for a long while."
    Teja flexed his fist while the other hand rested on the bolter hilt.
    "Whatever we do with the sword, the gratitude of these people might be of use. Personally, I'd return the blade to my Chapter. I leave it up to the Salamander of what to do with it."
    Teja glanced at the mutant and caught his attention.
    "Any ammunition or grenades you have would work wonders for our survival."
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  5. Veras sighed as he looked over at Teja. "As my brother alluded to, that sword is a relic of my chapter." he said as he looked between the other two. "As much as the gratitude of these people would be a boon, by all rights I must return this weapon to my chapter - it belongs to us." his glowing red eyes narrowed. "They are handed to heroes, and does not belong in a ruin such as this."

    even as he said this, he knew that returning the sword to his chapter would mean that they must escape this hulk - something that the Librarian wasn't sure how would happen.
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  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Oh," Oxana said, packing a world into that one tiny syllable. "It doesn't sound as if we will be helping them at all, then." Apparently honour was a sliding scale, which must be complicated to handle. She didn't blame the two huge Humans, because the little blue engineer didn't really understand how Fire Caste matters worked. So there was no disapproval on her honest and open face. But she looked up at them for a moment longer.

    "Maybe ... they will be happy enough that their enemies don't have it?"

    "Or ... maybe we will get to the other city and they will tell us a near-identical tale about this one." There were many such stories about the Gue'la. All underlining why it was simply better to follow the Greater Good. "Maybe we should just try striking off on our own, it doesn't pay them back and I feel bad about that, but a whole city ... well, it might be a bit much to handle if we nick off with their fancy sword." She paused. "Even for you."
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    ~~ Road to the City of Shields ~~
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    The preparations have been made and further discussion moved on the path they were to travel. Naturally with the internal hallways being surprisingly wide, the group moved as one wide row. Walking through the streets they were eyed with curiosity. Nobody talked to them, and in fact the mutants stepped away if they were getting close.

    As the four got to the city borders, there had been made a crude iron wall, already rusted, to shut the hallway. A gate was in the center and at the edges towers overlooked both sides of the wall. Without having the need to even hail, the guards opened the doors. Glad to get rid of the strangers - or maybe already aware what their goal was? It was hard to tell as these militant-mutants only gave grunts and other primitive sounds. They could remind one of Vat-grown slaves on-board the lower decks of the Imperial Navyi>

    Once allowed to leave, the gate hastily was shut behind them, slamming vertically down on the ground as if it was a guillotine. Luckily no head was taken from the Vampyre, Engineer nor Space Marine. One could muse that the hallways were so big because it was designed for dreadnoughts or vehicles to be moved between bays. One could never truly tell with a ship that has fused with a Space Hulk. The warp had a strange sense of architecture and functionality, twisting everything in a new, unpredictable way.

    In fact, the group would come across an interesting intersection with three paths. A little sign told them what led to where. One arrow pointed at the direction they came from, labelled 'City of Swords' then one that pointed straight ahead. It read 'City of Shields'. And the last arrow to their left and further into the center of the ship, 'Vehicle Bay'. However what made the third sign more interesting is that it was written in High Gothic, whereas the other ones were in Low Gothic. Almost like someone wanted to make sure the mutants would not be able to read it.

    But before they could discuss whether to split up or stay together and go for either vehicle bay or the City of Shields, an individual jumped down from the ceiling. It was a giant of a man, clad in Power Armor and standing as tall as Teja. "Seems like my day just got interesting." He said in low gothic with a chuckle in the voice. The attire and insignia of the armor gave him away like a name tag would be. But seeing the alien and mutant, he figured that only the Astartes would truly recognize one of their own.

    "Kerus. Renegade Survivalist of the Iron Warriors Legion." He stood a good fifteen feet away from the group of four, but his power fist in one hand and inferno pistol in the other would make him a dangerous foe nonetheless. There was no sign of submission or respect. His face was clearly visible as a broken helmet dangled from his hips. His head was shaven except across the center, giving him a Mohawk of black color. Tattoos covered his head with various symbols, most likely former warbands, brothers-in-arms or campaigns. His armor was an old Mark III with one leg and gauntlet being Mark IV. The torso seemed like a mix and match of various power armor generations, done anything necessary to keep it operational.

    "Aaaaand I happen to be the architect of the City of Shields." He grinned, many teeth missing. His eyes were storm-grey and looked cloudy, as if they were constantly tired and had seen more than a fair share. Incentive was given to the group to let him live, but that fiendish grin also clearly revealed that he wanted something in return.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Ohhh.. Hello good sir." BC said looking to the marine infront of him. "So lord Teja, is he a freind of yours from your brotherhood?" BC asked looking to Teja before back to the iron warrior, there was something dd about this marine they noticed his armor colors were different though. his Icon BC did not recognize maybe he was not from the chapters his mother told him of. "So you're the architect for shield city? might know of a sword that comes from the city of swords?" BC asked looking to the marine. As BC did notice the large power fist the marine and the infernus pistol in his hand a weapon he had seen once before but a smaller version more for a human, "Nice inferno pistol there sir." BC commented on the stranger's weapon of choice.
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  9. Veras had been deep in thought regarding the Drake-Smiter, though he did quickly shoot to attention when the Iron Warrior landed in front of them. His sword-arm twitched, and he frowned, glowing eyes staring into those of the other Astartes. He held back a small growl, and if he was human he probably would have winced at the total lack of subtlety that the one called 'BC' had. Either way, though, he stayed quiet and kept a grip on his sword, watching the one from the traitor legion carefully.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Friend is a gross overstatement, classify him in the opposite. Never seen him before in my life."
    Teja stepped forward a few steps, bolter held in one hand relaxed by his side. He removed his helmet and rested it against his hip.
    "The hulk claims all kinds. Insignias and symbols lose most of their meaning when it is pure survival. Do you agree or is your mind gone?"
    Teja's tone was rather dry, expression maybe just as tired but still blank as stone.
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