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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Teja took good aim at the beast and peppered it with well aimed bursts from the doorway, exposing little of himself to maintain cover. The Salamander seemed ready for CQB when the beast charged at the gunshots, the Raven Guard at least hoped so.
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    ~~ Retcon Start over - Prologue ~~
    @Vulpas | @Jorimel | @Wata | @BadDo9

    The Red Comet a benevolent vessel. A ship that dates back into the Great Crusade. A ship, once classified as a Gloriana Class Battleship. It belonged to the Blood Angels and was later on handed off to the Sanguine Templar as one of their flagships. Alas, it was not meant to last as it was lost forever in the warp on it's 13th deployment. Already having rang a bad omen for the number '13' amongst the successors, and one of the few reasons they never expanded beyond 12 companies.

    When The Red Comet re-appeared near Baal for the first time in millenniums it was seen as a chance to retrieve artifacts of old. But what exactly might be found on this once Chaos annihilating vessel was left to the unknown. When the Blood Angels deployed, it was all for naught. They perished horrible deaths at the claws of wild daemons. Reinforcements failed to recover the dead in time before The Red Comet disappeared once more, leaving yet even more artifacts behind.

    And after that... It would appear more and more rapidly throughout the centuries, adding more and more vessels around it's chassis. Wreckages, intact ships and everything of all sizes. This continued well into the 41st millenium until it's very end.

    Many souls of different backgrounds dwelled on The Red Comet, the sense of time totally distorted and seemingly even slower or faster between individual vessels. Orks, Tyranids, Daemons, Tau, Space Marines, Techpriests, Imperial Soldiers, Eldar, Mutants, Lost and Damned and so many more souls have wandered and still do to this day the hallways of The Red Comet. Some came for knowledge, others for relics, and of course some might even have come for power to utilize such mighty vessel akin to what the Devourer of Stars, former vessel of Angron, caused in the First War of Armageddon.

    Even as the survivors tried to achieve their goals, all of their plans would be thrown into disarray as suddenly the moon-sized collection of ships would be thrown out of the warp with the creation of The Great Rift. It was nothing like a regular entry into realspace. The entire Red Comet shook, swirled and headed for a crash course on a distant world unknown to anyone. It hurled like a true comet straight for the south pole of an oceanic world. The re-entry into the atmosphere heating up the 'front', melting various ships that once were glorious strike cruisers in an instant, while others chipped off like parts of a heat shield. In fact the chain of events was so severe, that daemons phased back into the warp, unable to sustain in realspace.

    Through a miracle the remaining mass of the Space Hulk, now reduced to maybe half it's size, collided on the only continent of this unknown world. On impact it shattered into various pieces, plenty of them sinking into the ocean around, while the heart of The Red Comet laid on the tectonic plate, slowly pressing it down into the water. Through the various tears in the hull, plenty of sub-freezing cold water flooded in, adding weight to the mass and it's slow impending doom.

    Far in the rear was a former Necron Shroud Light Cruiser, half-way sunken and with every hour lowering further into the water. For those that were within this vessel, the only way would be moving towards the former center, now tip of the space hulk remains. In the obsidian black hallways, only illuminated by the dark green glowing of Necron power cells and insignias, wandered at least four sane minds.

    Within a single of the big empty Necron rooms, two Astartes, a vampyr mutant and a Tau pilot-engineer found themselves. The Tau was the first to wake up and helped the others snapping out of their unconsciousness. One could not say if she found the entire black-skinned Space Marine more fascinating than the human with very long and sharp fangs. Humans seemed to come in a wider variety than Tau.

    After Oxana managed to get everyone back on their feet, the humans had not even time to threaten the alien as a massive serpent-like machine came boring through the wall and shooting straight forwards to devour Blood Crow. The mutant managed in the last moment to jump to the side and watch the drilling serpent crash through another wall. When the Salamander Librarian inspected where it came from, he could sense only bad. It soon was made clear when the vessel made the sensation of starting to tilt. Teja's sensitive helmet picked up the sound of water from where the serpent originally came from and gave them at least some intel - They were sinking.

    Without much else to do or think, the group pursued the animal look alike machine, climbing through hole after hole it made. Interesting enough they did not come across any crew members, maybe the vessel was long ago raided while still part of the Red Comet. Or maybe they already did escape into other sections of the Space Hulk. There was another time to find out these details - the group pressed onward until they were in front of the hatch that promised freedom. Oxana went to work on it. But that triggered some invisible alarm off, as almost immediately after she began her work, the serpent came shooting out of the ground. It got halfway stuck, but the head was thrashing about, trying to snap any of them into pieces. It did not reach Oxana yet, but it could if it kept pushing itself further.

    Teja, the Salamander and Blood Crow did what humans were known for - fight. The trio of humans had the best bet on survival in the Tau engineer's capabilities of opening the latch mechanism. Or if they were lucky enough they could die an honorable death against a proper enemy, rather than die of starvation and the cold.

    The Raven Guard opened the battle, bolter roaring as the mass-reactive shells flew forward, hammering over the serpent's head. It looked straight at him, shooting some sort of green ray at him that he barely evaded, still hearing the hiss of the energy in his ears.

    The Mutant made use of it and jumped on the back of the serpent, trying to ram his chain glaive into it's spine. It grinded into the metal, but the serpent seemed unphased by the attack, simply pulling back before pushing forward again, sending the Crow flying. The Librarian caught him and helped him back on his feet before launching his own assault.

    With power sword raised he jumped right at the maw of the serpent, cutting of the mechadendrite like tongue in attempt to remove the laser weaponry of the beast. But before he could retreat, it swallowed the Librarian. Teja and Blood Crow both came to the rescue, the former shooting into the earlier exposed spinal wound that the vampyr started, removing layer of metallic chitin after layer. Crow brought his chain glaive down around the cheek of the serpent. Whether it actual felt pain they could not tell, but it seemed too eager to devour the mutant along with the Space Marine and prematurely opened its mouth.

    That is when the Salamander made his move and got out of the life and death situation. As he landed on one knee, the metal creature thrashed both Crow and Salamander away, to face Teja. It opened it's mouth, but the laser was just now diagnosed missing. In frustration, the automated sentinel used it's massive body to smash Teja. In the last moment he brought both hands up to hold it, rather than get crumpled under its weight. An evasion would have not been far enough to save his life.

    The Salamander instructed Blood Crow to hit the weak spot that both he and Teja had begun, after his own assault. The librarian channeled his warp powers and an immense heat built up around him before shooting a ray of pure heat into the exposed spine. Metal started to melt and soften up. The beast now hammering on Teja, coming up and down too rapidly for him too move. Once it cooled a little bit, Crow moved in with his chainglaive and sinking his weapon further and further in. Sparks flew all over the place as the weapon sank as if it was in quicksand. The ominous green lights started to flicker on and off within the creature. And one last thrust would end it's life, turning the glossy metallic serpent into a black matte chitin covered carcass.

    Oxana cheered in triumph. Simultaneously having unlocked the door to freedom. But maybe a bit too early. As the serpent slumped through the hole, water came in from everywhere. The group moved with the Tau into the airlock and failed to close it before the suddenly rushing water filled it. It was as cold as ice, maybe colder. Teja managed to close the airlock, having engaged his mag boots. Oxana hit a series of codes into the opposite airlock keypad. It made a satisfactory click noise before starting to open up. But she noticed that the non-power-armored human had depleted oxygen supplies. For the greater good, he had to survive - he was a key to survival. She swam with grace and urgency to him and shared some of her oxygen with him.

    Finally the airlock finished it's sequence and the door opened. Teja held Blood Crow on his arm with one hand. The now mag-booted Salamander had gotten a hold of Oxana. It proved smart as the water fell a good hundred feet down into the ocean as the group would realize. Luckily they could simply climb up the vessel, various notches serving as good climbing assistance.

    The group made it slow and steadily on top of the Necron cruiser, giving them a good view around the wreckage of the Space Hulk. And on top of a mountain was a perfectly intact Gloriana class ship. A perfect getaway vessel, even if a bit... Oversized. With a swift tactical analysis it showed they had to traverse a good five vessels as long as the infrastructure remained intact as it was now. But there were no clear ways from above the water. They could take the wrecked pieces of what appeared to have once been an eldar vessel to walk to the next imperial wreck and from there take an internal hallway to the next vessel over.

    Oxana made a rough map with her many tools in her bag. First was an old Sword Frigate, then a Tau vessel, followed by what appeared to be an Orkified Space Marine strike cruiser, followed by an intact Eldar Aurora class vessel as Teja would have seen them before. And last but not least, a Dominator class ship famed for its oversized Nova Cannon. Ironically enough, that massive Nova Cannon seemed intact enough to be fired. But right now it served as a ramp from the top of a continental plate to the top of the mountain where the Gloriana Class resided.

    The group would get moving again. As soon as the necron vessel trembled beneath their feet, each of them broke out into a full sprint. The ship sank under their feet and only with far leaps they made it in time off the Necron vessel, on the top of the Eldar wreckage. As soon as their weight got on top of it, it started shifting as well and they continued with their sprint. One after another they leapt from piece to piece, until finally making it on top of the Sword Frigate. A cold wind blew, and Teja's internal helmet systems easily registered below freezing temperatures. Oxana as naturally as always found the hatch, took a plasma cutter out and allowed entry - considering the control panel was completely fried.

    ~~ Into the City of Swords ~~

    The group climbed down the hatch and into a hallway. One would expect, like typically on a Space Hulk, lurking monsters, creepy noises, men and aliens. But instead, the group would hear... Music. Not rough, wild music but a sophisticated tune to it. Guitars, Violins and even a Piano would ring through the air accompanied by claps of a crowd. It was best to investigate what was going on. And so the group did not make for a rush into the situation but rather decided for a careful approach.

    From around a corner and even a vantage point, they watched the activity below. A whole town was here. The music they heard came from the town center where people sat or stood, cheering to the party tunes of the orchestra, clapping and singing. The band and the spectators were mixed breeds of pure humans, mutants and aliens. Weird, lesser known aliens at that. No Tau, Eldar, Orks or others of the better known races were present. Or were those just really heavily mutated humanoids that once could call themselves human?

    Nonetheless, this town no matter how deprived and awkward it is might be a good starting point to get their weapons maintained, get some food, water and a good night's rest. Or of course, they could push on further by themselves and survive in the depths of the hulk on their own accord. The group had to make a decision.
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    The little Tau was tired. Her hooved feet ached in their special travel boots (with extra grip). She had carried her pack wearily (but willingly) throughout all the long, dangerous journey through the hulks and the last thing she expected was a marketplace, or at least a sort of town square, where she might have an actual chance of setting it down with a drink. Or at least, it might not be a trap. People did look friendly to her. There wasn't any sign of it being some kind of elaborate holo-vid setup, because she was sure that she could smell something cooking. Where there were crowds, there was usually food and drink. She was about to debate whether she could trust her senses when her stomach growled.

    Stepping forward - carefully, and away from her group so as not to immediately draw attention to them ... to be ... no, it was no good. The crowd would surely notice the two giant men in armour about now. So, even though she wasn't Air Caste and didn't have the training, Oxana would have to be their ambassador, and quickly. For the Tau'va!

    She found a kindly-looking woman (or at least, she looked mostly human, with only two arms and two legs and so on) and smiled, speaking clearly and in friendly Low Gothic.

    "Hello! We are travellers, we recently escaped from one of the other ships and are looking for a safe place to rest for a while. Can you tell me what's happening here? Could we get something to eat and drink, or should we move on? We come in peace, the two large men there are our guards and protectors." Oxana heard a small hum from her backpack and beamed. She decided that Pip approved.
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    BC was exhausted, feeling weak, tired, and most dangerously of all hungry. they had not foughten a single human or mutant on there way here more had he found any corpses, they were having to ration themselves injecting themselves only when he felt the urges slowly start to take control, Like his pa said, never get too hungry or it might make you get sloppy.
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Teja was just about to grab a local to talk to when he heard the Tau talking. He turned to face their interaction now, coming closer too. The bolter was maglocked against his thigh. He was fairly certain most people here did not follow the Imperial doctrine, so it would be curious to see how this unfolded.
    As she labeled the Astartes as guardians, Teja fidgeted as a subconscious indoctrination reflex had protested against it. Outwardly it was just a brief shake off of tension. Still he went with it, this was an unusual circumstance.
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  6. Veras Tre'shan, of the Astartes chapter of Salamanders, walked forwards with his brother - Teja of the Raven Guard - the mutant and the Xeno, his power sword deactivated and sheathed on his hip. His glowing red eyes looked from each of the presumed denizens of this town, his body stoic as he stayed in a mostly relaxed pose. He didn't miss Teja's fidgeting, and he would send the Raven Guard a telepathic message.

    < @Wata >

    Calm, brother. This is probably the best course of action in this situation. Better to not cause a scene.
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    ~~ The City of Swords ~~
    @Vulpas | @Jorimel | @Wata | @BadDo9

    The mostly human-ish mutants that Oxana could find looked at first as they were two different individuals, but turned out they were fused together. Maybe the warp, maybe they were born as siamese twins. They looked male judging by their face and had complete individual bodies except that they were joined together by their waist. They wore robes that covered them both from shoulders to waist, from there each wore individual pants and shoes.

    The most interesting however was that only one spoke one word at a time, them together forming whole sentences. "Greetings. Strangers. Eat. And. Drink?" They looked at each other, then tilted heads, then tilted them the other way around, then faced the four together.

    "We. Will. Offer. You. All. Of. Those. Things." The two of them still continuing to finish one another's sentences, with no sign of them ending their speech pattern. "In. Return. Of. A. Favor. But. First. Follow. Me. Us. Oh! We. Are. Ludwig. And. Leopold." They bowed in unison. Then turned to lead the group.

    They went deeper into the mutant hive, towards what could easily be confused with an apartment complex of an imperial world. All sort of things could be seen, all but any alien or actual pure human. Even Blood Crow would stand out as a foreigner, his mutations too subtle and stable compared to what was presented here. At last they arrived at the building that Ludwig and Leopold had in mind for them. There was an interesting lack of a door for the main entrance, but the individual apartments seemed to at least have doors, and locks.

    They pulled out a set of keys from a pocket and unlocked the door, walking in first and ahead, expecting whoever was entering last to close and lock the door. The apartment was surprisingly spacious, after walking through the small hallway into the main living room, it looked adequate to be capable of hosting around twenty people while still able to maneuver. "Take. A. Seat." They offered, gesturing towards the couches, loveseats and individual soft chairs that were assembled in a big circle with small coffee tables and such between them for beverages and food - judging by the existing stains. The Astartes could only guess if any of the furniture could hold them. But there was space on the floor around lower tables if they wanted to seat themselves.

    Only around ten minutes and a couple of glasses of surprisingly clean water later, food would be served. It looked like Grox meat. It smelled like Grox meat. And if anyone tried it - it would taste like Grox meat. It probably was Grox Meat. Ludwig and Leopold would join them with two plates of their own and eat alongside the newfound strangers.

    "So. The. Favor. We. Would. Need." They said between bites, still alternating - matching their bites to their pauses. "Rival. City. Of. Shields. Stole. Our. Founding. Blade. We. Want. It. Back." As they continued to describe it, there was one amongst the group who would recognize the description, Veras Tre'shan. They spoke of nothing less than a Drake-Smiter. They existed in many shapes, mostly hammers, but sometimes also as power swords. Like this one. Considering that the group was not interested in staying for the long-haul, they might as well agree and keep the weapon for themselves - or maybe if they were to return it, they could bargain to keep it and trade it for something else?

    It was to the group to decide what to do - and even cope with the fact that there was a second mutant city on this ship alone. Without knowing how extensive their modifications to this ship were by the mutant groups, it became clear to each of them that they would need the support of at least either city for safe traverse through this vessel into the next one.

    "So?" They asked at the same time, after the plats and drinks have been finished.
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  8. Veras had walked into the city after the mutant with (presumably) the rest of the 'team' and would move after the mutant that seemed to be the leader of the people in this city. The Salamander would standing as they listened, but with a growing frown. A Drake-Smiter was a relic of his chapter, now given to the heroes of the chapter - by all rights, he should hold onto it for safekeeping until he could return. However, saying such a thing could put them at risk, so he held his tongue for now. However, he did let the Raven Guard know using telepathics, so his brother would know the truth of it at least. ( @Wata )
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    "I don't know what that is," Oxana said, with a slight frown. She would have preferred to pay for their food and drink up front, and now she felt indebted to the strange people. But she had needed sustenance, and she was always fair-minded. So she wanted to pay them back properly. It wasn't right to take without giving in return. How would the Greater Good function if nobody did their bit?

    "Thank you for your help, and I'm sure we can work something out," she added, then turned to her group. "Do any of you know more about this? I must admit, I'm clueless here. I'm an engineer, not a weaponsmaster."

    Of the fact that everyone here was ... somewhat more variable than the popular Human model, well, she didn't feel qualified to say much about that. But back in the Tau'va she felt sure that the two Gue'la would have been separated in order for them to live productive and happy lives.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    It was fortunate that Teja had his helmet on so no one could see his disturbed expression.
    "That sword should be in Imperial care, not here among the..." Teja clenched his jaw as he held words back that he almost let slip. "...locals. But it's your chapter, forsake your relics as you wish."
    Teja was sincere about that. Those swords were more of use in the war, not here to decorate some mantle.
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