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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Salamander blinked and looked around as Oxana spoke about camping out. "I'm not tired, but I suppose if others need rest then we should do so. Better to have everyone ready for a fight if that's what will be needed for our escape." he said, though he seemed distracted. Teja had wandered off, and the Salamander felt some odd sense of brotherhood with him. Perhaps just because he seemed to know more about him than he did himself. But in any case, with his piece said he attempted to go find the other metal-clad man.
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    Teja stood still, looking about the room, wondering why the alien ended up in an empty useless room.
    "I like that it is silent, and then I do not." He silently said and knelt before one random footlocker, rummaging its contents. He kept the alien in sight in case it turned out to be bloodthirsty. The Raven Guard would not be caught off guard, he was sure of that.
  3. As the other thing that had followed him in here was looking into the interesting box Zoth saw fit to stand over their shoulder and look and see what was inside the box. This cave was really weird so far and now there were these weird things that had stuff inside them. Zoth was for the most part enjoying this misadventure with these strange creatures.
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    The tall Eldar nodded in agreement to the Tau. "Indeed, my slumber was not as restful as one might think in the stasis capsule." They watched the Salamander leave, before turning to Blood Crow and the Tau again.

    "I could create a small wraithbone made tent-like room that would not just shield us physically, but also should keep our presence hidden. With the bath however, I fear I cannot assist." The Bonesinger offered, holding a yawn back and hiding it with an elegant hand before its mouth.

    All of this so far was stressful, and the constant singing above was even more tiring on top of their stasis-wakening. Sleep sounded beautifully delightful at this moment.

    Darius in the meanwhile would keep a watchful eye on the Tau and make sure she was not upsetting the machine spirits which were oddly quiet. He had somewhat of a bond with Blood Crow as they safed one another's life and in his calculations he and ironically the blue-grey alien were both required to ensure departure off of this world. As for the Eldar, he has proven significantly useful when creating material out of thin air, indeed a phenomenon that required closer analysis.

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    When Teja opened the random box neither a maw of teeth formed where the trim of the trunk was and attempted to bite his greedy hands off nor did the trunk suddenly grew arms, legs and had an enormous tongue sticking out. When the Raven Guard opened the trunk it was almost empty. There were spider webs and the spiders which made them inside.

    But both those very things happened to Zoth. First biting him into one of the claws, but failing to pierce due to the extra-hard chitin. Afterwards it rose to full height which was just a bit above Zoth and Teja. The saliva that came dripping from it's tongue left little holes in the deck - acidic saliva. It just stood there, lacking anything else beyond its tongue for senses. The tongue swirled around, maybe trying to taste the air for their position?

    They could not tell if it was going to fight or even pursue them, or if it was just a defense mechanism. Then again, one must wonder, what is worth protecting so much that one had to give the chest not just teeth but arms and legs? It must had one big paranoid ships' crew.

    Zoth could feel the warp presence bigger from this creature now that it awoke. But it appeared to only give off the signature, as it was not feeling very... Powerful. Not in the way of the mind that he, or that black man in green armor was.

    Teja on the other hand had trouble cross-referencing this beast based on his experience. If it was an entity of the warp, hybrid like that of the Dark Mechanicum or all-in-all an alien, like a Lacrymole, he truly could not tell. All were viable theories at this point. Was he to look at his gauntlets, he could see bite marks around his wrists. Not deep or even weak spot creating, but ugly.

    The Salamander would arrive in the doorway, seeing all three. The weird warp-riddled beast, Teja and their local monster-compatriot.
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    Only barely Teja could stay silent. His eyes were wide in surprise at the horror he was looking at, slowly backing away to the door. "Fight it in the doorway for a chokepoint, it looks clumsy and blind." He whispered and looked behind him quickly to spot the Salamander standing there. He gestured silence and took aim at the thing's head, if you can call it that.
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    "Thank you,"said the small blue engineer, smiling up at the tall Aun. "That would be very useful, and protective too, though I will admit I am not sure what that exactly entails. I mean I recognise that it is a threat, but I am not sure of the details. However, I don't need them on order to be wary!" It would make sense, after all, if an Aun knew more than an Earth Caste of such matters. Just as she probably knew more of how machines worked.

    She turned to the console of the room again and, with a little work, tapped in some simple queries and looked for the location of an ablutions chamber. After all, all organics need to excrete.
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    Salamander frowned and grabbed his head with one of his hands, the other instinctively drawing his sword at the feeling of the aberration in the room. He was still trying to figure out why he could feel the other beast in the room, and now there was this second one. It confused him, and he wanted to voice a question, though Teja had gestured for him to be silent. As such he complied, raising his sword to both hands and preparing for a fight, since it seemed that was about to be what happened.
  8. Zoth was more than a little startled and backed away quickly from the weird monster, he looked down to see if his claw was ok and found that it was. He had heard of specialized predators that hide in small crevices to surprise prey before but never of a creature that disguised itself as the small crevice. The fact that it didn't continue to try and attack was also strange not to mention the weird feeling it gave off in his mind. Zoth wanted to make the feeling go away and knew one method of doing that. Within this maw something was drawn out, a shard of permafrost which he quickly took into hand and tried to stab the thing in its weirdly shaped head.
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    Darius and Blood Crow seemed to talk to one another, while Eltaris was with the Tau. Aliens to aliens. Humans to humans. Or so it seemed. The query of Oxana would prove quickly successful. There was one rather close nearby, due to the need of the bridge crew having to be on a constant ready.

    If she decided to leave, Eltaris would walk along. If anything to guard her. "Either way. We need rest, and this spot is as good as any. Just do which you must, and then I suppose we need to commune with them." There was an obvious but gentle gesture towards Blood Crow and Darius. "To make sure we all under the same understanding. Considering that three of us already simply marched off."

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    Both Space Marines watched as an ice blade was drawn out of the alien-locals mouth. It looked crude but deadly to be certain. And it was an even more interesting of where it was apparently hidden. Even though, it was created in the moment he pulled it out. The problem with stabbing a mimic in the head is... Where was the best spot? Surely not the front as it bore the deadly teeth. The side was dangerous too. So Zoth drove it on the underside to perhaps break it's jaw - if there was one. The permafrost shard penetrated the bottom of the chest and caused the monster to squeal in pain and give Zoth a powerful kick, sending him back several feet.

    It screeched loudly and opened it's chest mouth wide open, a long tongue lashing out and wrapping around a claw of the local beast. Then he go pulled in close only to have the mimic chomp down on Zoths head. He got the permafrost still in his hand and shoved it between the teeth, buying himself enough time to get his head out before the Permafrost got broken and eaten up by the mimic. However it seemed to shiver from the cold of the shard. Zoth had spotted it's weakness. Having spent all it's time in the climated area within the safe confinements of this vessel it was not exposed to the cold. And thus, the extreme cold that Zoth was used to and could summon at his command was going to be a strong advantage over this strange beast.

    Before he was able to make another assault, the Mimic suddenly flung itself at the alien, delivering a powerful dropkick right on his chest and throwing him against the wall, next to the entrance where Teja and the Salamander stood.
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    Salamander had shifted his stance and readied himself to dash forwards in a charge to assist the local beast, though before he actually could move forwards to assist the strange thing he didn't understand, it was kicked somehow and slammed back against the bulkhead right near him and Teja. Quickly Salamander moved in front of Zoth in order to keep him from being attacked even more, his sword at the ready to cut the mimic should it come close.
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