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The Exalted Hunters

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by KharnVarus, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Dunehiviir M4RK Steam Early Access

    EC: Dune
    Steam: m4rkofl4wer4nce
    Class: Night Lords, CHAOS UNDIVIDED ( All )
    Let me burn with the fires of Tzeentch and learn the secrets of power. I will spread death with the plague and share the sickness given to me. MY WILL TO KILL IS STRONG, LET ME TEAR THEM LIMB FROM LIMB. My lust for killing is greater than what a sane person would deem insane. CHAOS UNDIVIDED
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  3. Brother Grrim phatboi New Member

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  4. vstef967 Recruit

    ⦁ EC Name: Varlak
    ⦁ Steam Name: vstef96 (
    ⦁ Discord name: NecronLord
    ⦁ Preffered classes: Traitor (with Bolter), Havoc (with Autocannon), Traitor Assault, Aspiring Sorcerer, F2P so no Raptor.
    ⦁ Country: Romania
    ⦁ Iron Within, Iron Without!
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  5. Aboot Recruit

    ⦁ EC Moutain Son
    ⦁ Steam Name sEaL
    ⦁ Discord name a Big ass BOOT
    ⦁ Preffered classes Traitor > everything else
    ⦁ Country USA
    ⦁ I only play traitor, i have a job but forced to do half time only with a small chance for extra hours.
    I like to kill space elf fags
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  6. ShRiLLR Recruit

    EC Name
    Horatio's Hearsay
    Steam Name
    Discord name
    Shriller or Pug Dredd (can't remember which is default)
    Preffered classes
    Havoc for covering other players advance or traitor with plasmagun or bolter for general infantry
    United Kingdom Scotland
    About yourself and additional comments/questions
    mostly solo player tired of playing solo.
    pretty chill but prone to a tidbit of rage when just getting on for the day heh.
    looking for more organisation in my games as I've grown tired of losing to orks
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  7. Battlecreeper Recruit

    EC Name (Creeps)
    Steam Name (Battlecreeper )
    Discord name (Battlecreeper)
    Preffered classes (Traitor - Assult Traitor - Raptor - Havoc AP - Havoc AV - Sorcerer)
    Country (Germany)
    About yourself and additional comments/questions (I have owned Eternal Crusade from the day it was announced of early game access in steam in 2016. I have been in active for half a year but started to play again, as the buff and nerfs got putted in. And made it more enjoyable again for me atleast to play some chaos matches. I only play Chaos, I do not have any interest playing any other factions. Not even if there is a campaing for them. I do have the premium level for my eternal crusade account)
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  9. Delta-56Th Delta-56Th New Member

    Ec name: Reaver-56Th
    Steam name: Delta-56Th
    Discord name: Delta-56Th
    Preffered classes: None
    Country: Netherland
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  10. Based_Pug Based_Pug New Member

    EC name : Traitor Pugga
    Steam Name : Puggo
    Discord Name : Puggo
    Preffered Classes : Sorceror - Traitor Assault - Havoc - Tactical
    Country : UK
    Misc : Pug
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