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The Exalted Hunters

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by KharnVarus, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. lucsed Recruit

    EC name: Talos Valcoran
    Steam: Talos Valcoran
    preferred classes: traitor,sorceror,raptor,havoc ground assault
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  2. Korsagoth Korsagoth New Member

    ⦁ EC Name: Ashur Kai (Chaos)
    ⦁ Steam Name: Devastator (
    ⦁ Preffered classes: APOTHECARRY! Sawsera I need healing, Tactical/Ground Assault, JPA (even though we are a chaos Guild, I'm a 1kson, and therefore I'm actually a true loyalist.)
    ⦁ Country: US&A
    ⦁ About yourself: I've only been into 40k for almost 2 years... have read maybe 15 Horus Heresy novels... I put on my Robe and Wizard Hat. I like to think i'm a pretty inoffensive and nice guy. I twerk full time USA hours... and i'm working on painting a USA football team themed space marine for my niece... and I like playing my other toons Indric Boreale (Ultramarine), FAHSEEAH (Eldar), and Totally a Humie (Ork)
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  3. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

    Excited to face you guys on the battlefield, looking forward to good matches! :D
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  4. assaiLizzle assaiLizzle Subordinate

    ⦁ EC Name - DeafTone
    ⦁ Steam Name - assaiL (
    ⦁ Preffered classes - Im new to the game but am very much enjoying sorcerer and traitor.
    ⦁ Country - Canada
    ⦁ About yourself and additional comments/questions: Currently playing MWO competitively but would be interested in playing this game a lot as well, not a huge lore sperg but I love TT.
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  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Glad to hear :cool:
  6. Alewar_Azrael Recruit

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  7. Sean299 New Member

    ⦁ EC Name: Basilik
    ⦁ Steam Name: Sean299 | Here
    ⦁ Preffered classes: Traitor, Havoc, Aspiring Sorceror, Traitor Assault, and Raptor.
    ⦁ Country: USA
    ⦁ About yourself and additional comments/questions: I like to play Competitively, though I'm not the guy to rage and blame others if things do not go our way.
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  8. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    An EXH vs XIII/ULTRA is getting set up and should be active by saturday 25th if everything goes as planned!
  9. Mercury mercury Curator

    ⦁ EC Name - Mercalicious
    ⦁ Steam Name - Mercalicious (
    ⦁ Preffered classes - Traitor, Traitor Assault
    ⦁ Country - UK
    ⦁ About yourself and additional comments/questions: Part full-time worker, part kickboxer, all Chaos!
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  10. einssi Recruit

    ⦁ EC: Operative Eisenstein
    ⦁ Steam Name: einssi
    ⦁ Preffered classes: traitor, havoc, raptor, traitor assault, sorcerer
    ⦁ Country: Finland
    ⦁ Hi! I've been on the discord channel for some time now already, so no need to invite me in or anything. I play casually during the week, and usually more focused on weekends. My main hobbies are PC gaming and Wh40k tabletop, so I really enjoy Eternal Crusade. Looking forward to playing with you guys.
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