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The Exalted Hunters

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by KharnVarus, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator



    The Exalted Hunters (EXH)

    ---General Information---

    Chaos Space Marines

    Server Priority: European

    Platform: PC

    Language: English

    Guild type: Competitive

    God Orientation: Chaos Undivided

    Subfaction Orientation: None (All)

    Restrictions (Age, Race, Nationality, Sex): None (Just act mature)

    Rules: Play to win, follow orders and respect your fellow clan mates

    Voice Software: Discord (Link provided after your recruitment)

    Steam Group: Exalted Hunters

    Common Playtimes: Usually between 14:00 - 2:00 - UTC

    ---General Information---



    Hail, Brothers. The following word of Chaos speaks of our warband, and the task the gods gave us. If you are a potential recruit, it is required of you to understand how we operate, lest you will be unprepared:

    The aim of this guild to build a dedicated, organised and skilled pack of warriors to please our lust for violence. If you come here just to wear our tags and colors, you can leave now. That being said: it should be clear that we only seek dedicated and experienced/willing individuals and only the gods are able to stress that statement enough.

    ---Base Information---

    With the intent of maintaining stability, there are some ground rules - all members are obliged to attend meetings, training and war parties, aswell as maintain discipline in comms and train resourceful behaviour in fights. In return for your trust and dedication - we respect everyone's points of view. There is no superiors or inferiors and there doesn't need to be any if everyone has the qualities we require. Everyone has a word, everyone has a respectful place and ranks are there to keep everyone in line and keep the guild alive.

    The following conditions can be expected and offered within our warband environment:
    Training sessions (We have specific times for garrison training in which you can sharpen your skills and share your experiences with everyone else)

    Frequent events/war parties
    (We host daily games and sometimes events alongside other guilds)

    Vox control
    (While in a match or a meeting, all our members are obliged to try and maintain control within the comms. Only express useful information or anything that helps the situation at hand. Any random chatter that has nothing to do with the current situation is not tolerated)

    Strong incentive for cooperative and effective play (We enforce teamwork and you can expect us to give off useful infromation and cooperate as a squad)

    Independence (We allow no third party to have an effect on our policies and the guild's infrastructure)

    Freedom (No slavery for officers, we are under one banner. Ranks represent the skill and the dedication level of their bearers, not their ego. Everyone's word is valid and it is up to the higher ranks to organize and be an inspiration to others. Playing with people outside of the guild is also allowed, but do not begin wearing their tag or their banner, or become more active with them than you are with us)

    GVG (We compete in Guild vs Guild events arranged by the Eternal Battles team)


    The terms upon which you can join are simple - You are competent, can follow the rules and are accepted by the members or you're out... As a new blood you will have to prove that you have a place within our ranks.

    The details of requirements are as follows, in no particular order:

    Resourcefulness (You must know how to adapt to any situation and you have to know how to use your class)

    Vox control (You must maintain control over what you say in voice. No random chatter unless allowed. No-one cares about your play-by play commentary or your desire to be heard because you're capable of making noises with your mouth)

    Good relations with members (We are all brothers fighting against the enemy, we do not need to create conflict with each other)

    The eventual or instant ability to think independently (You must know at least the basic tactics and ways of dealing with most situations as if you were a leader. Your feedback and contribution, as previously said, is promoted)

    A strong will for teamplay and exchanging information (Giving info on enemy positions, capture and interrupt information, cooperation with the squad and using voice chat)

    Keeping yourself up to date with announcements and events through Discord and the Steam group (Try to keep up with everything that is said and announced)

    Seriousness and responsibility (Fooling around and ruining the game by taking risky actions that give the team no benefit will result in an immediate warning and if continued, further punishments. We like having fun sometimes, but there are some limitations and we gotta stay competitive)

    Activity (After recruitment you have to prove you're willing to play, otherwise you will be kicked out, but have a chance to rejoin if deemed redeemable)

    Lastly, you will be expected to respect your brothers and vice versa. Any intended and non-humorous aggression towards them will not be tolerated. You will be expected to act maturely and in accordance to your membership in the guild.

    Failiure to comply to any of these terms means you have no place here.



    EC Name (Only for your Chaos warrior)
    Steam Name (Steam account link included)
    Game Status (Free to play or Premium)
    Discord name (Including your 4 digit hash code!) (You have to use and be active on Discord)
    Prefered classes (From favorite to least favorite)
    Country (Optional)
    About yourself and additional comments/questions (Optional)
  2. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

  3. Esasb Asbes Subordinate

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  4. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Good to hear, I've added you and we can talk as soon as you accept me, and sorry for the late response, was busy the whole day.
  5. Sanguinus Sanguinus First Blood!

    EC name - Soulseeker
    Steam name - Kaminari
    Berserk - Healer sorcerer , Nurgle Melta, Tzeentch Plasma gun
    I strongly prefer close combat but no raptor
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  6. EasyRider88 New Member

    Leader killer (shit happens), Sorcerer, Traitor, havoc, assault - rest
    Working fulltime too, but kinda active. Having fun with warparties, and killing Kharn. He is kinda forgiving though. Lest kill him together ;)
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  7. Coldroth New Member

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  8. Treadsmashah Recruit

    EC Name: Black Shadow
    Steam: ButterBro
    Preferred Class: Aspiring Sorcerer and Havoc
    Country: Canada
    About yourself and additional comments: May use micspam in substitution of personal reaction.
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  9. ⦁ EC Name: J'zargo
    ⦁ Steam Name: J'zargo ( )
    ⦁ Preferred classes: le epik sorc, powerfist jump assault (the absolute cancer of this game), MELEE TRAITOR, TRAITOR WITH A GUN, havoc
    ⦁ Country: (The Great People Republic of) Lithuania
    ⦁ About yourself and additional comments: Mic spam with sexual dying sounds or some lame rage.
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  10. Baldur Egil a-banana Arkhona Vanguard

    ⦁ The Goat Priest
    ⦁ The Goat Priest ( )
    ⦁ Preferred classes : Traitor Assault, Raptor, Havoc, Traitor, Sorcerer
    ⦁ Country: Scotland
    ⦁ Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill!
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