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The Emperor Protects...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DragonOfMars, May 10, 2014.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    I dont get this part about "wardian knights" please elaborate before the exceprt is removed by an Adept of Administratum!
    The Emperor becoming a God?Well...that is much heated debate...but what the holo-disks teach us on Mars from the Temple of All Knowledge in the Basillica of the Sacred Algorythm,is that when the Emperor ascended (love to use the term) to the Golden Throne he was...willing or no..after long years of his deathless state infused with the prayers and powers of the sacrifices both on the battlefield and of the psykers in the Astronomican/con became a God.For the Chaos...entities it took much lesser "sacrifices" to make their own realms within the Empyrean.
    Considering also the God-Emperors split soul,one in the warp and one formed of the pure Psy-essence on the sacred soil of Holy Terra he is litteraly puryfing the Formless Wastes.

    The Storm of the Emperors obviously not his last act my dear Chaos-enslaved traitours...collegue!Just look at the Adepta Sororitas.Their Acts of Faith...their Living Saints.Those are derived from the psy-essence of the God-Emperor through prayer!

    Are you serious with the Erebus-God Emperor of Mankind comparison?Also...he sees the future tho he was drained during the final year of Horus Heresy...the final year were he would acsended mankind into total galactic dominance were a age of peace,science and prosperty would reign supreme if not for your....emotionally challenged Warmaster.

    Wow...chill down man..i though we are having an RPish/Friendly discussion here :O

    Not in the slightest mate.I stick to the lore as a Dark Apostole sticks to his daemon worship!Adeptus Astartes are allowed the leniancy of deviating from the faith considering how they are related to him.You know....grandpa Emperor?
    Also it is kinda strange to take a Grey Knight as a paragon human considering that they are the most farther from human you can get (*cough* Kaldor Draigo *cough*) considering they are all in corporal-mini clones of his both gene-seed and flesh (and some would say psy-essence).

    I dont speak in the Warp!I might have missed the context when i said "his tribute".More like our tribute (we filthy,dogma indulgent,narrow-sighted,coming in billions-imperials) to him.As you said every Chaos...entity has its own tribute.An aspect of mortal races personality they "feed" does the God-Emperor.He is tributed with (i avoid to say "fed upon")zealous sacrifices of his faithful on the battlefield.

    Ah sorry if i confused you...but if i stayed in the Mechanicum character this would be rather difficult to keep on the consider me just as the dirty random Imperial that just joined the menials in the sacred toil on a Forge World in His name. xD
    It is as the anicent credo says....the Emperor...protects!
    Praise the Omnissiah!
  2. you are missing my point, but thats okay. your a blind loyalist.
    you do the same shit that chaos does. murder innocents, or 'any who deviate from the emperor', which means most abhumans, most psykers, any 'heretics', and 'traitors', etc.
    thats not the only thing--you blindly worship the emperor.
    your hate is just as strong as that of our bloodthirsty warriors.
    your passion and dedication is a prayer to slaanesh,
    the destruction you wreak is an offering to nurgle,
    and the psychic powers you wield, the knowledge you hold, and the desire to change the enemies of man into the dead enemies of man is appreciated by tzeentch.
    you already worship and aid the chaos gods. they thrive on conflict, and you bring so very much conflict. so thank you.
    when i say you are so close, i mean that you have the worship part down, you're just still covering your ears yelling LALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU I HART EMPS!
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    Well of to destroy some Chaos Infested worlds
  4. *off

    and i see i have defeated you.
    run little loyalist, run.

  5. Ok
    * Shoots bolter up in the sky *
    Bye Crazy Chaos Lunatic
  6. like i said loyalist, it seems you have run out of arguments, as there are none against the truth of chaos.
    run, lapdog of the
    and know...that i will find you...
    and i will cast your soul to the warp.

  7. and i find you boring Chaos space marine . there are no arguments here just you shouting out to the chaos gods like an maniac
    Run, Lapdog of the chaos morons of the warp
    and know . . . that i will find my vodka and drink it
    and i will cast your soul back to the warp
  8. ah you see! you are speaking like a true servant of chaos! you learn fast, mimicking like a studious child!
    but seriously. if you bore of me, then go.

    also, i am a chaos space marine....
  9. you yourself had said the emperor was becoming a god. thus why i mentioned it. and i never said anything about taking GK's as paragons of humanity. but anyway, this role-play has died out methinks.
  10. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    Maybe the Emperor is becoming a god or has already become one. It's just as uncertain as the theory that he is actually long dead.

    Also, I kind of do hope the franchise doesn't stay in permanent stasis forever. I'd like to know what will happen before I die of old age. I suppose there are ways for them to set events in motion eventually and reach a conclusion (or at least a new "Horus Heresy"-ish scenario) and still have a working franchise afterwards.

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