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The Disciples Of Caliban

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by HuRTLoCKeR, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Good to meet you, brother Apothecary. I am Idaeus III, currently Librarian of the Dark Angels, 3rd Co.

    Once again, it is an honor to see you here. It will be a joy to fight along side you in the Eternal Crusade yet to come. I wish you all the Emperor's blessing, and that your swords and bolters are guided by the will of the Lion.

    "For the Lion I live, For the Emperor I die."
  2. Rixus Mar Rixus Subordinate

    Your words are well met brother. We would be honoured to stand beside you on the field of battle as brothers and allies, in this war for Arkhona, and all the wars to come - in this millennia and the next!

    We hunt the Fallen! For the Lion!
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  3. Arieh Luna Arieh_Luna Subordinate

    It warms the heart to see our brothers welcome us so. For that, Dark Angels, you have my thanks. Upon the honour of the first legion we swear our vows, we will not relent in our hunt for the fallen, our crusade against the heretic or our purge of the xenos.

    For the Lion and the glory of lost Caliban!
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  4. Grand Master Travaen Robias Steam Early Access

    Greetings Brother-Knights! I hope you are all well o_O
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  5. EDA- xReaperx xReaperx Arkhona Vanguard

    A true blessing from our primarch another fellow chapter joins our campaign in Arkhona,

    welcome brother may we purge the system together with sword and fire!
  6. Dog Dog Menial

    Brothers, I will fight beside you if I am welcome?
  7. Mathias Mathias Menial

    It's good to see more of the Unforgiven in this sector. I am Sargent Mathias of the Dark Angels 5th company. it is an honor to make your acquaintance Brothers. I look forword to fighting side by side with you all... O yes and dont worry ill make sure to save a few ork's for you
  8. LordZeol LordZeol Recruit

    Aww brother Hurtlocker you are an Apothecary now I will be rejoining The Disciples Of Caliban .

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