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The Disciples Of Caliban

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by HuRTLoCKeR, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. HuRTLoCKeR HuRTLoCKeR New Member

    Greetings Brothers,

    We are the Disciples of Caliban; an Xbox Space Marines successor chapter of the Dark Angels.
    We too are greatly looking forward to the Eternal Crusade and have decided to begin recruitment ahead of the main offence.
    Our Supreme Grand Master Arieh Luna has decreed the total extermination of all Traitor and Xenos forces in the name of the Emperor.
    In this we must not fail...

    All hail Arieh Luna...!

    To Join our chapter set your Vox channel to

    Battle Knight Hurtlocker
    For the Lion.
  2. Brother-Atti Atti Well-Known Member

    My honored Brother,
    greating from the Dark Angels.
    It's an honor for us to fight and to bleed with our glorious Brothers side by side.

    For the Lion and the Emperor!
  3. fklm fklm Subordinate

    Nice bunch if guys. Should probably be moved to recruitment section.
  4. moved to recruitment

    and to prevent confusion:
    the recruitment section is the only section where you are allowed to recruit members
    so do not advertise you clan in other sub forums or other clans threads

    thanks :)
  5. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    It good to see more Sons of the Lion!
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  6. fklm fklm Subordinate

    To be fair on them I think this was created before the recruitment forum
  7. lol i didnt notice the time stamp, thanks :D
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  8. Rixus Mar Rixus Subordinate

    Welcome to our recruitment thread. I am High Interrogator Rixus Mar of the Disciples of Caliban, owners of the purest gene-seed in the Imperium, and proud hunters of the Fallen dedicated particularly to the capture and interrogation of the Fallen member known as "Cypher".

    We are a proud chapter who have served the Emperor and the Lion in equal measure for a year and a half, and we have been anticipating and preparing our assets for our dedicated war on Arkhona since word first reached us all those many months ago (maybe almost a year - i forget, it was so long ago).

    We are looking to not only recruit new members for the war on Arkona, but wish to forge Imperial alliances as well with other loyalist chapters - for only through unity can we emerge victorious over the xenos and (more importantly) the heretic! To arms brothers!

    For the Lion! For the Emperor! (",)
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  9. Greetings, Disciples of Caliban. 'Tis an honor to see more of the Unforgiven here.
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  10. HuRTLoCKeR HuRTLoCKeR New Member

    Greetings Idaeus, the honour is mine, let me introduce myself, I'm Apothecary Hurtlocker.

    The Emperor Protects.
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