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The Disciples Of Caliban, A Dark Angel Successor

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Arieh_Luna, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Arieh Luna Arieh_Luna Subordinate

    Hello there everyone.

    Im Arieh Luna, current Chapter Master and leader of the Disciples of Caliban clan. We are a year and a half old and we primarily operate in the xbox 360 Space Marine circles. We are a relatively small chapter with alot of experiance. Open and fiendly we are looking to move to EC with numbers enough to form a strike force for us to operate in.

    We are always looking for avid hobbiests/commitet/talented players to join us. If good humor and good games are your thing, and you love al;l things Dark Angels but dont want to get lost in the crowd? Then maybe we are the answer your looking for. We are DA fans through and through and the only chapter we all adore more is our own successor.

    In short welcome to our thread, any questions or general inquires please just ask or comment below.
  2. moved to recruitment
  3. Arieh Luna Arieh_Luna Subordinate

    Thanks sorry, i didnt realise that there was a specific section for recruitment.
  4. fklm fklm Subordinate

    You also already have a recruitment thread. Don't want to create confusion over how many DOC groups there are.
  5. You need a master of recruits who can spell. No bigger turnoff than horrible English. What's that got to do with shooting straight and following orders? Professionalism.
  6. fklm fklm Subordinate

    Is it that time of the month again? No need for that sort of hostility.
  7. Kennyjapan New Member

    Ozymandius, by your profile picture I would guess that your a DA fan, this is a recruitment thread for a DA Successor, where is the logic in attempting to insult those who share very close ties and views as yourself?

    I'd also like to point out that this is a game. Sure we feel strongly about the groups we join, don't get me wrong I feel strongly about my chapter and I will defend it if anyone attempts to insult it, but still...professionalism?professionalism in a game? I would personally say that Luna has a better professionalism, the fact he fights for his country as a soldier and by that logic has a deeper understanding of "shooting straight and following orders" than you do.

    I've been in a clan which was run by a dyslexic, he had major difficulties with spelling, so what? does that mean anything? no. does that mean we thought any less off the clan? no. does that mean other people didn't want to join? no. Just because Luna made a few spelling errors, which everyone does from time to time, does not give you a warrant to leave abusive comments.

    If you want to be snide and make rude remarks go and do it somewhere else. NOT on someone else's recruitment form.

    High Apostle
    Knights of Blood
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