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The Descent To Arkhona Contest Winners!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Acubans Recruit

    Wish granted, Sir.
  2. I think he didn't like that I implied certain aspects to the backstory that he might have already had plans for...
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  3. Oh, I was thinking that the average standard of Eldar is fairly good, but there aren't very many of them and they're not half as good as they think they are, ending up hopelessly outclassed by the best of the bashier races.

    Not that this is ever seen in the Warhammer lore at all, of course...right? ;)
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Betalis III Campaign.
  5. Tivadar Tivadar New Member

    Well i got into top 20, so, assuming there weren't only 20 submissions, that's at least something alright for the first story I've written since high school. So were all 20 stories shown to Mr. Mcneill? Or was it only the top 5 if I recall correctly? Congratulations to the top 3 in any case, better writing than in several official 40k books I've read, and that's no small feat!
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  6. He said during the live stream that he read them all!
  7. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    It seems like there's quite a bit of bitterness in this thread. There are four races, and we only saw a top 3, so at least one race was going to be left out.

    The only annoyance I have is losing to someone who, as far as I can see, isn't even an active part of the forum. I think any future competitions should have a stipulation of a minimum post count or something.
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  8. I just want to wish you luck on the surgery. It can be tough getting a rod that is stuck soooo far up removed. Would you be willing to post your story some where we can view this apparent masterpiece of literature which we have all missed. You have no idea what the quality of the other pieces were and how they were all compared, as you haven't seen many of the 400 other pieces that went in. Just because you had yours 'edited' by several people doesn't mean squat. That could be your mum's knitting group for all I know. Who I am sure all thought it was wonderful.
    If you are going to react this way every time you lose a competition, that is, ranting and defaming the judges, insulting the winners and generally being venomous, maybe just don't compete.
  9. Most people seem okay with it, some are just disappointed, one or two are very bitter and need to learn some sportsmanship.
  10. RossTiger RossTiger New Member

    Congratz to all the winners and finalists :) was wondering when everyone's stories will be made available to read?
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