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The Depths Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    this is just me checking how many people would like to be in a RP I'm planning on starting that takes place somewhere in the alenic depths. It requires some co-op between players but you can later on try to kill someone if they allow you to or a fight takes place and you verbally out match them. 9 playable races please state what unit you are

    Ork: boys/meks are good no nobs klan does matter
    Eldar: no farseer no autarch and such can be craft world matters
    Space marine: no force commander no chapter master no terminator you get it no black Templars since this RP requires coop and they don't approve chapter matters
    Guard: no lord general no baneblade no leamon Russ chimeras ok regiment matters no death korps p.s try to use iconics it just helps me in general not having to wiki the regiment
    Chaos: no lord no daemon legions/God matters
    Tau: no suits no ethereals caste matters
    necrons: no lords no monsters and such
    Rak'gol : just tell me if you interested and I'll explain
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I am going to take whatever has least or no ppl.
  3. Da Black Ork DaBlackOrk Subordinate

    "The depths" Intruging certainly, but please tell me what is a rak'gol sounds like a C'tan or some sort of tau?
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  4. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

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  5. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Thank you shad ( it's weird saying thanks to a type of fish lol ). But yes the rak'gol are a species of reptilian irradiated space pirates who love sticking robot bits in them like the iron hands.
    Good to know at least 3 are interested
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  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Is this everyone willing to join ? Everyone feel free to discuss and do you guys wish to start ? If so tell me what race you are and what equipment you carry
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As said I go what nobody is going to take. which most likely I assume would be Tau or Rak'gol ^^
  8. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    I think it might help if you gave more info on the RP as in it's current state, it's kind of hard to tell what one is signing up for.

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