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The Depths of the Hive: Hive Gang Redux

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Maleth, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Dussoth Put a hand to his chin. "We might be if I am right the lady up stairs wanted to bring in that string bring looking fellow as well as the lady in the towel, I Think theres a good chance were hiring. I'll check with the bosses" Dussoth said looking to the mysterious beastmen, Deciding to get her Dussoth would seak out the heads in charge.

    @Keidivh "Hey Yavana We have someone else looking to be hired into the gang man looks like a beastmen, I'd say though he oddly has no horns it seems." Dussoth said looking to Yavana
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    @Keidivh | @Vulpas | @Coffeechipmunk

    "And there is something else wrong with him. Can't quite put my finger on it. But I'm sure, the mamzel in charge here knows what I mean." The newcomer stated as he cleaned the glasses around the bar that had been used. There was a slight frown on his face when he focused on the cloaked figure. And he hoped his statement would give the fellow psyker a nudge to use her witchsight, if she possessed it. But the lack of a presence within the warp, or rather just very subtle existence was... Disturbing. Like a blank he has heard tales of. But different. Instead of affecting him negatively or even bothering him, he was just... Curious.

    But as the supposed beastman ordered a water, Durijem poured a glass of tap water. Figuring that bottled, maybe even sparkling, water was reserved to common guests.
  3. Vash'ya would take his cup, nodding as thanks, to the bartender. He'd look up at the man serving him, and give a smile. "Ah, this is a breath of fresh air, finally someone different. What... Are you?"

    Vash'ya knew about some alien races, such as the Nicassar, the Kroot, and the Vespids, but has never seen the creature in front of him. Tall, point eyes, oval eyes. Finally someone that wasn't a human.
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    @Coffeechipmunk @Vulpas @Uriel1339
    While Yavana wasn't happy to see this potential threat to her Runners walk off she didn't try to press the issue any further. Having a full blown fight break out over this girl simply wasn't worth it. For now she'd live, and if she caused any problems in the future. Well, she wouldn't hesitate. Waving her hand in a dismissive manner, her Ashen Warriors, Tarik and Drav, stepped aside to let Kadmus trough though they still held their weapons at the ready. It had been a long time since the gang had raided or fought anyone else, and it seemed her warriors were itching for a proper fight. With our new recruits that could be sooner than we expected.

    After Kadmus had exited, another hooded figure entered the club, walking right up to the bar and asking for a water. She didn't hear what the stranger had whispered to Dussoth, but she had a feeling she already knew what he was asking about. Her suspicion was confirmed as the boisterous bearded man called over to her.

    As she walked over to the bar both Dussoth and Durijem made comments that piqued the witches interest. This man must have been quite the oddity to warrant such a reaction, especially from an alien. Taking a sea beside the newcomer, Yavana glanced over him carefully. He certainly was odd looking, with pale blue flesh and a strange mark on its forehead, though the hooves were what really made him look strange. But there was something else, something she couldn't put her finger on. He felt... Like he shouldn't be here. She could him, obviously he was before here, but her sixth sense told her he didn't exist.

    Yavana leaned forward slightly with a quizzical look on her face. "You're asking what he is? Forget that, what in the wastes are you?"
  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Thank you, Kadmus." She said, clearly grateful for his help, as the Ganger took the tuxedo jacket and headed behind a suitably sized object to get changed. She came back dressed better for the streets, or at least able to claim some modicum of modesty on the streets. The towel was wrapped like a skirt and the jacket serving for upper body-wear.

    "Name's Ophelia, and I'll keep my ears low and eyes high for what you what." While she turned to leave, the Ganger leaned back to say to her savior: "I'll tell you something off the bat: Heard of a new crew of punks by the name of the Burning Lights, and well, they've been sizing up gangs in the area, wanting to make a move."
    With that said, Ophelia took her leave, and headed off to where her gang was, not wishing to stay around too long.
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  6. @Vulpas @Uriel1339

    Vash'ya would spin around to face the woman sitting next to him, smiling.
    "I'm Shas'La Ksi'm'yen Vash'ya." He'd extend his hand out to shake. No one here seems to recognize a Tau, which is good. They definitely aren't the most loved race, so maybe he could pull it off as a sort of beastman like the short person said. Right now, he is being questioned in 3 directions at once, so he doesn't know how this could end.
    "I'm... Like you said, a Beastman. Just a bit of an odd one." Vash'ya has no idea what a Beastman is, or what they even look like. But based on the woman's reaction, they certainly don't look Tau.
    "I'm a sharpshooter who needs a job. That's all, really."
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  7. Corvie suddenly burst into the bar, sweating and panting in desperation.

    "Guns! My guns! Where are they?!"

    She rushes up to Yavana (@Keidivh ) and looks at her pleadingly.

    "I need my guns! Give them to me! Please!"
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    @Coffeechipmunk @Uriel1339 @Keidivh
    As Dussoth got a better look at the stranger his eye brow would raise a little upon seeing the blue, skin and the slit over is and him not having horns. "Man thats quite a odd name for a beastmen, you don't even have any horns, Must have been horrible espesialy when they have there contests where they measure up with em." Dussoth said commenting on the strangers appearance he was intrigued but not that much by his appearance.

    The name o him sonded odded foreign, unlike most he had ever heard of and then there was the fact he had no snout, horns, or even had skin like a beast men it. It defiantly identified he either was not a beastmen, or possibly a really runty and mutated one. "A sharp shooter you say?" Dussoth said as he heard the stranger mention he was a sharp shooter it confirmed to him he was no beastmen, Dussoth knew those abumans liked to get in the thick of it and upclose. Though what he was could remain a mystery for now it would likely be something he would look into later. "A sharp shooter you say, We are defiantly in need of those," Dussoth said he knew he was one of the few in the gang that was using long range weapons and that they did indeed need a few more sharp shooters or it would only be dussoth and corvie keeping the gang covered as they went into the fray.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @Keidivh | @Vulpas | @Coffeechipmunk | @The_Raven

    "A beastman? With that name?" Durijem couldn't help but chuckle. "You look more an experiment of the Drukhari than anything else." Then his smile vanished and he went dead serious. "To my kin you may refer to as an Eldar. And shall you ever shoot one, I will place a las right into that slit of yours."

    Again, the pointy-eared individual would offer a soft smile. "But that will be as likely as me meeting another one of... You. Though I wonder..." He got an idea, his eyes wandering across the room to a certain figure.

    "Note-taker!" Durijem referred to the robed individual, not knowing his name yet. And if he had been told, he had forgotten already. Human names were horrid to remember. So simple, they all sounded the same. "Do you have a theory what our water-drinking beastman here is?"
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    Delmo had let out an audible groan as yet another figure entered the establishment but alas to his infinite chagrin the Eldar had not left the room so he could attempt to discreetly follow the xenos and continue his indepth research on the magnificent specimen standing in the Club. Unfortunately while he was revising his previous observations with the aid of Minos on the illustrations and finer details when he was called up by the very specimen he was observing.

    The buzzing at the back of his mind increased and his mechandendrite twitched and moved like the irate tail of a catzer but he took a deep breath. Hugged Minos to his chest with one arm and tried to relax as he answered Durijem "first and foremost, my name is Delmo Apraxin. Secondly if you require my assistance in future and we are not actively participating in a fire fight please speak in softer tones, pardon the inconvience. Thirdly i cannot say for certain on our newest companions genelogy without samples, any samples provided by any member of the runners makes my job a large percentile easier, after that tangent I have to say that while yes i am not certain he is far from any beastman ive seen or studied or heard of. Displays very few of the tell tale traits of the mutations, perhaps another abhuman strain" Delmo said opening to a new section of hos nite book and taking a few notes and a rough illustration of the new comer's face before going back and taking intent notes on his prior focus

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