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The Curse Of Inquisitor Demetrius

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Warmaster_Nate, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    These are the chronicles of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Demetrius Klaratus and his retinue, derived of a Dark Heresy game which lasted a year and has inspired spinoffs and a book by one party member. The book will be unrelated to 40k but takes cues from the game. I was the Game-Master who created the story and worked webs of intrigue between other games to give the party a living universe and story which they directly altered by their actions. Ultimately the game spread, and was concluded with a nail-biting ending involving the party racing to save Demetrius, while both solving a puzzle-artifact, and surviving a side-by-side Tabletop 40k game raging to determine how long the forces of Slaanesh could be held at the gates.

    This is an ongoing project, and I will be editing it regularly to keep it consistent and well-written. It has currently just started and I will be updating it with time with post-edits and session additions. (I'm sure its got some serious issues in there right now, I'm rushing to finish the first arc's summaries and haven't gotten a chance to proofread anything.)

    I am not going to post the transcript of this game on this thread. That would be insane. Instead, here is a link to a public dropbox where it is saved and will be updated as I have time to do so:

    Also, here is a document that describes just the first campaign arc. This is just the beginning of a genuinely incredible game. If you are interested, don't read it, it has serious spoilers, but you can read it if you want a taste. It'll take me a while to write onto the next arc though.


    ^ This doc is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Here's the initial setting:
    Location: Segmentum Obscurus, Calixis Sector, Tyrital Sub-Sector, Caekus System, Caekus V
    Date: 4880990.M41
    Caekus V is a relatively large, artillery-manufacturing, hive world in the Caekus system of the Calixis sector, center of which is Hive Spirallus. For approximately 30 years the planet has been under siege by an Ork Waaagh and Demetrius was stationed on the planet for managerial duties as a member of the Ordo Xenos. The Orks are in vast number on the planet's surface, held back by the artillery free fire zones and a nearby naval cordon headed by the flagship Illiumanis and Lord Admiral Markuss. PDF and Imperial military forces had secured a stalemate with the greenskins, but then another threat was uncovered just underneath the planet's surface.

    Inquisitor Demetrius is now closing in on 155 years old, to us he would look in his early-mid 40's. He's quite weathered, but still combat-ready and smiling defiantly at the darkness. He stands roughly 6' 1" (1.86m) tall, 71 kilograms mass, with fair white skin, short black hair, a clean-shaven face, one green right eye and one very curious black eyepatch. If one were to scrutinize the eyepatch, they'd find it made of landspar, a sturdy material that is usually utilized for its solid construction, and psy-inert properties. A psyker looking at Demetrius would find a kind, wizened soul with quite a lot of curiously unfilled potential for growth, and a dark blur over his left eye where the landspar prevents inspection. He wears subtle, but still noticeable, light power armour, sans helmet, with the black greatcoat and rosette intrinsic to many inquisitors. The weapons apparent to him are: a power sword and blade of the finest quality at the hip; a pair of shock gauntlets cleverly disguised as embossed gloves; a bolt pistol and needle pistol holstered on the torso; and a shoulder-slung combat shotgun and hunting rifle. There is also a hidden combat knife with a built in injector but it generally remains hidden. As appropriate to his office, he is unapologetically armed to the teeth.

    He has a retinue of throne agents at his behest: a loyal interrogator named Morlanthiar, a quiet psyker named Korcyn, a quirky savant named Dersil, and a few combat support personnel.

    However, this story does not follow the throne agents; it follows acolyte cell Gamma which Demetrius formed for supplemental support for deployment on Caekus. He started the cell before arrival planetside as he was aware he might need an extra hand. He began with Ishmael. A large, black, male Arbitrator, who suited Demetrius well as he too had started out as an Arbitrator and saw a fair amount of himself in his new recruit. Realizing that the Hive world would engulf the players with technology, he picked up an explorator tech-priest named Mordecai.
    Then he landed on Caekus V and scouted for both combat support and anti-psyker support. First, he found an off-world Guardsmen named Bones who hailed from a feral world but whose combat proficiency had elevated himself. Demetrius had read from other Inquisitors' documentation and memoirs that Orks often operate off of some latent psychic ability to operate much of their equipment, so he then searched for an Untouchable. However, he found the social conditions on the planet made scouting Untouchables near impossible, but he had one lead. There was a local Schola Progenium which had been recently sacked, but was evacuated and one of the students exhibited the pariah gene. Her name was Kali. She was exceedingly devout, soon entering training by the Scholum for Commissariat duties, and reveled at the thought of working for Demetrius, but she was also exceedingly young. ((Young enough for me to warrant halving Toughness and Strength, but she had self-inflicted scars shaping an aquila…that's devout))
    Demetrius cursed the idea, but decided upon it as an investment in the future. He hired her, but also hired a Cleric of the local Ministorum named Haxtus to act as her guardian and protector.

    With acolyte cell Gamma successfully formed, he quartered them in the upper hives close to his retinue, and he went on to his duties in the planet's War Room, advising commanders on counteracting Ork offensives.
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  2. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Haxtus's skull collection added. (<-I forgot about it) A summary of Side Mission One added. Post-edits pending.
  3. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Summary of Session Two added. Post-edits still pending, I'm being quite lazy about that.

    Also, no comments yet but that's fine. I'm writing this for another friend anyways, so I may just stop posting the updates here until much later so that this doesn't look like some lonely fellow just talking to himself.
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    So in basic you open a thread in the RP Section just to put in here results of games for someone instead of simply e-mailing him that stuff?

    Nothing wrong with that.... But I think the use of this whole RP section is that we can RP together.... Otherwise why did you not just put this in the off-topic section *would make more sense* I really would like to see in the RP section *personally and for the sake of the community* more RP parts where individuals interact and not just list stuff.

    Otherwise nice stuff from what I have read so far. *But fan-fiction / RP which is not made here and just logged here should REALLY go somewhere else*
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  5. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    In my defense, I was asked to post this on the forums by another member of the forums. This felt to be the most appropriate location, but I understand that that is arguable. I am not opposed to this thread being moved if it is found to be out of place.

    EDIT: That...and I thought it might be helpful food-for-thought for the RPers here on EC's forums.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As said I understand why you do it, as said... having something non-interactive / non-joinable it should be marked as such perhaps with *Fan-Fiction* or something similar.

    Thanks for understanding though! :)
  7. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    No problem, I appreciate your politeness. ^_^ I do find it arguable where this could go, but it is certainly inappropriate in Community Projects and RP was the best place in Off-Topics I could think to put it given that it was a Dark Heresy transcription. I won't contest if any passing Moderators move this or leave it be at their discretion.

    That said, I was going to stop posting in this thread and just edit the last posts (like this one) so that I don't unnecessarily bump my own thread. I'm not vain enough for that and didn't want it to be moved up unless this thread was actually being discussed.
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    Eeep - just saw the convo, I was the one who had asked for that post and I do apologize. That said though, I'd absolutely second the idea of a place to post things like this? It will be a year or so until this game is released, and anything we can do to build up the community during that time I think will generate great returns in the long run (RP areas, fan-fiction areas, battle reports, etc).

    So that said, thank you Nate for posting it, I will read as much as I can before it gets moved!
    (though the first link doesn't appear to work?)
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  9. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Don't worry 'bout it Noctifer. It was a friendly, well-mannered discussion and you were the straw that broke the camel's back and finally convinced me to get off my lazy ass to write this all out. For that, I appreciate it, and I'll bug you when I'm further down the line. (like when D-eldar and the Dark Prince start getting seriously involved as that was what you were interested in, and that's where it gets really juicy ^_^)

    It would be nice if a section for it was made somewhere, perhaps a subforum for the RP forum? That's for the moderator's consideration.

    For anyone reading it, I haven't gotten terribly far yet, but it is 24 sessions long, with 7 side missions.
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    Don't worry guys just mentioned it here that it should be marked or something for "Non-RP Interaction" XD

    Though for battle reports I am sure that could go into the Table-Top Area in the off-topic section.... But Fan Fiction would be a nice sub-forum for the RP Section! ^^
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