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The Compiled History Of the Steel Predators

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    Record 001
    Previous Record: none
    Recording Date: 151 M42
    Recorded by Entry Personnel: Historian Commander Unig of the Steel Predators.
    The Founding (C.late 31M)


    The Chapter Master have asked me, or rather granted me permission to set out to do what I have long requested: to full compiled a history of our chapter. We have many records stretching all the way back to when this chapter was still part of the V legion, the White Scars, and more than a few of our brothers continue to honor that tradition as we continue to fight in the name of the Emperor. However even the most completed history on our battle barge is still fragmented at places in time, and though we have much information, certain holes exists in each record that I've noticed may be filled by sections of others. I have taken upon myself in order to form one complete log in order that our brothers, as well as any officials of the Imperium, may trace our history from its beginning to the the hour that just ended. Copies of such will be made in order that we may never find ourselves lost as to where we came from or where we are. So it is with great resolve, and perhaps some suspense, that I begin my task. At the risk of possibly incurring the Administratum's wrath for mentioning some topic that was subjected to the edict of obliteration, this will be the unedited version that will be sent to the Chapter Master as well as the Inquisition for proper censuring later. As any great tale should be started, this one will start from the beginning...


    The story of the Steel Predators began with the Coming Storm Ordu, a section of the V legion. The story revolved around a fateful recruit squad during the assault on the planet Chondax, where the great Khagan had led his legion to pursue the leftover orks from their empire that were smashed at the Ullanor by the combine might of the Great Crusade. The 9th squad, then formed up by members Vesk, Ramiel, Kren, Tur and Temur I as well as others, was given a mission: to hunt and take the head of a certain Mekboy by the name of Fastasped before any of the recruits from the other Ordu does. The Khagan himself wished to distinguish the new warriors of the upcoming generation in order to honor them and their Ordu with the vanguard charge of the next invasion of the Great Crusade. Little did they know, that would be the last battle for the V legion against xenos before a great tragedy struck them. But during the descent against the orks on the ground, this was far from the minds of the young warriors that mounted their scout bikes. All they knew was the prey was somewhere out there, and they would be the ones to take its head, not the other Ordus.

    Seeing the Khagan fight with his Keshig bodyguards must have been awe inspiring, as legends and parables talk of a wave of steel and fury rode against the orks, shooting them and crushing them beneath the tires and treads of our legion. Driven by this inspiration and living legend so close to them, the 9th sped forward out of their transports, led by then Sergeant Lonyu, and charged the enemy head on, goaded by the recruits of the other Ordus. Still they surged forward with the others, smashing into orks and killing them left and right. Just as they were about to head out to ascertain the location of Mekboy Fastasped, they received a message from a thunderhawk that was struck by the crude anti air missiles of the orks and was making an emergency descent. The 9th, despite possibly losing their mission, decided that astartes lives were more important, and went to assist the downed transport. After securing the crash site long enough for friendly reinforcements to arrive, the 9th resumed the chase, where they were able to find out where Fastasped was heading from the thunderhawk's pilots.

    Arriving at the Mekboy's fuel station, the 9th proceeded to set up a trap by rigging explosives to the various fuel piles around. When the enemy arrived, the trap was sprung, and many explosions rippled out from the fuel depot. The Mekboy's vehicle was quickly immobilized, allowing the 9th to rush their target and take its head after a quick fight. Back in the orbit, the entire Ordu was celebrating on their Ordu's battle barge, the Spear of Truth, the Ordu celebrated itself truly for the last time as part of the V Legion, as unknown to all of them, the Imperium had already plunged into its darkest hour and midnight was soon at hand.

    Soon the fleet in orbit encountered Alpha Legion vessels in the system. Unable to ascertain their intentions, the V Legion quickly formed into battle formations against their brother legion's ships, as the Khagan was cautious as much as he was ferocious. Probing the blockade made by the already traitorous legion, the White Scars determined a weak point in the enemy's defenses, and as quickly as the blockade appeared, they could not match the speed of the riders of Chogoris. The ships formed the Chisel formation, a spear to drive straight through the enemy blockade, in no more than 5 seconds, in a maneuver that was impossible for the best fleet commanders of those days to pull off in 5 minutes. Punching straight through the Alpha Legion fleet, the V legion quickly warp jump out of the Chondax system in search of answers and the truth.

    The fleet quickly arrived over the dead planet of Prospero, where the Khagan entrusted the legion to his loyal commander, Hasik Noyan-Khan. Unfortunately the Noyan-Khan had already tossed his fortunes in with Warmaster Horus and his traitor legions by joining the Warrior Lodges. While it was common for companies and squads to get seconded to the Sons of Horus due to the two primarch's close relationship, there was no question that if it came down to the line, one's loyalty always goes to his legion and Khagan before all others. Hasik Noyan-Khan forgot this and thus ignited a civil war within the legion over the orbit of Prospero. With the Khagan gone to the surface with his guards the V legion began to tear itself apart in orbit, as brothers fought brothers for the first time in history. The 9th, now all full astartes legionnaires, was no exception, as most of its members were killed with the initial battle begun. However the surviving members began fighting their way through the battle barge, aiming to wound even in the midst of betrayal instead of killing. When they heard the blasphemous broadcasts of a traitor sergeant the 9th quickly went to the communications array in order to silence him.

    Fighting off waves and waves of enemies, it was then that the techmarine Kren was distinguish himself along with the assault marine named Vesk to both shut off the broadcasts and stop loyalist ships from firing on them. The 9th then made their way to the bridge, where a fight for the control of the Spear of Truth was raging. Just as soon as they managed to throw back the assault of their traitor brothers, another threat appeared in the form of the Death Guards, led by their primarch Mortarion. The primarch along with his guards went to confront the Khagan on the surface but left his ships in orbit in order to assist those of the warrior lodges. Though not yet servants of Nurgle, the Death Guards were still ferocious fighters, and the 9th found this out first hand when they fought against them for the control of the main stairwell leading from their boarding source on the battle barge on the observation deck. After losing many brothers and taking many injuries, the 9th managed to secure the stairwell and made their way up to the observation deck.

    There, after a fierce battle, the Death Guards were successfully driven back off the ship, whereas the warrior lodges members surrendered. Afterward the Khagan personally visited every vessel in the fleet in order to remind them of their loyalty and who the true master of the V legion is. Getting an urgent message from Rogal Dorn, the Khagan with heavy heart, made his way along with his legion back to Terra, instead of assisting Russ and his Space Wolves. However one brotherhood was dispatched to aid the sons of Russ, the Ronins. Arriving a bit earlier than the traitors, the V legion joined the Blood Angels as well as the Imperial Fists in setting up the defenses of Terra. It was during this trip that Temur I was transferred due to heavy casualties during the fighting over Prospero to another unit, and so Ramiel took his place as the apothecary of the 9th. Also this was when Tur was first touched by the warp, a curse that would eventually lead to his exile there, but the Stormseer Liao managed to train him up for the time being as a Stormseer. On humanity's glorious bastion, the 9th savored the surroundings from a speech directly from the primarchs and heroes present as well as the Emperor himself. I can only imagine the stunning glory that was that day.

    And so the traitors came, and they came in numberless amount in the form of the invasion. Within days the orbital defenses fell along with the Lunar Base, and the enemy captured the two primary space ports, the Lion's Gate and Eternity Wall. From there they began an assault unrivaled by any other invasion by the forces of Chaos since then, until the 13th Black Crusade by Abaddon now perhaps. The astartes of the traitor legions were no more, turned into the heathens and monstrosities we still fight today, and will one day completely annihilate from the face of the galaxy. The 9th was sent out to secure a surface to orbit battery from the enemy, which has captured it and was turning the weapon against loyalist ships in orbit. The 9th arrived just to find that one of the Mournival Captains, Horus Aximand, had commandeered the guns himself. The battle was fierce, but finally Aximand was struck down. It was told that Aximand had whispered something to Tur at the last moment of his life after the Stormseer mortally wounded him, however those exact words were lost in time at this point. Aximand's lighting claws are still within our relics chamber of the Chapter today. Receiving orders to immediately retreat to the Imperial Palace, the 9th wasted no time and began falling back.

    Seeing the slaughter and the battle must have been horrific, as the sheer number of Imperator Titans on both sides blasting at each other might have been more than enough to overwhelm the typical guardsmen, but the 9th stood steady. They obeyed their orders unquestioningly, and soon arrived to assist their brothers within the palace walls themselves. Fighting their way across to link up with their legion, they witness the great outer wall fallen at the hands of the traitor titan legions, and in the darkest hours of the Imperium, heroes rising to meet the coming darkness. The 9th would see primarchs fighting daemons, with them fighting themselves, and eventually making to the V legion's staging area. At nightfall, the V legion rode out into the darkness, bypassing the main assault on the Imperial Palace and headed straight for Lion's Gate Spaceport with what was left of the 1st Terran Armour division. They cut a swath of dead traitors through the city streets and straight into the Spaceport, where the 9th joined the others in fighting towards the landing pads.

    It was there that Vesk was lost to the 9th, as a crashing transport smashed into the ground between him and the others, separating them. The assault marine disappeared after that, but despite the sadness in their hearts the 9th continued forward, and attacked one of the Captains leading the Sons of Horus. There they were joined by Jublai, Korael and Temur, both eager scouts that have lost their squads earlier in the battle and continued to cut down the enemy. Eventually the 9th and company finished off the enemy, and help secured the spaceport. The astartes and recruits were about to take a rest when the Emperor's Children along with their primarch, Fulgrim, arrived. The Khagan immediately clashed with the traitorous brother of his, while the 9th and company decided on what to do. Going forward, they managed to secure a Fellglaive as well as a Sicaran Battle Tank, both of which remains in our armory and forges today. Smashing in a hit and run style that would make their primarch proud, the two tanks eventually came across a Mastodon that hosted a Greater Daemon which worked with the Alpha Legion.

    The fight was long and difficult, but eventually the terminators of the Alpha Legion were cut down and the massive transport destroyed, or so the White Scars though. Ripping out a hole in reality, a Greater Daemon of Slannesh came out of the machine to challenge the White Scars in battle. However, it wasn't alone. A lone White Scar apprentice crawled out of the ruin of the massive transport from a hole made by the previous fight came. His name was Mathius and would eventually become a very significant figure in the Steel Predator Chapter. So the White Scars faced down the biggest challenge to them yet, able to take down the enemy after a prolonged fight to witness the arrival of the Ultramarines as well as the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels. Lion's Gate, as well as wider Terra, was secured, and Fulgrim lost two of his four arms in the fight against the Khagan.

    During recovery, the group went through purity tests, and other such reinforcement as the prisoners were executed and obliterated. They also rumored to have met the early founders of the Adeptus Ministorum, but that much is unclear. The 9th and company were quickly informed about the larger situation at hand, where Guilliman of the Ultramarines as well as Dorn of the Imperial Fists have taken control of the reins of the Imperium, with Guilliman issuing the mandate of his Codex Astartes. This of course meant that the legions, all of them would need to be split into roughly 1000 astartes chapters. Many of the astartes, including Jublai, were enraged at the dismemberment of the Legion Astartes. Others were fine and more understanding about the necessity of the change and even welcomed it in the case of the Ultramarines. Most were somewhere in the middle. Still out of the Coming Storm Ordu, in the orbit of Chogoris the Steel Predators were born, with their own chapter fleet as well as their new Chapter Master, Mayu Khan. The 1st was born as well, out of the combine members of the 9th's remainders and their new found members, as the elite of the Chapter. Sergeant Lonyu was given command of the 1st company and promoted.
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    The 1st were deploy on their maiden mission, assassinate the former Spymaster of Horus by the name of Maloghurst the Twisted. Little did they know that Maloghurst's service was being courted by a certain future leader of the Black Crusade, Abaddon himself. Soon the 1st would board the strike cruiser Maloghurst fled the Battle of Terra. Half of them would head to shut down the security lockdown of the enemy, only to be ambushed by the waiting Chaos forces. The others encountered the xenos knowned as the Eldars, which informed them that a greater threat was coming. After narrowly escaping a direct confrontation with Abaddon, the 1st eventually overpowered Maloghurst as he tried to escape and successfully taking his armour and his weapon as proof of their kill. This was at the cost of two astartes though, an overly eagered scout by the name of Kenshik attempted to join the 1st in their mission, only to be slain by the enemy Black Legionnaires. Tur too was lost, though the Stormseer was consumed by the warp, and disappeared much like Vesk did. However the mourning and enthusiasm of the successful hunt would be short lived. The Inquisition, then in its infancy, came to contact the chapter for the first time, confiscating the various trophies taken by the chapter for its own purposes, which left more than a bitter taste in the mouths of many Steel Predators.

    The 1st then went to the agri-world of Orphus III, capital of the newly succeeded Orphus Interplanetary Confederation, in order to bring the world back under Imperial rule once again. It was an important food source for many worlds in that part of the Imperium so when it declared that it would no longer serve the Emperor actions had to be taken. The 1st was joined by the scout Gen, who Jublai had personally apprenticed. There they met up with Ambassador Winter, and began to prepare for the planet for an eventual invasion by both their chapter fleet as well as Imperial forces. The 1st managed to track down what they claimed to be xenos as well as a heretek taking control of one of the cities on the World. After the liberation of Venisi as well as convincing several different forces to return to the just cause of the Imperium, the invasion was swift and merciless, ending with the dismantling of the Orphus Interplanetary Confederation and the public execution of the self proclaimed king Bosiri. The agri-world was saved, and the food from there was quickly delivered to the other reaches of that sector. Father Guilion of the Church of the Saviour Emperor, eventually the Adeptus Ministorum, was given control of the world under his command, which he would eventually lead to become a shrine world of the Imperium, glorified by the thousands of pilgrims that travels there. It is said that a shrine dedicated to the Adeptus Astartes, especially the Steel Predators, is on that world today, though I have not personally seen it.

    It was now that Korael was quickly transferred out of the 1st in favor of his caring nature training the next batch of recruits. So the tactical marine was sent elsewhere, while the 1st continued their missions, and their path would collide with one of the worst losses in Steel Predator history. After the disappearance of the Khagaon, the 4th Company, under Captain Luiel, was sent to a strange dead world called Witchlair to track down the xenos that the first great hunt was targeting. The Caged Beast Kabal found them first, and quickly massacred most of the company then and there. This would have been unnoticed for some time had not the brave members of the 4th managed to sent out a warning before their strike cruiser was crashed on to the world, prompting the 1st as well as 1st company to be sent after them for a search and rescue plus extermination mission. The 1st was deployed to the ground, where they were ambushed by the enemy quickly in the crashed strike cruiser. After meeting the enemy and finding the 4th's resting place, they encountered a Deathwatch Kill-Team along with an Inquisitor, who proceeded to aid them on the mission.

    Though the relationship was tentative, they worked well enough to kill one of the leaders of the Dark Eldar, though at the cost of Gen's life. In his place though, a young scout name Jek was rescued from the clutches of the Dark Eldar, and the group decided upon the target to strike as they viewed the encampment of the Dark Eldars. The drop pods soon rained down on the webway gate, cutting off the enemy's escape. Unfortunately this meant that the prisoners would all start dying as soon as this happened and that's exactly it. The 1st arrived just to see the beginning of the last execution of the 4th's members. They fought hard and fast, but alas too many were lost, and the 4th company would not be at full strength again for some time. Once the slave pits, mostly filled with corpses at this point, was secured, they rushed forward to meet the fleeing Archon and his retinue. There Krux struck down two of the members while Mathius and Jek finished off the other two. Archon Levinal was killed by Captain Lonyu, who took the xeno's head quickly.

    The years went by and soon each of the surviving members of the 1st would ascend to the Council, which directs the chapter as a whole and moves it forward. Krux would become the Captain of 2nd Company while Jek the Captain of 10th. Mathius and Jublai would both take up places as Master of Sanctity and Master of the Hunt respectively. Temur would become the Captain of 1st Company after Captain Lonyu takes up the mantle of Chapter Master after Mayu Khan. Kren would take up as the Master of the Forge after his long centuries of services. Unfortunately Ramiel was killed in action some time after Witchlair, and his body returned to the Chapter for proper rites. Soon the next generation would appear to lead the charge on the battlefield, as the older veterans stay back in order to coordinate the larger picture, but striking out themselves from time to time. However, their bravery was important to set an example that will be followed long after their deaths as the Steel Predators Chapter found its own identity in the centuries to follow.

    End of Record
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