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The Coming Night RP (Char Sheet Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by matt23, Aug 7, 2016.

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    This is an idea I love, that I am totally stealing from @Uriel1339 (who stole it from @Jorimel ). It really does make looking up characters extremely easy, so this should help for quick referencing, instead of having to scroll through the OOC thread to find the characters. Also, should your character die, I will leave them in the thread and add your next character (should you have one).

    Quick links to Players / Characters:

    Uriel - Lurielle
    TuskatheDaemonkilla - Malrak 'The Lost' Skyruss
    Grall_Stonefist - Beowolf
    Vulpas - Felana Lumen
    Seabass - Tyresius Locudus
    Maleth - Latrynix
    Jorimel - Satharn
    Casavay - Lahamu Ma
    Virgil_Corbec - Vlad
    BuriasDempsey - #88-52492-B (Kombous)
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    Player Name: @Uriel1339
    Character Name: Lurielle
    Class: Cultist (Lost & Damned)
    Age: 17
    Ritualistic Knife (zig-zag dagger)
    Las Pistol
    Pulse Rifle
    Modified Tau Armor
    PN-94657: allows for use of painkillers to ignore pain or adrenals to gain more strength during battle.
    Gift: Mark of Lamia: Gifts Lurielle with increased speed and reflexes which are reflected in her combat rolls.
    Planet of Origin: Dal'yth
    Legion or Affiliation: Gue'vesa (Tau for 'Human Helper')
    Physical Description:
    Lurielle wears the Tau Armor at anytime, even sleep over her regular clothes, the Tau insignias have been painted over with the same color as the armor to make it 'faceless'. She has no helmet, only the full body armor and the probably far too long worn black bodyglove beneath which is Gue'vesa standard issue to make the Tau Armor more comfortable. She has maroon-red dyed hair hanging from her head, usually loose over her shoulders. Her face is scarred with battle wounds and makes her look more in her mid-20s, perhaps early 30s through the early exposure to war.

    Reference Image for Armor, Rifle, and Ritualistic Knife:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lurielle was born into Tau culture by having been born by human allies (Gue'la) of the Tau. She was raised with the mentality of the Greater Good and how evil the iron fist ruling of the Imperium of Mankind is. How her grand-grandparents were liberated during the Damocles Gulf Crusade and because of that they can enjoy living in freedom, self-expression and living for a greater goal than survival and sacrificing yourself to a faceless God-Emperor.

    However for Lurielle there was always a pursue for the stars, deep space exploration. That is why she signed up for the military corps, also known as the Fire Caste, to become a Gue'vesa and serve the Greater Good as a proud soldier. What a naive child the 12 year old girl was.

    She was enrolled in the Fire Academies like other Tau younglings and learned how to use Tau equipment, from armoring up over the bonding rituals to where to aim on Imperial tanks.

    4 years later, the usual cycle of a Tau cadet, she graduated to go under her Trial by Fire. The Troop was deployed on a world that was recently liberated from the Imperium and her squads task was easy: Simply keep an outpost protected. It was just a communications outpost and a couple of raids were anticipated. An attack never came for a week, but in the night she would have horrible nightmares and whispers of doom and death. And she was not alone. A week went by without an attack.... Then two, three... Eventually a whole month was over. And when they finally were ordered to pack up due to lack of enemy sightings they came out of nowhere.

    Crazied humans which were wearing little more than their regular garments, in hundreds against the ten-man strong squad. The defense went well, until reinforcements with Chimera tanks came and crashed right through the walls of the outpost. There was little melee training in the academies of fire, nonetheless these humans were basically throwing their lives away as they charged mindless into the Gue'vesa squad. In the end, two others survived with Lurielle, each of them drenched in blood, sweat and tears. The female Gue'vesa even had to throw up when she saw a blade decapitate her former classmate.

    They investigated the corpses to identify their allegiance, amongst their leader Lurielle found a unique zig-zagged dagger. She brought it inside the outpost where her squad leader treated the other survivor. Lurielle heard how they conspired to get away with a ship. Filthy Traitors... And so she stabbed with the newly found dagger her squad leader through his back and heart, and slit the throat of her wounded comrade who only watched in shock his leader slump to the floor.

    She was to make a report... But a better idea came to mind. Yes... They were right, the Tau were using the humans to play meatshields. Why else was there no Tau stationed here, suffering through those nightmares, waiting a month until the attack comes? Lurielle wanted to see the stars, worlds and explore and she would just have that. So she stole a Tau Barracuda and headed off.

    Or so was the plan. Instead Lurielle was shot down in the next sector, crash-landed, miraculously survived (barely) and ever since is on the run from the Tau, with the eternal desire to see more of the stars. Having nothing more than her Pulse Rifle, the ominous knife and her survival instinct...

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Religious Views or Devotion: Undivided (leans towards Slaanesh)
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    Player Name: @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    Character Name: Malrak "The Lost" Skyruss
    Class: Psyker
    Age: 25
    - A notebook with Tzeentch markings chained to his waist with a pen
    - large dark blue hooded cloak
    - Chaos corupted force staff
    - Las carbine
    - bolt pistol
    - Carapace armor
    Planet of Origin: Taranis
    Legion or Affiliation: Tzeentch cultist/Former Sanctioned psyker

    Physical Description:
    A rather tall example of humanity(6.2) Malrak is slightly muscular with pale skin but his arms and hands have mutated to have bird like claws at the end of his finger tips and have turned a light blue. The rest of his body appears human enough but is covered by his dark blue cloak that even hides his face underneath a large hood. His face is plain and isn't really indistinguishable from most other people and his black hair is shaggy while his blue eyes always seem to be looking into the deeper meaning of things.

    Malrak was once a sanctioned psyker until during an assault on hive city held by a Tzeench cult opened his eyes to the truth of the changer of ways. He discovered the will of Tzeench when it saved his life when the dark God reached to him by commanding him to kill the commissar of the unit he was assisting during the assault. When the commissar was killed by what seemed to be a stray bit of shrapnel but was really a piece of redirected glass levitated by Malrak that caused the guardsmen around him to flea the battlefield which in turn created a route in which several cult members were able to escape in the confusion. Malrak having seen this and partaken in the death of a commissar decided to follow the cultists to find that they where entering a large warp rift headed to the eye or terror. Tzeench having been both pleased and in a good mood that day decided to gift Malrak with mutations that enhanced his strength and turning his finger nails into claws and his arms blue. While these sudden mutations were quite painful the cultists had seen him as one of Tzeench's chosen and dragged him through the rift into the eye of terror where they taught him the ways of chaos. When his conversion to the ways of chaos was complete and he learned all he could he left the cult in search of a grander purpose and ways to gain the favor of the Changer of Ways.

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Keeping his distance and using his powers to grind his enemies into dust
    Religious Views or Devotion: Devoted Tzeentch follower
    Powers: His specialty is telekinesis but he also has training from being a sanction psyker and has received the Mark of Tzeentch.
    Starting spells: Crush, Warpfire, and Nightshroud
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    Player name: @Grall_Stonefist
    Character name: Beowulf
    Type: Chaos marine
    Former Chapter: Spacewolves

    Patron God (if any): influenced somewhat towards Slaneesh, but no patron

    Equipment: chainsword, bolt pistol, MK 6 power armour, Lupi Morsus (A Master Crafted Powersword).

    Gift: The Red Wolf: Beowulf's skin now has a reddish hue to it from the touch of Khorne's servant. Beowulf gets a plus 1 to attacks, but only when All Out Attack is used.

    History: Will be revealed since he will like talking about himself.

    Appearance: Beowulf stands averagely tall for a marine, though his face and general features would be described more as handsome, he doesn't have a wild scraggly hair and beard as normal amongst spacewolves, but a cut and kempt.
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    Player Name: @Vulpas
    Character Name:
    Felana Lumen

    Flesh shaper/apothecary

    looks to be in late twenty's early thirty's

    Black and grey carapace armor, auto pistol, electro whip, lasgun, combat knife. Medkit appothcary tools.

    Planet of Origin:

    Legion or Affiliation:
    former black hand, Black angels strike squad.

    Physical Description:
    grey hair, and around 6ft height Felana lumen is a athletic built women with various scars and burns going up and down her body its quite obivious most of this women life has been spent in combat. Blue eyed several noticeable features stand out that differ her from humans. Pale color skin and fang like teeth and a left hand that is a claw. Often times having these covered up by her armor or clothing.
    While not in combat Felana wears a black jacket with black wings and two black fang like objects on the back and jeans.

    Felana was created under a criminal gang organization called the black hand. Created during a replice experiment with two of black hand members DNA to make a more tougher and quicker shock trooper.

    Bearing both mutations both gangers had in life Felana brother and sister batch were the blood thirstiest as they flew through the air and engage the foes of the hand but carried the most most outward mutations of the replice.

    Instead of disposing them the black hand decided to have them become part of strike teams that would fight in the wastes of the hive guarding territory and pulling off more dangerous assaults. Felana of the bunch was the squad medic and had been around long enough to meet both of the gang members that made up her DNA but as time went on Felana grew tired of her life as a black angel desiring for more in life then the gang could provide she wished in her own mind that one day she could carve out her own path in life and make her own armies of soldiers not ones that were like her sisters but ones that would create a Paradise.

    That day came a accident came in a cloning lab with a assistant cloning the wrong batch of DNA and letting loose someone not even thre angels could handle as the facility was being destroyed Felana decided to steal a copy of her creators work to study and create her own armies in the galaxy after she escaped the planet. Faking her own death and leaving the facility Felana fled hoping none of her sisters knew she survived.

    As time went on Felana has been working around the sector has a mercenary who's picked up a bad habit to drinking blood likely a side effect of one of her parents mutation.

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Range group warfare with a squad

    Religious Views or Devotion:
    Undivided currently leading toward tzeetch and Slannesh
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    Player Name: @seabass

    Character Name: Tyresius Locudus

    Class: Plague Marine

    Age: 483

    Equipment: Bolter, Plague Bolts, Bolt Pistol, Infected Combat knife, rotting cloak

    Trait/Abilities: The Swarm: Should any enter in close combat with Tyresius, The Swarm with take to his defense and once per battle Tyresius may send The Swarm to disrupt and throw off the attacks of a group of enemies.

    Planet of Origin: Plague Planet

    Legion or Affiliation: Death Guard

    Physical Description: Tyresius wears his decayed armor with several areas bloated over with puss and fat from the many diseases that now inhabit his body. Over his armor is a very ripped and rotting at the ends robe of what appears to be a dark angels cloak. looted off whatever unforgiven was killed by his hand and made a sacrifice to nurgle. No one has ever dared to ask him to remove his helmet, as mucus and flesh seems to have over grown its visor. Rusting tubes move up to where his mouth should be, indicating that he may have that as a breathing apparatus.

    History: Very few records exist on Tyresius's origins. But he appears to have been a slave made astartes. When he first began, he was alone, and miserable. Until Nurgle found him, and like all of his servants, took him into his fold and made him one of his Millions of loved children. Since then, Tyresius has always looked upon the lost lambs of the Corpse emperors domain and made it his life long goal to guide as many as he can into nurgles embrace before he finally receives the plague fathers greatest gift to his servants. Death.

    Favored Fighting Style: Ranged Combat

    Religious Views or Devotion: Heavily devoted to Nurgle. Believes that the only way to spread the word of nurgle, is to show the misguided his gifts. Otherwise known as the many plagues of Nurgle.
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    Player Name: @Maleth
    Character Name: Latrynix Thexia
    Class: Dark Eldar Wych
    Age: 231
    Equipment: Twin bladed (as in, blades both end of a handle) mono sword, Wych Dagger inlaid with bone, Splinter Pistol and Wychsuit. The Seal of Saint Praxides: can identify warp activity around the wearer, as well as having a chance to nullify Warp based attacks and abilities used against the user.
    Planet of Origin: Commorragh
    Legion or Affiliation: None: Freelance Mercenary

    Physical Description:

    Her physical appearance is generally described as characterised by well defined physical and facial features with piercing ice-blue eyes and Midnight-black hair which is normally let loose to about shoulder height. No tattoos or anything as crass as that sullying her Trueborn body or pale skin.

    However, her normal off-duty attire consists of a black, clingy and well worn shin length dress that holds great sentimental value as a reminder of better times when she didn't have to deal with matters of life or death as often.


    Latrynix, a Trueborn Commorrite was once an up and comer within the Arena of the Cult of the Bloodied Blade, with eyes on leadership held by her mother. However her career got derailed when the patronage of an Archon resulted in an unusual.... request. Needless to say, finding out that your own mother had pretty much sold you as a slave for the sake of a sweeter deal so that the Cult of the Bloodied Blade could get patronage of a Kabal was not a fate that Thexia was willing to idly accept, leading her to flee for her life from the Dark City.

    Needless to say, having a difficult struggle to merely survive (thriving was something left out of the question entirely) in the wider Galaxy has pushed her to the point that rubbing shoulders with the Mon'Keigh foolish enough to go and sell their souls to the Dark Gods seemed like a good idea.

    Favored Fighting Style
    : Close Quarters, but with a focus on bladework, or if desperate: Pragmatism
    Religious Views or Devotion: Beholds herself to no faith, especially not the Chaos Gods. Alas, if someone was to put her at gunpoint and tell her to worship one of them, she'd probably try to throw herself onto Slannesh.
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    Player Name: @Jorimel

    Character Name: Satharn Tem

    Class: Night Lord Astartes

    Age: physical age 300 or so - he is not sure due to spending time in the Eye of Terror

    - Main Weapons: Chainglaive and Metit Carnis (Master crafted Lightning Claws)
    - Secondary Weapon: Bolt pistol
    - Armor: Mark IV, midnight blue with a lightning pattern
    - Helm: Death's head, cosmetic difference only
    - Special Item: A small hololithic orb.

    Planet of Origin: Nostramo

    Legion or Affiliation: Night Lords, 5th Company 4th Claw Legionary

    Physical Description: Satharn Tem's skin is an unhealthy pale colour, a Nostramo Tan one might say. His eyes are black, as is his hair which he wears shoulder-length. His armour is well cared for, but battered and old just from use. He has numerous scars, some on his face but none too disfiguring. One wouldn't call him handsome except in a very poor light. He was a tall lad and now he is a tall man, bulked out like a typical Marine but still with two gangland tattoos, one on each arm: a raven eating a heart held in one claw on his left bicep, and a skull with a gaping bullet hole in the forehead on his right. He is deceptively softly spoken, except when he loses his temper. These explosions tend to be sudden, like an onrushing storm. Part of him wants to control these rages; part of him wants them to wash everything away in a tide of blood and glory. Giving in to this ... feels good.

    History: Lately tempted by the apparent comradeship offered by the Ruinous Powers to those that serve them, and a place at the side of some(thing) that serves a higher cause, Satharn is still managing to resist giving in to following any of the Dark Gods. At times, he feels his Will grows weak. Primarch Curze is gone, and even in life he hated his sons. What's the point of life without a purpose? At times he feels as if the rage and at its core, a sense of abandonment will carve a hole right through his hearts and fill them up with fury. But at others he knows that Chaos is a tool. And the Night Lord will use every tool at his disposal to prove once and for all the only truth he knows: that Death is Nothing Compared to Vindication.

    After his youth growing up on Nostramo, Satharn Tem became a moderately competent Legionary, never quite bad enough for mediocre, never quite good enough for promotion. He accepted this because he felt directionless, content to follow where others led. So long as it led to mayhem and murder. This continued until he found his sense of purpose with the recording and now he knows what he must do. And all doubts must be silenced.

    Separated on a planet-side mission from the rest of his battle-brothers aboard the 5th Company ship Dark Epiphany, Satharn is hunting for news of his ship, but it seems hard to find. And he is practical enough to realise that he needs others to survive for now, others who can better understand just how Chaos can be used. And after all, the Primarch's mission can be followed anywhere. Anything that furthers this cause is useful to the VIIIth.

    Favored Fighting Style: Satharn is a stealthy close quarter fighter.

    Religious Views or Devotion: The Sons of the Sunless World do not need the gifts of Chaos! (Satharn is prepared as per usual Night Lord practice to use the powers of Chaos, but does not worship them.)
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    Player Name: @Casavay
    Character Name:
    Lahamu Ma
    Class: Mortal Sorceress
    Age: 27
    Planet of Origin: The Sorcerer-World of Asha
    Affiliation: Chaos-aligned with a hatred of the Imperium

    -Ritualistic Carapace Armour
    -Ashan Sorceress Mask (entirely ritualistic)
    -Hooded Cloak
    -Force Sword (Scimitar)
    -Ceremonial dagger
    -Sorcerers' Sash (worn around the waist, it serves as a magical compartment holding Lahamu's personal library, and her personal books only – a special, time-consuming ritual is needed to 'key' a book to the sash's pocket dimension)

    Physical Description: Beneath her the trappings of her tradition, Lahamu is a tall and slender woman with a certain spectrality about her. Pale beyond paleness from a life cooped away in dark sorcerers' towers and libraries, the sorceress is thin but not frail, and her noble features and angular face give her mien an air of callousness whatever her expression. Her visage is framed by long, light blond hair, and set within her skull are two dull grey eyes that seem to burn with power and – perhaps, much more viciously – the utter, drunken addiction to the same, leaving even the tiniest spark of mercy as ash.

    ”Walking the path of Geomortis is like walking on a lake of thin ice. A single misstep, and you will be swallowed, never to return. The very stuff worlds are made of – that you tread upon – will come to loathe you. As a Geomortifactors, one must be a slaver more cruel than perhaps any other Sorcerer, lest your slave – the earth – will overcome its fear of you. And you certainly will not rule it through respect.”

    Close to the Maelstrom lies a world of radiant plains, clear skies, and a vile sorcerous wind of Chaos howling through the snow-tipped mountains. Towers of glittering ivory, silver, and other mythical materials crackling with arcane energy line the horizon no matter where one looks, each a fortress of pure arrogance surrounded by beautifully-crafted, but obviously artificially planned and constructed villages that always seem oddly silent.

    This world is Asha. And these spires are the academies of her Sorcerers, mortal humans who cast off the shackles of the Imperium to pursue their heretical arts and mutate gifts of psykery without molestation by those who would deny their rightful supremacy. To be born with the gift of magic on Asha means to be a living God among men. To be born without means to be worth less than the most incompetent psyker – only earning their continued existence by their menial labour and the possibility of their sorcerous masters in the Academy Spires requiring living flesh for an experiment or demonstration.

    Lahamu was born as a sorcerous child to menial parents, and thus whisked away shortly after birth, to be educated and molded into a master of magic. Raised until the age of mental coherency by maidservants who once were students just like she was to be, but failed, the young girl became apprenticed to a masterful Geomortifactor by the name of Marduc, like all of his colleagues a member of the Earth-Tradition of Ma.

    Marduc was a cruel master, too impatient to teach a young girl the basics of her gift; he desired prodigies and natural savants, not simple beginner children who could not even aid him with the experiments or spellcraft he was working on. In the first years, his previous failed students helped Lahamu to grasp elementary spellcasting instead, and later on, she would still mostly teach herself what Marduc demanded she already knew. But still, she wasn't perfect. And imperfection was punished harshly – her master had, in his long life, gained an appreciation for the usage of mundane tools like Telepathy and Biomancy for the sake of torture, and causing a moment of pain to erupt into an hour of mental worms burrowing through one's brain was nothing to him. And after a few years, a familiar sensation to the apprentice.

    As years passed, she improved, and Marduc found more uses for his pupil. With time, he begun initiating her into the arcane world of Zahak and their Tradition of Ma, and truly taught her the way of Geomortis, the sorcerous art of tormenting the living world into new and more useful forms. The hatred and loathing Lahamu held for her poor substitute of a father made her a natural at this. Marduc noticed her leaps and bounds in their discipline with a bit of pride – he had done a good job of rearing a soon-to-be Geomortifactor. And a well-rounded student, as well; the girl was simply too determined to prove herself to her teacher to skimp on the other parts of her education, from the theory behind their gifts as explained by Zahak, to the combat with their traditional Force Sabres.

    And yet, still she made mistakes, not always capable of keeping up with her master's ever-rising standards. And still she channeled this pain into the earth. And still she remained a pleasant surprise for Marduc, surpassing his expectations again and again, though he would never tell her.

    He began taking her along on travels away from Asha after she reached adulthood, selling their skills to the many bidders who would seek Asha's sorcerous prowess for various reasons – some surprisingly mundane, others, many, the Lost and Damned who desired the aid of spellcasters in the eternal war against the Imperium. Of course, Lahamu had long since been fully indoctrinated into hating the rotting corpse of a tyranny, and the battle which saw them hired to collapse a subterranean bunker on top of a Guard regiment quickly became one of her fondest memories.

    Now, at the time of her twenty-seventh birthday (a sacred number to Zahakites), Marduc has declared her apprenticehood over, and raised her into the status of a full Sorceress of Asha.

    Not one for governing the psiless masses, and having gained a taste for subjecting foes to her powers in battle, Lahamu left Asha to seek opportunities for field experimentation, adventure, and gain sorcerous enlightenment through liberal application of her powers.

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Wreaking utter devastation at range with her Geomortis sorcery, and making enemies dance between quakes and fissures in the very earth they walk upon. Fighting with her Force Sword and dagger (as a defensive tool) when there is no earth to pervert.

    Psionic Disciplines”: Lahamu is a Sorceress of Geomortis, but her temperament and natural inclination towards overkill also lend themselves well to Pyromancy in a question of lifelong training versus natural aptitude.

    -Rockmaw (Geomortis) – With a gesture, the earth splits open in a toothed fissure, torn asunder with disorienting force and harming the world itself.

    Religious Views or Devotion: An Ashan Sorceress of the Ma Tradition, Lahamu venerates an Ashan trifold variant of Chaos Undivided called Zahak (She accepts 'Chaos Undivided' as a Gothic translation). This faith depicts Sorcerers as inherently superior to non-Sorcerers, and paints Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nurgle as three iterations of the Serpent-God of Magic Azhi Dahaka. Khorne is represented by a devilish figure named Ahura, and while the Zahakites accept his existence as a simple cosmic fact (and wouldn't go out of their way to antagonise the 'Sorcerer-Eaters', paying Khornates respect out of sheer fear), he is not granted worship by them, and thus, not by Lahamu either.
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    Player name: @Virgil_Corbec
    Character name: Vlad
    Class: CSM Tactical
    Age: ~230 years
    -Mark V power armor
    -Bolt pistol
    -Chain glaive

    Planet of origin: Unknown (Abducted as an infant)
    Legion: Night Lords
    Favored fighting style: combination
    Religious views: Scorns religion
    History: Vlad was violently ripped from the desperate embrace of his mother during a Night Lords raid on his home world. Groomed and trained in the dark among other forced orphans he fought and clawed his way into the ranks of the night lords. He now wanders the galaxy for loot and victims in order to spread the fear the Night Haunter once cherished. He muses over recordings of the Night Haunters last moments and the potential meaning of his last words. He is very contemplative when left alone and when in the company of others he try's to be as unnerving as possible and he feels little empathy for others.

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